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Mix: Samsung, Boston, Red Cross, Incentives

Samsung will introduce six new digital audio players in the second half of 2005 and plans up to 10 more next year in a bid to catch up with market dominating Apple. [via DAP Review]

Audissey Guides today released The Boston Audissey, an iPod compatible walking tour through 27 historical sites in Boston.

The Red Cross has begun “offering incentives including raffles for free iPods, vacations, free gas cards and free meals in an attempt to increase the nation’s blood supply.” [via TUAW]

In an article entitled “The Free Toaster? Today, It’s an iPod,” David Bernestein of The New York Times looks at companies using free iPods to lure customers.

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So maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t Samsung work on getting 1 music player right instead of launching 6? I know, I know, different products for different markets, and rather than combining them into 1 device, they’re making 6, but that totally works against developing a strong brand identity and a user following.

Apple made 1 iPod, and did it right, and only later did they have different types for different markets. Yes, yes, the mini was most successful rather than the full-sized iPod, but surely my comment has some merit to it?

Right? Or am I alone in thinking this. I probably am, huh?

Posted by Mondayne on August 18, 2005 at 12:49 PM (CDT)


Mondayne, I do agree with you, when I read that I almost laughed.  I mean come on, work on one good model and later on release the others for different markets, all this will lead to is poor products that won’t sell.  They also want to release 10 more next year??? Gees, how many of these things do they think one person will buy.  Again I would have to say they should start with one good one, then release the other players once they’ve established a name for themselves.

Posted by matrixsjd on August 18, 2005 at 2:29 PM (CDT)


as i heard someone earlier “the iPod was a once in a lifetime oppertuinty it doent if you put 2 wheels on the thing”
If samsung has to make 6 or 16 mp3 players to rize up to apples iPod then maybe they should just contuine making their nice tv ,and cell phones. yes apple has diffrent iPods, but all people care it that ist a ipod, know i my self wouldnt buy the shuffle, cause it dont have a screen .
i dont care if some place in the middle of the ocean makes the best mp3 player in the world, i would still buy it and if only a handfull of people have bought it. what matters is if you like.
But if it takes samsung 16 mp3 players, to mach apples 1…..

i dont think any mp3 player is going to overtake the iPod.

is it just me or is everyone against apple besides us that have one of there products.

Posted by Jonboy_sidewinder on August 18, 2005 at 5:36 PM (CDT)


Its the attitude that if you throw enough sh*t on the wall maybe some of it will stick.  They can’t manage to design one just right so they are trying many.  Of course they need the iTunes music store to add on.

Posted by synergy on August 18, 2005 at 10:08 PM (CDT)


“is it just me or is everyone against apple besides us that have one of there products.”

Well obviously every company sees how much Apple is making on the iPod and they’re either wanting a piece of it, bookstores like Chapters are now selling iPods in Canada, or they want to compete with it.

Plus right now in the media it’s the big thing to have stories that either show a down side to the iPod (you can get mugged, the batteries eventually die etc), or talk about what is going to compete with the iPod the next big thing that’s going to knock it off it’s perch.  Nobody wants to file “the iPod is great” stories at this point.

Posted by Jeffery Kelly Simpson on August 19, 2005 at 3:30 AM (CDT)


As I’ve said before, I want other companies to produce all these players as it will push Apple to keep on developing better ones, they [Apple] can’t just rely on a name to sell. I used to love my iPod because of its form factor and looks, now other companies are putting a slight amount of effort into their products. I think its the new creative PMP, looks REALLY good. However, they only put a 30gb harddrive in it. Now that I’ve got an iPod big enough to cram my entire music collection in, I don’t want to not have that with me, so having 80gb would be the bare minimum, 60 for music, and 20gb for video.

Apple at the moment (as far as I know), are the only company to have a 60gb player with such a small form factor, so thats what I’m going for right now.

However, I would never switch DAP/PMP until manufacturer X has an ‘import from iTunes’ setting, my playcounts and rating are holy to me, and I will never lose them, all my playlists depend on them. Only then will I switch.

So Samsung, you not only need to develop a nice looking player, with a small form factor, with a large harddrive, thats simple to use. But it also needs to use my existing playcounts… It goes beyond looks

Posted by silver_haze20 on August 19, 2005 at 5:17 AM (CDT)


There’s nothing wrong with Samsung developing more models for the marketplace…who knows, maybe they’ll make one that actually catches on. Frankly, most of the variations will likely be in the flash player market, where I would think it’s easier to develop niche designs that cater to a specific market segment. Shame that none of their players will ever be compatible with iTMS, at least without a hack; typically that’s the big handicap for all iPod wannabees to overcome. However, if Samsung DID provide non-DRM AAC support, that WOULD be something to consider.

Personally though, I think I’ll hold out for the Samsung unit that finally comes with a DLP screen…;)

Posted by flatline response on August 19, 2005 at 8:17 AM (CDT)


nice to be seen

Posted by Barbie on September 2, 2005 at 12:01 PM (CDT)

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