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Spinning iPods

“Somewhere in East London the turntables are motionless. The only thing spinning is a chorus of iPod hard drives, or the ceiling(if you’re friends with the bartender).

The club’s name is Dreambagsjaguarshoes and the event is called noWax. The concept for noWax is simple: MP3s, not wax. iPods, not decks. On noWaxnights, mp3j’s bring their iPods and wait for the automated projector above the DJ booth to flash their number. They then plug-in and mix three songs back-to-back against another mp3j.”

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Interesting thread.If bringing an Ipod to a party makes it jump off,bring it. I wouldn’t mind checking one of these parties out. It would almost be a welcome relief from the posing that passes as nightlife in NYC these days.

Posted by Christianiconv2 on November 12, 2003 at 12:53 AM (CST)


these ipod parties sound like a cool idea, but they will never replace a real DJ behind the decks.  It’s just another clubbing alternative to add to the list and another way of spreading music.

In some genres mixing is important, in others it is not.  I’m a drum & bass DJ so mixing is very important to me, but if I was a reggae DJ it would be much less so and more about quick cuts.  THE most important thing with DJing is tune selection, you could have the most intricate mixing, but if the tunes are duff you’re gonna bomb, and for genres where mixing is important you need to be at least competant.

peace out,
jah no dread

Posted by bassman-x on November 12, 2003 at 7:07 AM (CST)


“and the list of brilliant musicians i respect and listen to on a regular basis could continue for pages, this only scratches the surface.”

that’s just it, i don’t consider the bands in your list as “bands.”  i know that doesn’t make sense, but to me people with that much talent move past the band label and become musicians.  when you said “bands” in your earlier post, i had an image of 20 year old one hit wonders that are little more than n’sync with guitars.  ya know?

“please don’t get me wrong. i appreciate and listen to ALL forms of music, electronic music included”

i enjoy most forms of music myself, electronic just happens to top my list.  however, i’ve never enjoyed it unmixed.  i’ve been a part of the chicago dance scene since 1985, and that’s how i’ve always felt.  i don’t worship djs and i don’t buy into celebrity, but for me… the dj is 50% of the equation that makes me love electronic music.  for close to twenty years i’ve lived for the mix, and i doubt that will ever change.

Posted by Box on November 12, 2003 at 11:16 AM (CST)


“what i can’t understand is why dj’s are idolised the way they are, especially when they are essentially just playing someone elses music.”

i couldn’t agree more, it sickens me to see djs idolized.  i remember a time when it was about the music.  now it’s about record deals/autographs/screaming fans.  it’s bullshit.  i also hate to see kids idolizing musicians… playing music, your own or otherwise, shouldn’t make people worship you.  kids should be looking up to, and aspiring to be like, those that work tirelessly to cure cancer, fight for the rights of oppressed people, or simply live an honest and productive life. 

“and playing is not even the word for it, more like pressing play.”

some djs do much more than press play, like richie hawtin of instance.  here’s a man who changed the face of techno, is respected worldwide and still doesn’t buy into the “celebrity of dj” garbage.  his sets are far more that playing records, he uses the available technology (drum machines, efx, foot peddles, samplers, final scratch, etc) to make each set special and unique.  i heard him live once and he was remixing spastik (his classic plastikman track) on the fly… it was truly incredible!

“having played, taught and performed music nearly my whole life”

well, you can share some of your knowledge with me some day.  i’ve been playing around with some friends and trying to learn guitar.  once things settle down in my life a little, i want to get more serious and learn classical guitar… along the line of andres segovia.

“oh and by the way kid, your talking to a 38 year old”

you may have a couple years on me, but not near enough to call me kid.

Posted by Box on November 12, 2003 at 11:17 AM (CST)


Box, hush now

Posted by TheDoc on November 12, 2003 at 11:22 AM (CST)



i like beating a dead horse, among other things, and i’m really really really bored at work.

Posted by Box on November 12, 2003 at 11:56 AM (CST)


Will this work with an iPod?


“It seems well designed: it has the same functions as a Denon or a Numark Axis with direct track search. Everything is there, with the pitch bend to perfect the mix you are doing. All the basics for mixing are there.”

“Handling is definitely simple. It’s a bit small, but that’s understandable. It’s very maneuverable and easy to carry. It makes you think of a DAT player and the shoulder strap is very convenient. You’d never think it was a mixing console, it could be a transistor or anything, so you can go out and about with it without any trouble.

“Otherwise, handling it is no more complicated than an ordinary CD player. Even a novice DJ or a totally ignorant amateur can get the hang of it. However, the software has to be exactly right! This is the snag with this sort of product: You have to be able to see the features straight away. A DJ starting out wants things easy, he wants to get what he sees! The mike input is great, but it’s a pity you can’t correct its frequencies.”

Posted by MP3Mixer on November 12, 2003 at 2:43 PM (CST)


Fair enough. Hope work gets more interesting soon. Peace.

Posted by TheDoc on November 13, 2003 at 2:38 AM (CST)


it is not dj , when you use an ipod you are just playing music to different things. and if your playing indie or punk it rocks to use ,
i do it every week and everyones loves it..

Posted by curt in dallas on May 31, 2004 at 9:47 PM (CDT)

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