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Software update fixes iPod shuffle bugs

Apple today released iPod Updater 2005-11-17, a new software update that apparently corrects major issues with the iPod shuffle. According to the brief release notes, the update includes iPod Software 1.1.3 for the shuffle, which provides “bug fixes.” Apple said the update does not offer other iPods any additional enhancements.

iPod Updater 2005-11-17 appears to be fixing problems related to widespread complaints of green and orange blinking error lights and iTunes and PCs suddenly no longer recognizing the device. The issues affect both 512MB and 1GB shuffles. Many shuffle owners blame a recent iPod firmware update or even iTunes 6.0.1 for the issues.

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Well at least they fixed the bug with the shuffle.

Don’t suppose they are ever going to fix smart playlists on photo ipods?  Little bugged at that honestly.

Posted by ausrat on November 30, 2005 at 6:49 PM (CST)


Another iPod updater and the smart playlist (lack of) functionality on 4Gs/Photos/Minis continues to be ignored. This is a really, really poor (lack of) effort on Apple’s behalf. The ‘it was never properly supported in the first place’ line has gotten real old (not to mention it is an out and out lie) but still they try and ignore the problem and hope people get over it.
We know that podcasts and smart playlists can live together harmoniously, the Nano and 5G pods are proof of that, so that argument (excuse?) is out the window too.
Open your eyes and take your hands from over your ears Apple, the ‘la-la-la I can’t hear you’ act only serves to frustrate and anger customers who have purchased your products expecting to get the functionalities that were advertised to them. Or maybe that’s it, you already have our money so why should you care? Ever heard of brand loyalty or word-of-mouth advertising?

Sorry for ranting, but as you can tell I’m getting really annoyed about this issue and the fact that Apple just don’t seem to care about their customers after they’ve gotten their money.

Posted by saveferris91 on December 1, 2005 at 2:24 AM (CST)


I’ve goneback to s/w ver 1.3 for my 6gb mini to restore functionality to the smart playlists.
So what if the podcasts don’t have their own section, they still play fine.
It would be nice for Apple to pull up their socks and fix it however.

Posted by scrapp on December 1, 2005 at 4:33 AM (CST)


Hopefully we’ll be able to have the lyrics option added to 4G iPod’s. Since there is an example of this avaiable when listening to a Podcast!

Posted by Za on December 1, 2005 at 5:51 AM (CST)


Who cares at least your iPod WORKS without the functionality you want!  I hope this firmware update plus the replacement of my Shuffle AGAIN cures my frickin issue.  I wish Apple was more forthcoming on these things.  I have to make ANOHTER trip to the Apple Store and swap my iPod out…..AGAIN!  This will be Shuffle number 4!

Posted by gorkon on December 1, 2005 at 6:48 AM (CST)


I also had to rollback to the previous SW version for my 4G 60GB to keep smart playlists.

Pretty annoying. It’s been months.

Posted by klwdallas on December 1, 2005 at 9:37 AM (CST)


1) They STILL haven’t fixed smart playlists?  what the fudge!  Come on, it’s not like it’s going to be nightmarishly difficult, just grab the smart playlist source code from the previous firmware and roll it into the current firmware.

2) This Shuffle bug fix release apparently doesn’t even fix the bug in the Shuffle.

What are you doing, Apple?  Do you get your programmers by shaving chimps and stuffing them into ThinkGeek tee shirts?

Posted by Fenn on December 1, 2005 at 10:34 AM (CST)


Hey Genius - ever get your battery settlement check?

This is getting old…

Posted by ZMan on December 1, 2005 at 12:15 PM (CST)


Well you’ll never have to hear it again if Apple fix the damn thing!  60 gig colour 4G is only supported for a few months, and only sees one firmware update which happens to break a perfectly good feature?  That’s shitty.

Posted by Fenn on December 1, 2005 at 1:16 PM (CST)


Sorry, but the updater doesn’t fix the Shuffle problem at all. My Shuffle started doing the disco lights of death just this morning (!) and after running the install through the USB2 ports on my iBook G4, I still have the disco lights.

It still works as a thumb drive, and it can mount on the computer, but it’s not working as a music player anymore. Funny thing is that I don’t remember ever updating the firmware at all since I got it free at the TIger OS launch party at CompUSA. I haven’t even connected it to a machine with iTunes 6 running.

Between iTunes 6, Quicktime 7, this shuffle failure and the abandoning of the firewire sync-ability, I’m fearing that the iPod brand is becoming more of a dog than a darling.

Posted by Dan McCormick on December 1, 2005 at 10:34 PM (CST)


I’ve currently got 3 ipod updaters on my computer, taking up 100+ mb of space.  Do these need to remain or can I delete them after applying this latest updater (which I may not do after reading the above posts)?

Posted by nooneyouknow on December 2, 2005 at 11:43 AM (CST)


Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can delete the 2 older ones.

Posted by ipodman715 on December 2, 2005 at 8:24 PM (CST)


Odds are, if you have the disco lights, it needs swapped if still under warantee.  Mine is because I aquired it on the launch day.  Unfortunately, I am on my 4th Shuffle.  I got the disco lights twice an dthe replace it with a refurb once, and this time they gave me a new one off the shelf.  When mine got the disco lights, the updater would not even fix it nore would it work like a thumb drive either. 

I have a name for the shuffle….it’s the bastard child of the iPod.  It never gets any love.

Posted by gork on December 2, 2005 at 10:02 PM (CST)


all it did was show me to the latest version of itunes, which i already have, but it has yet to help with my problem

Posted by Desu on January 24, 2011 at 12:47 AM (CST)

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