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Spike your iPod or put it in a corset

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By Dennis Lloyd

Publisher, iLounge
Published: Sunday, October 26, 2003
News Categories: iPod Accessories

pic Just when you think you’ve seen all the cases available for iPod, along comes a new company with new designs. AnetaGenova has released nince new fashion forward designs, unlike any other iPod cases on the market. Some of the more unique cases are as follows; the Sid case (as in Sid Vicious) features black leather and metal spikes, the Stardust case (as in Ziggy Stardust) features silver leather and metal buckles, the Monty (as in Monty Python) features pink python leather and the La Femme case features pink leather lacing resembling a corset. The AG iPod cases start at $95 and go up to $195 for the La Femme case.

“The most luxurious leather iPod cases have arrived! Born of the latest fashion trends the AG collection of iPod cases is exciting and individualistic. If you want to dress your iPod in the latest fashion check out http://www.anetagenova.com.”

Editor’s note: Aneta Genova, owner of AnetaGenova informed us that yes, Britney Spears has purchased the La Femme model (pink corset model pictured to the right). “Apparently pink is her favorite color and that’s why she loved it. Not to mention it is quite feminine. She got a cellphone case too, but those are not on my website yet.”

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tripe trash

Posted by bababooey on October 27, 2003 at 1:55 AM (PDT)


Ahahaha!  You only get access to a tiny portion of the scroll wheel!  Try scrolling through 10,000 songs with 1/8 of the wheel!  LOL!

Posted by Jerrod H. in TX on October 27, 2003 at 4:33 AM (PDT)


A lot of style but where’s the substance?

Posted by Rengirl on October 27, 2003 at 5:38 AM (PDT)


Bravo. They are cases for Celebrities!!! LOL

Posted by illusion in kaliem galaxy on October 27, 2003 at 5:49 AM (PDT)


No access to buttons? I see no advantage over the cast that ships with the pod. At least that one’s firm and has a belt clip.

‘Simply Cut’ is the only mildly functional one, but it appears it only comes in that pinkish-purpleish nightmare.

Hey, it’s your money to waste.

Posted by palexc on October 27, 2003 at 5:59 AM (PDT)


What the f*^#?

Posted by TommyT on October 27, 2003 at 6:57 AM (PDT)


Wow, these suck! Designer cases should actually look cool. These are ugly, over priced, and completely un-usable. But all it will take is Britney showing up somewhere with one, and every dork in Hollywood will want one.

Posted by ntljr in Woodland Hills, CA on October 27, 2003 at 7:30 AM (PDT)


I dunno, i think these are pretty cool. The designs are very metro, and they are different that any other cases that i have seen. But damn…..110 dollars for a case?

I guess you could consider this company the Coach or Louis Vuitton of iPod cases. They 100 dollar wallets that have the same functionality as the OEM, 25 dollar wallet. smile

Posted by ILoveMusic on October 27, 2003 at 8:34 AM (PDT)


I love these cases. Right now I only have an Iskin for my 2G, but I wish there were more stylish cases. Most cases are just boring and look so whitebread dockers-like. These have attitude. Do I want to look like any other silicon valley yuppie with a black leather case? I guess iskins and marwares would go well with Dockers.

Very urban. Really cool!

Posted by boybaha on October 27, 2003 at 8:57 AM (PDT)


I’ll never buy anything from a company whose site gives you ‘background music.’

Posted by Dinky on October 27, 2003 at 9:02 AM (PDT)


stupid $#@%.

Posted by SPM on October 27, 2003 at 9:41 AM (PDT)


I’m waiting for the Diamond encrusted pod case with the pure titanium shell… you know, the Snoop Dogg edition.

Posted by Derek on October 27, 2003 at 11:15 AM (PDT)


Lemme shove a case with spikes into my pocket. I’ll call em up everytime I rip my pants.


Posted by Stasyna on October 27, 2003 at 1:21 PM (PDT)


is this metrosexual??

Posted by bababooey on October 27, 2003 at 2:22 PM (PDT)


Looks like it will also scratch your precious ipod, I say these cases LOOK ok, but yeah around $100+, not for me.

Posted by Kirara in KS on October 27, 2003 at 3:35 PM (PDT)



Posted by ae77 on October 27, 2003 at 9:07 PM (PDT)


Not macho enough for some of the Lee7 users here apparently. “I need a cold black or silver shell. Then I shall not show emotion.”

Posted by boybaha on October 28, 2003 at 12:38 PM (PDT)


Ummmmmm….................NO!!!  Is this a joke or something???  This is definitely an iPod fashion emergency!!!!

Posted by Roan on October 29, 2003 at 4:43 AM (PDT)


I think these cases ROCK!  All of you corns out there don’t know what is cool!

Posted by CC on October 30, 2003 at 2:26 PM (PDT)


I think these cases ROCK!  All of you corns out there don’t know what is cool!

Posted by CC on October 30, 2003 at 2:26 PM (PDT)

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