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Report: iOS bugs, policies hurting users, developers?

A new report details a number of software-related issues that are impacting Apple users and developers, as Adam C. Engst of TidBITS provides anonymized summaries of “some concerning problems that haven’t gotten as much press” as recent hardware manufacturing delays. Engst notes that iOS 6 has seen “more (and more-troubling) bugs in iOS 6 than any previous version of iOS in particular,” noting that users were hit with problems such as excessive cellular data usage and battery drain, issues that Apple took four months to address with iOS 6.1. Second-hand reports shared by Engst suggest that Apple engineers have left “because they felt their software was being shipped before it was ready,” and that he has also “heard story after story of Apple’s App Store policies and behaviors causing significant headaches.” While developers wouldn’t go on the record with their individual issues, they described iTunes Connect problems regarding app approval, company changes, and customer management that were creating unnecessary problems for users, such as confusing update and upgrade paths for important new releases. Engst suggests that Apple’s success has “effectively blinded” it to the software and developer problems, which he deems “the emperor’s wardrobe malfunction,” issues that “aren’t likely to affect the stock price in the short term, but could have long term consequences.”

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I don’t see this as anything new. We’ve been seeing recurring and unfixed bugs in iOS for as long as I’ve been paying any attention. For example, the “battery drain” problem that’s new to iOS 6 according to the above linked article… uh, yeah, about that, I’ve read about this same issue going back to probably the first iPhone and iPhone OS version. Apple has *routinely* screwed up optimizing basic things like this all along. Phantom data usage is a similarly recurring issue between iOS versions. Smartlist updating was broken between iOS 3.0 to iOS 3.1 and *never* fixed. About the only new bug under iOS I can think of is if you try to view the purchased apps on a 5G touch from the app store app, it crashes 100% of the time, has since the 5G touch shipped.

Apple makes better than average hardware, but they are not exactly perfectionist about their software, never have been, and while I hate it as much as anyone, it certainly doesn’t seem to be hurting them, which is why they keep on being so careless.

Posted by Code Monkey on February 4, 2013 at 5:18 PM (CST)


Developer not going on Record about issues with Apple?

What issues? Please give some examples!

Posted by Alex on February 4, 2013 at 6:09 PM (CST)

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