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Mossberg: ‘nano owners must buy and use a case’

In his Q&A column, Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal discusses the problem of scratches on the iPod nano.

“If I were reviewing the nano today, I would still call it ‘the best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player I’ve tested,’ as I did in my review. But I would include a strong, prominent, warning that it scratches too easily in normal usage,” Mossberg writes. “After just under a month of daily use, my own nano is badly scratched, and looks beat up when viewed at an angle… my recommendation now is that nano owners must buy and use a case for the device.”

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“my recommendation now is that nano owners must buy and use a case for the device.

Posted by Jonathan on October 6, 2005 at 7:56 PM (CDT)


i agree with jonathan but i myself have gotten a zcover case, it works well for protecting it but takes away the beauty of the ipods shine and metal back

Posted by greendayrox173 on October 6, 2005 at 8:31 PM (CDT)


well, covering vinyl is not longer term idea. skin is easily wearing off. you need to get the case because I know how to protect all my ipods. this is experience not just way to do.

Posted by edward on October 6, 2005 at 10:17 PM (CDT)


Its not the metal were worried about. Its the plastic front and screen you can’t see after 3 weeks of normal use. I used plastic cling sheets, others I know weren’t so lucky.

Posted by gyh on October 6, 2005 at 11:38 PM (CDT)


it’s up to every people to use a case or not, but as Apple said the nano use the same materials as all other iPod for the shell.

i’m that kind of people who enjoy it rather than counting scatches

Posted by lok on October 7, 2005 at 12:19 AM (CDT)


My big gripe is that the main product shipped and no accessories shipped at the same time—i.e., the cases. That’s really poor product management.

Posted by Rusty Sterling on October 7, 2005 at 1:53 AM (CDT)


Hehe, or perfect product hostage management…

Posted by Jodiuh on October 7, 2005 at 6:35 AM (CDT)


ok i am glad that someone agrees that it scratches easily.  i am so sick of people telling me to stop complaining about it.  when the scratch is across your LCD screen, believe me, you will mind.  Don’t get me wrong, i still think the nano is incredible, but I don’t know why I can throw my blackberry and cell phone in my pocket or backpack for years and no scratches, but the nano will scratch after one day.  But dont let that stop you from buying one, just get a screen, it is the most incredible MP3 player ever. 

By the way, apple will send you a replacement if the LCD screen is really badly scratched.  Their customer service is top notch and friendly and sounds like they are in California and not outsourced.

Posted by khyberny on October 7, 2005 at 9:18 AM (CDT)


I find it interesting that Mossberg says you must buy a case when, well, there are no cases available yet (I think the first ones are supposed to start shipping today? or Monday?). The ONLY thing that has been available since the Nano came out have been Apple’s armbands and they do nothing to protect the wheel or screen and force only one way of carrying and using the Nano.

That is why so many people have mocked up their own temporary solutions.

I think Apple is really at fault here for not (as it did with the full-sized iPods) at least packaging the Nano with some kind of case. Or managing the product release better so that there were cases available.

People don’t have scratched Nanos ‘cause they’re stupid or careless (well, not most of them anyway).

Posted by Tracy on October 7, 2005 at 2:04 PM (CDT)


This is great…you have this slim and sleek iPod Nano, but it must now be placed in a bulky case just to make sure it doesn’t get scratched beyond recognition or split in half after a day of walking around with it.

Doesn’t a case kinda go against the whole notion of something small that can slip in your pocket? 

Shouldn’t a pocket be enough protection?

Posted by Talking Madness on October 7, 2005 at 3:40 PM (CDT)


Mossberg has yet to find anything from Apple that he cannot recommend.

He even liked the Pippin.

Posted by Demosthenes on October 7, 2005 at 4:38 PM (CDT)


Mossberg is a bonehead.  How the heck does he keep his job?  He’s always answering the same dumb e-mails and always giving the wrong answer.

Anyone posting on this site has more knowledge than him.

Posted by Talking Madness on October 8, 2005 at 3:11 AM (CDT)


Now, now…even Mossberg must has feelings, even if there isn’t much in the way of intellectual grey matter to back it up.

And here I thought I managed to avoid posting to this thread, as if old Walt deserved such attention.

Posted by flatline response on October 8, 2005 at 5:40 PM (CDT)


Apple simply shouldn’t make devices that REQUIRE cases.  Sure the iPod is slick-looking, but they really need to go to an all-aluminum or titanium shell.

Posted by Galley on October 8, 2005 at 8:11 PM (CDT)



I know…I hate it when I say rude things.  But, this guy has a national forum to speak about technology and seems to have minimal understanding of it.

Just look at the questions he chooses to answer (the qustions people e-mail him) and look at the elementary answers he gives.

I think his column shines a negative light on The Wall Street Journal.  What do his simplistic thoughts say about the paper and its readers?

As a subscriber to the Journal, I’m surprised at how long they’ve kept Mossberg around.

Posted by Talking Madness on October 10, 2005 at 1:55 AM (CDT)



I agree.  It was bad enough that we felt compelled to protect our iPods with cases, but now it appears as if Apple is making these things so delicate that they require cases.

Posted by Talking Madness on October 10, 2005 at 1:56 AM (CDT)



It’s called ‘planned obsolescence’; I mean, if you didn’t wear out or tear up your iPod, how’s Apple gonna be sure that you’ll be back doing it again in a year or two’s time?  It’s just that the nano’s exterior material was “worstly” (ick) planned than all other previous iPods. (read with extreme sarcasm, please…)

What I DON’T appreciate, though, is all the spin doctoring and the indignant fanboy apologists who jump to Apple’s defense. They must be 3rd-party iPod case manufacturers in drag. As if people who work for Apple can’t EVER make a screw-up (iTunes 5.0 for Windows, anyone???). Doesn’t take much to make a solid, damage-resistent case…considering how much business Apple does with their iPods, it probably even takes less (money). Just ask Samsung about flash mem pricing if you don’t believe me.

Posted by flatline response on October 10, 2005 at 3:54 PM (CDT)

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