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Mix: Sony, iTunes pricing, Podcast pros, Spoilers, Real

The Japan Times reports that Japanese music on Sony labels is not available on the new Japanese iTunes Music Store. “We are in talks with Apple, but we have not reached an agreement at this time,” a Sony spokeswoman said.

Digital Music News reports on iTunes song pricing: “Labels have been pushing Apple to increase its current fixed a-la-carte pricing structure in the US, Canada and Europe. And a two-tiered pricing model in Japan will add fuel to that effort, with Apple unexpectedly breaking its uniform pricing approach.”

In an article entitled “Podcast: David vs. Goliath,” BusinessWeek’s Heather Green looks at how media giants are beating out indie/amateur podcasters in the iTunes directory.

The Spoilers Podcast is a new podcast for movie fans that offers alternate commentary tracks for DVDs—you push play on the podcast and play on the DVD at the same time to hear the podcaster’s comments and trivia.

Real Networks unsuccessfully disputes Apple’s claim to be the first digital music store to offer the Rolling Stones’ complete back catalog.

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If the labels keep pushing for higher prices for songs, I will endorse P2P stealing once again. 99 cents is more than enough; the music labels should feel lucky they’re even getting that out of me. They want more? They can ki$$ my a$$.

Posted by Ron on August 7, 2005 at 6:40 PM (CDT)


Good! Apple was prepared to go without Sony (or at least Sony Japan) for the Japanese iTunes Music Store, they should adopt the same policy in Australia and start without them! Now it will be Sony who suffers and misses out on market share, the pressure will be on them to accept the pricing arrangements everyone else has accepted. C’mon Apple, Australia is the 6th biggest music market in the world, we’ve been hanging out for too long. And I don’t want any Sony music (make that major label music in general) anyway.

Posted by Nuke666 on August 8, 2005 at 3:44 AM (CDT)


Subtitle, “How to Make Piracy More Attractive in One Fell Swoop”.  Are the record companies that stupid?  Apple has found a way to get people to actually PAY for downloaded music and now they’re going to piss on that and try to raise prices???  Downloaders are not a captive audience and I don’t understand why they think they can afford the luxury of a price hike when it’s only at a 5% market share.  The idea is to make this thing grow and raising prices too early is going to kill it.  If they really believe they can stop piracy while doing this that the same time, they are truly delusional!!!

Posted by Frank Z on August 8, 2005 at 11:53 AM (CDT)

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