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Online Petition for Firmware Updates for Classic iPods

An online petition requesting that Apple port the 2.0 iPod software to a format supported by Classic iPods is now up.

“Owners of Apple?s iPod have put up with numerous problems with the product in the past:  Poor battery life; an unannounced lack of certain features for the Windows version; very poor software support for the Windows version; and deletion of posts critical of Apple on their website. 
The recent release of the new, third generation iPod has brought a new level to this dissatisfaction.  Unlike rivals Creative Labs, Apple have jettisoned owners of the ?old? iPod and refused to update them to a new firmware version, which contains features such as on-the-fly playlists, new games, and customisable menus.  Version 2.0 firmware is for use with the newest iPods only. “

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i signed up

Posted by cityhunter2501 in Yellow Springs. OH on May 17, 2003 at 8:57 AM (CDT)


Personally I would find it acceptable to be charged a small amount for the update (say $10), as you would for system software for a computer.

Posted by Tim in Yellow Springs. OH on May 17, 2003 at 10:55 AM (CDT)


hell yeah! this is what we need!

(I’ll bet some “switchers” with ‘old’ ‘Pods might think of switching again if this keeps up…)

Posted by anarcation in Yellow Springs. OH on May 17, 2003 at 11:18 AM (CDT)


I didn’t sign. I’d like to see the firmware updated but don’t support the tone of the petition.

If someone arranges a less beligerent petition I would be happy to sign up.


Posted by Pac3r in Yellow Springs. OH on May 17, 2003 at 5:02 PM (CDT)


is kevin erway a user of these forums?  i saw someone else from rochester and was intrigued.

Posted by jeff in Yellow Springs. OH on May 17, 2003 at 9:47 PM (CDT)


I like the idea, and I was even tempted to sign the petition. I just wish they had written it a bit differently.

I mean I want the firmware (3.0) badly but I don’t think I will stop buying Apple’s products if they don’t release it for us.

Posted by Kwame in Yellow Springs. OH on May 18, 2003 at 5:11 AM (CDT)


I agree with Pac3r.  The tone of the petition is a little harsh for my taste.  I too want the 2.0 upgrade, but I am not willing to swear off apple produts for the rest of my natural life.  I’ve only had my iPod (the 20 gb) for 5 months, if I knew then what i know know or had at least been informed that there was going to be the option to choose between the new and old, most certinly i would have chosen the new and watied the 5 months.  But, i have to say…. in the back of my head, i really don’t like the look of the new iPod, it kinda looks cheep without the lucite front and the simpliticy of the buttons around the scrool wheel.  Maybe it’s just me, but i like my “old” iPod more for the look and feel rather then the “new”.  And to be even more honest….i don’t think i have once played the game, but the ablility to create playlists on the fly is a wonderful idea especially for when i’m on the road.  Prior to the iPod i had a Nomad Jukebox (20 gb) and even it had the functionality of playlists on the fly, but did not look at cool or was as compact.  With or without the chance to get the 2.0 upgrade, i will still love my iPod and my Mac (i’ve been a mac baby since 1987) and respect Apple for being an industry leader.  My iPod has become a part of me regardless of updates or upgrades…it truly has become an extension of my own brain.

Posted by jeepin818 in Yellow Springs. OH on May 18, 2003 at 8:59 AM (CDT)


Upgrade the iPOD already.

i’ve had it almost 1 year now, and an update to support new file formats hasnt been released for windows version. I want wma/ogg instead they put AAC, which is no better than WMA.

im sick and tired of waiting for apple to update a piece of hardware i paid dearly for.
Update the damn format capability.

whats the point of having updatable firmware if they dont use it.

Posted by Stasyna in Yellow Springs. OH on May 18, 2003 at 6:17 PM (CDT)


Does anyone know if it is possible to run the new features of the firmware on an old ipod? They are different machines with different hardware after all. For example, the new ipod has a higher resolution screen, which appears to be necessary to play some of the new games.

Posted by benny23 in Yellow Springs. OH on May 19, 2003 at 8:18 AM (CDT)


Why did you people purchase the iPod? Was there some implied statement by Apple that they were going to issue annual software updates to it? Did you really purchase a piece of hardware that you didn’t like, with the hope that someday it would be upgraded to something worth while?

Sense the introduction of the iPod, it is my understanding that they have added contacts software, and AAC audio support (as well as some general enhancements). This is more than they needed to do and maybe as much as was possible.

I hope Apple does what it can to make it’s users happy but people have to understand the difference between computers and consumer electronics.

Posted by Doug Petrosky in Yellow Springs. OH on May 19, 2003 at 12:51 PM (CDT)


Well,  this petition has a beligerent tone and two.  The customer’s who purchased these iPods purchased them because of the features they had at the time of purchase.  Nobody promised old iPod owners they would receive the same features as the new ones and this is fair. I bought a 700mhz iBook last year, when apple release the new 800mhz would it have been reasonable for me to expect a free upgrade?  Afterall,  aside from more hard drive space how is Apple expected to drive sales of the new units?  Apple has a responsiblity to it’s customer’s-I am one but they also have a responsibility to it’s shareholder’s - I am one

Posted by Scott S in Yellow Springs. OH on May 19, 2003 at 2:09 PM (CDT)


Part of the advantage of upgradeable firmware is the ease with which a product can be upgraded with new features.  Many first and second generation iPod owners have submitted suggestions to Apple for new iPod features through Apple’s “feedback” page hoping that Apple would add these features in future firmware updates.  I’m sure that many took the time to do this with the understanding that Apple would make the new features available to ALL iPod owners.  It would be a real shame for Apple to turn its back on the very people who have helped to make the iPod such a great sales success!

Posted by WindozeBloze in Yellow Springs. OH on May 19, 2003 at 2:46 PM (CDT)


Actualy when I bought my ipod I was told there would be future updates and the firmware was sold as a feature.  I paid for an upgradable product.

Posted by MusclePup in Yellow Springs. OH on May 19, 2003 at 2:52 PM (CDT)


Quote from my ipod manual…
“Apple periodically updates iPod software to improve performance or add features.”

Lets hope this is true.. since I’ve bought my ipod there has only been two updates and they did not add any new features.  Also the 1.3 software that was suposed to be availible early may is still not availible to windows users.

Posted by MusclePup in Yellow Springs. OH on May 19, 2003 at 3:28 PM (CDT)


Quote: Actualy when I bought my ipod I was told there would be future updates and the firmware was sold as a feature.  I paid for an upgradable product. 

You were told there would be future updates perhaps.  But updates that necessarily added features?  I find that really hard to believe.  Did you go in and buy the unit,  not being really happy with it from the get go but hoping it would be satisfactory later? Here’s a clue:  NEVER buy something under that pretense.

Posted by Scott S in Yellow Springs. OH on May 19, 2003 at 4:51 PM (CDT)


I don’t know how many of you people use the forums, but take a look there.  There’s been loads of posts in one firmware-related topic.

My two cents?  This is a software update, not a hardware update.  It’d be like Apple releasing the new 970-based Powermacs bundled with Panther, and then announcing that Panther wouldn’t work with the G4 chip. 

If you don’t like the petition, don’t sign it - the less signatures it gets, the less credible it’s going to be.  But it’s got loads so far, so it must be speaking for a lot of people.

Posted by Tim in Yellow Springs. OH on May 20, 2003 at 9:21 AM (CDT)


The problem here is they are ignoring previous owners in hope that it will make them buy the new version.  I was once a Mac-hater PC-user.  I have grown to realize Apple makes some quality products.  But when they bully their customers who paid a very premium price for their hardware AND software, it makes me rethink their quality as a company.

Posted by Tim in Yellow Springs. OH on May 20, 2003 at 5:26 PM (CDT)


Did anyone ever consider the fact that it might not be possible for Apple to make some of these features work with the old ipods????  I know for a fact (as i pulled both of mine apart) that the hardware is physically different.

Maybe instead of griping about how you don’t have new features, you could sell your ipod on ebay and buy a new one…..

I personally think that Apple has continued to support the older ipods, we do have support for itunes4 and the AMS.

As for WMA and OGG…. AAC is a much better format than WMA at least in quality, size and sound range.  As for OGG(which again is not as good of a format as AAC), there are a few *hacked* ipod softwares out there that give you the OGG format, although you sacrafice other feature for it.

Maybe we as a community should find a way to add what we want to existing hardware instead of demanding that Apple just give us everything we want.

After all, Apple didn’t force you to buy the old generation ipod that didn’t have the features you wanted… You chose to.  If you wanted OGG/WMA or other features, why didn’t you buy a MP3 player that had them????  Don’t complain because Apple doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to retrofit perfectly functional machines.

I didn’t demand that Chrysler improve the performance of my new car, even though the new version of the same engine has 30hp more than mine…..

Posted by mr-mac in Yellow Springs. OH on May 23, 2003 at 2:27 PM (CDT)

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