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Put an iPod in your Pocket PC

Starbrite Solutions has introduced the pPod for the Windows Pocket PC platform.  This MP3 player mimics the look and basic functionality of a 3G iPod… including a scroll wheel.  It even has a blue backlight!  I wonder how long it will take Apple to blow the whistle on this product.  Price tag is $35.

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pPod huh?  A fitting name for an imitation piece of junk I’d say…

Posted by OC on February 23, 2004 at 12:05 PM (CST)


The p in pPod stands for “posers”. I hope Apple sues the pants off of these lame copycats!

Posted by Stylescraper on February 23, 2004 at 12:19 PM (CST)


I would think HP might also be upset seeing their iPaq being used to promote it!

Posted by Ralph on February 23, 2004 at 12:19 PM (CST)


It looks cute to me:


Surely the more things looks kind of like an iPod, the more the iPod interface will become the standard?

Can I use the 4GB CF microdrive from an iPod or a MuVo in this iPaq? This actually seems like a good idea - you get an PDA *and* an iPod.

Apple should bring out a new MessagePad with the iPod interface as an option.

Posted by cute on February 23, 2004 at 12:32 PM (CST)


nice= ah flattery is the best form of.. ya know.

Posted by g on February 23, 2004 at 12:40 PM (CST)



Doubt Apple will see it the way I do, but it really is kinda neat.

Posted by BigSid in Los Angeles on February 23, 2004 at 1:19 PM (CST)


i wonder what te battery life is!? lol, its a good idea, why flame it?

Posted by silver_haze20 on February 23, 2004 at 1:34 PM (CST)


For all you wannabe’s out there…

Posted by WannaBe on February 23, 2004 at 2:13 PM (CST)


OK, so they have a CnD letter in their future.  OTOH, if you have the hardware already, you get a second ipod for 35$...

Posted by Rob on February 23, 2004 at 2:22 PM (CST)


Wow. It’s time to sue these fudgers pants off!

Posted by Dr_Cogent on February 23, 2004 at 2:39 PM (CST)


Maybe if the Starbrite Solutions can convince the court that their download is a form of satire, Apple will not be able to win a suit against them.


Posted by BigSid in Los Angeles on February 23, 2004 at 2:55 PM (CST)


Are these ppl serious??? What a rip off! I hope Apple sues their sorry a**es

Posted by Nuke666 on February 23, 2004 at 3:19 PM (CST)


not to mention there’s really no point. I’ve never -ever- seen a pocket pc with more than 1 GB of space.

Posted by caleb on February 23, 2004 at 3:23 PM (CST)


I have.  Lots of people install 2 GB Microdrives or 5 to 6 GB PCMCIA drives in their PDAs.  If you’ve already got one of those, this program basically gives you the same functionality as the iPod mini for a fraction of the price.  Of course, that’s assuming you already have a PDA and a nice sized chunk of memory in it.  I think it’s a wonderful idea, as if anything, it’ll make people realize they want the real thing and then go out and buy an actual iPod.

Posted by people are dumb on February 23, 2004 at 3:41 PM (CST)


I don’t think there’s an infringements.  Their product uses skins to configure the look, they just chose to implement a skin that looks like an iPod.

Posted by ldkaplan on February 23, 2004 at 3:58 PM (CST)


Absurd! a swift kick in the pants will suffice

Posted by Sammy J on February 23, 2004 at 4:00 PM (CST)


Couldn’t you just install 2 of these new 4GB microdrives, like the new iPod and Muvo use, and then you’d have a PDA with 8GB of storage?

Posted by 4gb on February 23, 2004 at 4:48 PM (CST)


The idea of skinning software to resemble hardware is old news.

I have been skinning Media Center to look like an iPod in “mini me” mode for years now. I also skin it in maxi mode to look like iTunes so my SO doesn’t get confused moving between her Mac and the PC.

This is what Media Center looks like in iPod mini mode:


Posted by old news on February 23, 2004 at 5:11 PM (CST)


The real question is, why are you listening to crappy music? ;)

Posted by people are dumb on February 23, 2004 at 5:20 PM (CST)


key words here are “her music” - Media Center lets you use different libraries (either local or streamed from another machine) and associated mini/maxi skin modes.

So I get to keep my mp3s *and* look’n'feel totally differentiated from hers, even on the same machine.

Posted by old news on February 23, 2004 at 5:32 PM (CST)

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