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TIME: How to Go Legit

“The problem so far with the pay-per-song model from a business perspective is profits — or the lack thereof. With as much as 70% of each sale going to the record label and the rest eaten up by surprisingly high costs for things like infrastructure and credit-card fees, sales volume must but doesn’t yet compensate.  “It’s not a way to make a lot of money,” acknowledges Jobs. No, it’s a way to help sell iPods. Apple says sales of the music-storing, high-profit-margin palm-size gadgets almost quadrupled between the quarters before and after iTunes’ launch.”

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Reading further, does anyone get the impression that some of these file-sharers get some kind of thrill out of thumbing their noses at people they can’t see or hear. Kind of like these virus-writers who send worms out just because they can.

Dangerous psychological makeup? Maybe.

Posted by Aries73 in Irvine, CA on September 20, 2003 at 1:29 AM (CDT)


Aries 73:Good question. You really made me think. Kinda seems that way.
From what I’ve read and heard,I guess people feel that the law of averages is on their side. Then there are some that are downright willful and defiant. I don’t know if I would want to take that chance. Also, some of the most recent information I’ve seen seems to indicate that the RIAA is having some sort of change of heart-I’ve read some things in the trades that say that they are now taking a wait and see approach… They are also waiting to see how the Universal price re-vamp works out. Or maybe it’s the calm before the storm… We’ll see.
  I can only hope that the record companies get it together to make sure that they practice what they preach-The way that the digital structure is set up, the record companies get the vast majority of the profits,and the artists only gets,on average, $.10 on the dollar. It’s then is eaten up by other charges. So if the artist is lucky, they may see pennies in the end.

Posted by Christianicononev.2 in Irvine, CA on September 20, 2003 at 11:18 PM (CDT)

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