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Steve Jobs debuts iPod micro, pequeño, invisa on SNL sketch

In an obvious spoof of the frequency of new iPod announcements and the device’s increasingly smaller form factor, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was portrayed on yesterday’s Saturday Night Live introducing three new iPod models.

During the Weekend Update segment of the show, a cast member playing Jobs told Weekend Update anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler that the iPod nano and video iPod are now “both obsolete” and pulled the tiny iPod micro from his pocket, noting that it held 50,000 songs. Jobs said, however, that it would be obsolete by Thanksgiving and then introduced the even smaller iPod pequeño, which holds 1 million songs, but said it too would be obsolete by this Christmas. Jobs then proceeded to debut the iPod invisa (just the actor’s two fingers pressed together) and said it held 8 million songs and “every photograph ever taken.”

A video of the sketch can be viewed here.

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The funny thing is that the skit is not too far from the truth. It sure sounded like good ole Steve Jobs with his stop-motion William Shatner style of speaking and the black mock-turtleneck.

I expect the next major iPod line to include a free magnifying glass and a set of tweezers to use the click-wheel.

Posted by Cellulose on November 20, 2005 at 4:12 PM (CST)


hmmm….I think the next nano will be installed in the lens of our eyes.

Posted by Sharon Faulk on November 20, 2005 at 4:37 PM (CST)


Was that really him? :D

Posted by Jack Bauer on November 20, 2005 at 5:17 PM (CST)


i think they come out with i pods way to early after new ones are put out.  i just got a nano and i love it but i dont know how they can come out with something smaller than that that holds a 1000 songs

Posted by mike d'orlando on November 20, 2005 at 5:42 PM (CST)


I thought that was a pretty poor impersonation. For one thing Steve does actually smile - alot.
No reality distortion field here…

Posted by mercury on November 20, 2005 at 6:16 PM (CST)


SNL is still on?  Bah, I am a MadTV fan myself.

Posted by Poprox on November 20, 2005 at 7:17 PM (CST)


I thought it was hilarious. My iPod-owning household watched and laughed our hearts out. Too bad they couldn’t do the iPod flea. :)

Posted by grubesteak on November 20, 2005 at 7:31 PM (CST)


MadTV doesn’t even compare to SNL.

Posted by papayaninja on November 20, 2005 at 8:10 PM (CST)


Seriously, I haven’t watch SNL since MadTV debuted 10 years ago.

Posted by Galley on November 20, 2005 at 8:13 PM (CST)


did anyone else read to “Steve jobs debutes ipod micro” and go O SH*T!!!!

Posted by Blick2000 on November 20, 2005 at 11:21 PM (CST)


Ipod Micro?! hah yes i had the same reaction.
I thought the skit was hilarious,

Posted by Buffoonist on November 20, 2005 at 11:53 PM (CST)


That’s probably the first funny skit on SNL that I’ve seen in about 10 years… or maybe it’s the first skit I’ve seen that was less than 25 minutes.

Posted by Cellulose on November 21, 2005 at 1:23 AM (CST)


Like most SNL skits from the past 15 years, this one starts out with a good premise but then quickly loses steam, so that the skit ends on a flat “how do we end this skit” note.  Just watch the 3 actors stumble to wrap up the joke.  Even the audience doesn’t know whether to applaud or not.

This would have been much better as 3 separate SNL commercial parodies that SNL was so famous for back in the 1970s and 1980s, where they could take aim at the “Impossibly Small” Nano TV spots.

Posted by zyzyzyzyzyzyx on November 21, 2005 at 10:03 AM (CST)


SNL has really gotten bad lately.  It seems go through different stages of quality over the years.  In my opinion it’s at a down stage.  Funny skit though!!

Posted by Ian on November 21, 2005 at 10:08 AM (CST)


I didn’t think it was all that funny.  It was predictable, uninspired and kind of stupid.  Oh, new iPods can hold more songs, come out every five seconds and get smaller until you can’t see them.  Woo.

Funniest iPod-related spoof:  from the Onion—“New 40-Gigabite iHOP holds up to 10000 Pancakes”

Posted by PushButtonAction on November 21, 2005 at 11:39 AM (CST)


That was great. For the other comments - MadTV is like entertainment for the feeble minded…I love SNL, it’s great, witty humor. MadTV is retarted in my opinion…

Posted by mongoos150 on November 21, 2005 at 1:46 PM (CST)


The funniest thing about the link is that in this day and age of digital video recording and the changing face of television, that dood taped the skit with a camcorder pointed at his TV.

Posted by PushButtonAction on November 21, 2005 at 1:51 PM (CST)


The Onion one was stupid. It makes little sense. The SNL skit was funny & pretty truth based. LOL

Posted by I Luv My Pod on November 21, 2005 at 2:11 PM (CST)


I though the exadurration in song capacity was hilarious. It was good.

Who the hell has one million songs?

On another note, would they introduce an iPod micro? Isn’t nano 10^-9 and micro 10^-6? It would be a step backwards!

Posted by Samuel on November 21, 2005 at 2:23 PM (CST)


If Apple introduced an iPod Micro, Creative would sue Apple’s tail off   “Zen Micro”

Posted by LukeA on November 21, 2005 at 3:08 PM (CST)

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