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The iPod is “hard to use,” creates new CD ripping service

“It’s the epitome of cool, a must-have item rated No 1 with teenagers, oldies and muggers alike.

Yet the iPod digital music player has confused so many thousands of new owners that the gadget has spawned its own service industry - to help technophobes download their own songs. [...]

Now companies are springing up to meet the need, including the London-based wePod, which does the hard work of converting disc tracks into electronic files for the iPod, using its own specially developed software. Even though it does not advertise, the new venture claims it has been inundated with inquiries.”

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That entire article sounds like an advertisement for the service.

Most of the articles here sound like advertising, and suprisingly, a lot of the products are sponsors of this site, hmm.

Posted by heythere on April 5, 2004 at 8:27 AM (CDT)


Sounds like these guys are trying to find a way to not only add music to their own MP3 collections for free, but to get paid doing it, too.  They’ll receive customers’ CD’s in the mail, rip them for their customers AND for themselves, and pad their wallets, too.  By the time they’re done, they’ll have thousands of albums to listen to and a wad of cash on top of it instead of having to go visit the iTunes or local CD store and actually BUY their music like everyone else.  Very clever.

That is a pretty silly service, though.  I understand the time constraint argument, but owning technology comes with a small price in terms of learning curve, operation, and maintenence.  Isn’t that the way it is with everything in life?  When you buy a computer, you have to expect to maintain it.  When you buy a car, you have to expect to maintain that.  You have to maintain your clothes, your body, your home, everything.  That’s life.  When you buy a remote control, you actually have to push the button to change the channel.  You buy an Ipod, you’re going to have to rip CD’s and sync.  People are indeed getting incredibly lazy.  It’s pathetic.

People can’t figure out their Ipods, but they can figure out their super sophisticated computers that are not only far more complicated than an Ipod, but are necessary in order to manage the Ipods in the first place?  I don’t get it.

What’s next?  A service where some technician loads programs onto our computers, too, because loading programs is just too tuff???  Boo hoo hoo!

If people can’t read English and learn from the instructions, then why are they buying these devices?  It’s like buying a roll of toilet paper but being afraid to rip off a piece to wipe your butt because you’re too lazy to do so, so instead you just pull up your pants and walk away and complain about the poop in your pants, lol…  Good grief!

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Posted by Z on April 6, 2004 at 4:04 AM (CDT)


Goober, that’s hysterical, man!  ROFL!

Posted by Z on April 6, 2004 at 4:06 AM (CDT)


And BTW, I wouldn’t judge someone if they wanted to utilize this service, I just think it’s a bit silly.

Posted by Z on April 6, 2004 at 4:16 AM (CDT)


Oh I think most people seemed to have missed the fact that these ripping service jokers actually take your iPod away from you, now I ask you ipod nice and shiny and new ipod and you’re gonna hand it to a complete stranger. I think not well not me anyway.

Posted by glad1959 on April 7, 2004 at 12:06 PM (CDT)


Dont be stupid, stupid
Press 2 buttons
its over
now think
was that 5 seconds
a waste of time?

Posted by Rob on May 17, 2004 at 5:41 PM (CDT)


If you have an iPod and you rip your own CDs you clearly have too much money AND too much time!

Many of you feel the CD ripping service is a rip off because to use it would be akin to throwing your money away.  The same argument could be made for buying an iPod in the first place! If you are as “tech savvy” as many of you claim to be, wouldn’t it have been much smarter to buy a 20G Dell Jukebox for $150, learn how to use the less elegant device, and save $150 over the competing iPod??  If you did not do this, and you consider yourself a technophile, then clearly, you do have more money than brains. 

There are people who would prefer to spend their free time doing something other than changing a few thousand CDs one at a time every 10-15 minutes.  Remember:  the iPod is a PORTABLE device.  That means it is designed for people who do NOT want to sit in front of their computer all night long. 

Ripping CDs to the iPod IS simple.  Mind numbingly simple.  And that is why I am posting this right now.  I am bored. However, I would much rather be doing something else!  I would gladly pay someone to do this task for me!  I could enjoy the 4500 or so songs I already have on the player, and pay one of you minimum wage to sit here and rip the rest of my collection.  That would be great!

So squash the attitude about the CD ripping service being a rip off. 

It is this techno-elitist attitude, shared by Apple that, despite superior engineering, has rewarded the company with an embarrasing scrap of market share in every mainstream product it has ever released.  If a ripping service makes the device more “useable,” whatever that means, it is a good thing.  And like I pointed out earlier, if you were concerned about being “ripped off” you would have bought a less expensive player to begin with. 

Yes, the iPod is the coolest. 

Yes, you paid a lot of money for a player that provides materially the same utility as other, less expensive players. 

And yes, there are people who have large “legacy” CD collections that love music but would rather not spend 400-500 hours 20 feet from their computer waiting for CDs to finish ripping. (Yes, that is how long it would take to rip 2500 CDs at 10 min per!)

The service is a great idea!

Posted by jb on October 8, 2004 at 12:00 AM (CDT)

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