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Time: How the iPod nano came to be

Time magazine has published a three-page article on the creation of the iPod nano and its replacement of the iPod mini.

“It’s amazing that the nano even made it to the stage,” writes Time’s Lev Grossman. “The story of the nano started nine months ago, when Jobs and his team took a look at the iPod mini and decided they could make it better. On the face of it, that wouldn’t appear to be a fantastically smart decision. The iPod mini was and still is the best-selling MP3 player in the world, and Apple had introduced it only 11 months earlier. Jobs was proposing to fix something that decidedly was not broken.”

The article also includes some choice quotes from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

“The more we started to talk about what this could be,” Jobs said, “it wasn’t long before I said, ‘You know, what if we just bet our future on this? Is that possible?’ And everybody immediately looked pretty scared. Including me.”

“What’s really been great for us is the iPod has been a chance to apply Apple’s incredibly innovative engineering in an area where we don’t have a 5%-operating-system-market-share glass ceiling,” Jobs said. “And look at what’s happened. That same innovation, that same engineering, that same talent applied where we don’t run up against the fact that Microsoft got this monopoly, and boom! We have 75% market share.”

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From the article: ‘When he raps, “If you aint no punk, holla ‘We want prenup!,’” not a single, solitary soul hollas back.’

I did. Kanye was spectacular.

Posted by Jeremy Horwitz on September 12, 2005 at 7:29 PM (CDT)


“Jobs was proposing to fix something that decidedly was not broken.”

OK, only taken slightly out of context, but only a reporter would make such a rhetorical statement without addressing the REAL dilemma: when you’re on top, you don’t milk it for all it’s worth until someone knocks you off your perch. Unless you really didn’t want to stay on top in the first place.

All manufacturers who pride themselves on being ‘out there on the edge’ will always seek to improve the breed; they can’t help themselves, especially if they want to stay out there on the cutting edge. Apple is no different, and in fact is a lot better at it than many others.

Big whoop, Time.  You sure you really didn’t intend for this drivel to go into People instead?

Posted by flatline response on September 13, 2005 at 7:25 AM (CDT)


Was that a 3-page paid advertisement for Apple or was I supposed to mistake that for a news article? ;-)

Posted by Code Monkey on September 13, 2005 at 8:32 AM (CDT)

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