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New MARWARE SportSuit Convertible available for pre-order

pic MARWARE is now accepting online pre-orders for the new redesigned SportSuit Convertible for new iPod. MARWARE has also posted several photos of what the new case will look like. The new Sportsuit fits all new iPod models and sells for $39.95

Features include:

  • Can sync iPod while in the case

  • 2mm neoprene outer construction

  • Fully lined interior

  • Plastic inserts at sides and back for impact protection

  • Plastic screen protector

  • Removable protective lid

  • Headphone & remote storage pocket on lid

  • Easy access to hold button, headphone jack, and remote ports

  • Multidapt

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    if i ever tet a new ipod i would definitly either get the a case from the marware line or the dlo jam jacket

    ps i submitted this story a few days ago, why wasnt it posted?

    Posted by ari in Irvine, CA on June 5, 2003 at 1:01 PM (CDT)


    Man, the new layout does present some problems in case design.  This is one ugly case IMO.

    Posted by Joe in Irvine, CA on June 5, 2003 at 1:22 PM (CDT)


    what it is not that bad i have seen a lot worse from

    they should revert back to the original design or at least not make the buttons touch sensetive

    Posted by ari in Irvine, CA on June 5, 2003 at 2:13 PM (CDT)


    its hideous

    Posted by tombertram in Irvine, CA on June 5, 2003 at 3:07 PM (CDT)


    its not as bad as others

    Posted by lakerslover in Irvine, CA on June 5, 2003 at 5:21 PM (CDT)


    I think that it has a good look.  Some of the other cases out there are far uglier or more expensive and some are ugly and expensive.

    Posted by CK in Irvine, CA on June 5, 2003 at 8:40 PM (CDT)


    Not as bad as some of those nasty DLO’s. Very functional in that it protects while you can still use it, and can carry earbuds. May be a little bulky though. Hoping for a CEO Classic soon.

    Posted by 93732 in Irvine, CA on June 5, 2003 at 11:01 PM (CDT)


    If you have ever had a Marware case, you would appreciate the sportsuit.  I personally use it for the Bicycle mount.  Its the ONLY case I have found that has so many mounting options.

    I agree… it’s not the most “Apple Like” design.  But its not designed by that arrogant European fellow. It’s design is function first!

    Great work!

    Posted by Kevin in Irvine, CA on June 6, 2003 at 8:31 AM (CDT)


    I just hope this case is an improvement from the last original iPod MARWARE sports case. I got it just in time for my then brand new iPod. I immediately stuck my iPod in the MARWARE case thinking it would protect my iPod from any scratches for the rest of it’s use.

    It did the complete opposite. Not only did it get stuck in the case(I apparently put it is wrong?!?!), but when I finally got it out it had scratches on the back part of the iPod. That was a huge bummer since I hadn’t even had it one day. Needless to say I was furious.

    I then tried the official Apple case. For the older gen iPods it is great. It works very well with my bike(too bad it’s so pricey!). I can stick it in my pocket and slide the hold on and off and slide it out to change tracks easily. The belt clip for the Apple case works very well, although my friend’s clip oddly enough broke off. He still has no idea why it happened but mine is working great!

    No clue how good the Apple case is for the new iPods though…

    Posted by Mr.K in Irvine, CA on June 7, 2003 at 1:20 PM (CDT)


    “arrogant European fellow” - Kevin

    You mean Jonathan Ive, who’s British. Who cares if he’s arrogant or not? If he designed a case it’d probably be better than anything around at the moment.

    Posted by tombertram in Irvine, CA on June 8, 2003 at 6:08 AM (CDT)


    This case must be the most protective on the market.
    I had an Xtremac (made of leather),  it was cool but I wonder weither it really protected it against crashes. I need a case that protects my Ipod and my B&O airbuds, and marware sport case seems perfect.

    Posted by mushkin in Irvine, CA on June 9, 2003 at 10:27 AM (CDT)


    The convertible case is now shipping.

    Posted by yoyo in Irvine, CA on June 10, 2003 at 5:21 PM (CDT)



    Posted by mushkin in Irvine, CA on June 10, 2003 at 5:24 PM (CDT)


    Someone mentioned in another review that the belt clip that ships with this case is a little suspect - may cause the ipod to become detached and lost.  Anyone have any experience with this?


    Posted by Rich in Irvine, CA on August 23, 2003 at 6:52 PM (CDT)


    i have experience and if the clip is put on correctly nothing is wrong with it however, the way the clip is set up because it slides on its easy to accidently not slide it on both sides (only slide it on one side of the plastic) but that is not a manufacturing problem, but yes the clip will be jsut fine (and if not-marware makes some of the most padded secure cases out of the rest :))

    Posted by ari polsky in Irvine, CA on August 23, 2003 at 6:56 PM (CDT)

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