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Over 100,000 iPod minis pre-ordered

“Apple today announced that iPod mini, the world

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So what are you saying now you iPodmini-isn’t-worth-it-and-wil-flop-people?


Posted by Sparks9 on February 17, 2004 at 9:20 AM (CST)


heheh Big surprise—not!

But I thought it was over-priced and undervalues…?  ;-)

My mini will be here Friday, I am way amped.

Posted by Nicky G on February 17, 2004 at 10:01 AM (CST)


iPodmini-isn’t-worth-it-and-wil-flop-people:  *crickets chirping*

Posted by dfd on February 17, 2004 at 11:18 AM (CST)


Another lie from Apple. You thought iPod mini is popular, then check out Cnet Portable Audio website, iPod mini currently rank last on Most Popular MP3 player. iPod mini is even beaten by Rio Nitrus which rank 4th above rank 5 by iPod mini.

Posted by Adam on February 17, 2004 at 12:17 PM (CST)



Sorry I forgot the link

Posted by Adam on February 17, 2004 at 12:18 PM (CST)


The iPod mini is the least popular player, yet it’s the 5th most popular player?

Well CNET’s anonymous web votes can’t lie, Apple must be faking their sales numbers :)

Posted by Hmmmm on February 17, 2004 at 12:31 PM (CST)


Anonymous web votes don’t compare to actual sales. For all we know, the people casting the votes could be anti-Apple kids and those who are think it’s too expensive.

If Apple did indeed lie about the sales numbers, but time will tell. I just think you “the mini will flop” guys are upset that you have been proven wrong.

Posted by narco in Burbank on February 17, 2004 at 12:39 PM (CST)


How can CNET user reviews mean a thing… when nobody even HAS one yet :) How absurd to expect a product to get the highest customer ratings BEFORE any customers have them.

Also doesn’t CNET counts all the Mini colors as different products, rather than combining them?

As for CNET’s own reviewer… they love the Mini. And CNET even let them say so :)

Posted by Nagromme on February 17, 2004 at 12:57 PM (CST)



That last “blurrghghgh” noise was the sound of someone’s argument totally collapsing under its own ridiculousness.

Posted by blingx2 on February 17, 2004 at 1:00 PM (CST)


Pre-orders will NEVER equall sales in which you get instant (or sort of instant) gratification. I thought 100,000 orders is pretty good for an overpriced player that is even AVAILABLE yet. (the words in caps dont go together, nothing subliminal)

Posted by Jon on February 17, 2004 at 3:48 PM (CST)


I am glad that the mini is pre-saling so well.  I don’t think it is overpriced when comparing it to other players in the same market.  CNet gave it a 8.7, a very good rating.  I think that the web votes are from hater who whish that they had an iPod or iPod Mini but were stuck with a 256 mb flash player.  Cnet gave the mini the same rating as the full sixe iPod.  The Nitrus received a 8.3, so the mini is supposed to be better than Rio’s.  What happened to the Rio Karma, why is it not on the top list?  Today with any portable audio system, apple is the way to go.  They have more accesories for the iPod and the unit is the smallest in case size when compared to the Dell, iRiver, and Creative Jukebox Zen NX (I had this one for awhile and it was like carrying around a brick).  Good for Apple for remaining top in the portable audio sector, I hope the iPod Mini sales reflect that of the pre-order sales.

Posted by iPodguy on February 17, 2004 at 4:09 PM (CST)


just what i was going to say. nice.
i love my 40 gb, but a mini would be fun too. better for physical stuff.

Posted by bkush on February 17, 2004 at 4:12 PM (CST)


agreed with bkush. . .

i also have a 40gb but a nice blue mini would be great

Posted by j on February 17, 2004 at 6:03 PM (CST)


Overpriced? Apple said in the conference call that each Mini costs Apple over $200 to make. Microdrives are not cheap—don’t blame Apple for that. Nobody sells a 4GB microdrive player cheaper than Apple’s.

Posted by Nagromme on February 17, 2004 at 11:05 PM (CST)


Yes, Creative does.
The Movo2 4gb costs 200 $ (it uses the same HD as the mini)

Posted by Sparks9 on February 18, 2004 at 3:10 AM (CST)


“Apple has received over 100,000 pre-orders for the iPod mini”
Ahhh all these min iPod owners will be running riot..

Posted by MaJiK on February 18, 2004 at 5:02 AM (CST)


I just received an email notification that mine shipped! . . . oh wait, only my armband has shipped . . . [picture depressed young man running on treadmill huming to himself while wearing iPod mini armband sans iPod mini]

Posted by Res Ipsa on February 18, 2004 at 5:57 AM (CST)


Dell sells the Creative 4GB for $180 shipped, no tax.

I wish they sold the iPod Mini for that!

Posted by 4GB for $180 on February 18, 2004 at 9:21 AM (CST)


The fact that you’d wish Apple sold their minipods at the same price as Dell’s players is proof that you’re willing to pay the extra 50 bucks because minipods offer more value to you (be it because of its form factor, ease to use, whatever).  Hence, the $ 50 price gap is justified because price per GB is not the only factor to take into consideration.  If you feel that Dell’s offering gives you better value, go for it.

Posted by hhvuong on February 18, 2004 at 9:27 AM (CST)


Archos Gmini 20GB is $200 at Circuit City and $180 at Buy.com.

Of course, Archos 20GB Recorder is $130 at Amazon. But it is a brick.

You can always find much better GB/$ deals than Apple’s but that’s not the point.

Posted by Gigs Per Dollar on February 18, 2004 at 9:42 AM (CST)

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