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Top 10 reasons iTunes Music Store will beat competition

Blogger Bill Palmer has compiled a Top 10 list of interesting reasons why the iTunes Music Store will beat the competition. “Don’t look now, but just as Apple is about to launch the iTunes Music Store for Windows, here comes a slew of competitors high and low. Here’s why the competition doesn’t stand a chance.”

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now someone should come up with 10 reasons why itunes for windows will flop

Posted by ti on October 15, 2003 at 9:54 AM (CDT)


I would, but I can’t think of any :-)

Posted by jcs on October 15, 2003 at 9:58 AM (CDT)


1: they’ve come in too late

Posted by ti on October 15, 2003 at 10:59 AM (CDT)


Late? I’m a PC user and haven’t considered a single alternative yet. From everything I’ve read, the current selections are weak. Napster 2 isn’t even available yet and to boot, I hate WMA - I can’t believe people so readily lap up MS standards.

iTMS for Windows will be live tomorrow. Show me an alternative service that is available now with a comparable level of quality.

Posted by Spire in Vancouver on October 15, 2003 at 11:06 AM (CDT)


Humm.. I can’t help wondering if Bill Palmer has something against windows when I read this :-)

Posted by Recoil on October 15, 2003 at 11:45 AM (CDT)


Apple has always paid attention to detail and not done things half-assed like in the Windows world.  Apple software and hardware on a whole is a lot less buggy than its Windows counterparts.  The thing that is so critical about this Itunes release is that Itunes run perfect on a Windows box.  No bugs right out of the box.  All the functionality and more of the mac version.  Maybe thats what the delay has been about.  If you really think about it, what other software has Apple written for windows before?  None that I can think of. Maybe they wanted to make sure it was done right.  Knowing Apple, all the details are taken care of and they won’t release Itunes Beta, like a Windows company would.  I think its going to be the most rockin version of Itunes ever and its going to blow the lid off the digital music industry.  Just my thoughts, and by the way I’m a PC User by necessity, not by choice.

Posted by Patrick on October 15, 2003 at 12:13 PM (CDT)


Why did this guy list 10 points when he was only trying to make his one point? Apple is better than everything else despite market share or what the majority of the world uses.

Now I am a PC user who happens to like Apple but every time I hear an Apple user proclaim how they are the best it reminds me of a Boston Red Sox fan who would scream on the top of his lungs

Posted by Yankee Fan on October 15, 2003 at 12:22 PM (CDT)


Wow. I never thought I’d agree with anything said by someone called “Yankee Fan”, but I actually agree with EVERYTHING.

I will say, however, I’m having great success with Real’s Rhapsody product. There’s nothing not to like there.

Posted by barbarosa on October 15, 2003 at 12:25 PM (CDT)


is that guy for real?

apple has never been able to get on top of anything. their ipod success was sweet, but since they never offered upgrading for my 2nd gen pod i will never consider buying anything apple again.

Posted by nod on October 15, 2003 at 12:34 PM (CDT)


Spire: “I’m a PC user and haven’t considered a single alternative yet. From everything I’ve read, the current selections are weak.”

So let me get this straight? You haven’t actually *tried* any of the music services, iTMS inccluded (since you say you are a “PC user”) but you’re pjntificating that they are all “weak”.

I’ve tried most of them and let me tell you, there are good and bad points to all of them.

iTMS is nicely integrated but has quite a narrow selection of music, mostly pop and recent. One big mark against it is that it is *expensive*—you must pay to “own” each song, and there seems to be no way to sell that ownership back to the store. What happens when I have several hundred songs on my iPod and I want to sell them to someone? Do I have to sell the iPod? How do I get my money back?

Rhapsody as another person writes is pretty cool. It’s $10 a month and the selection is much larger than iTMS. The catch is that they stream, but if you are any way adept you can record the streams to your hard disk and make them into MP3s—just as you might record from the radio.

EMusic used to be awesome with “unlimited” (sort of) downloads of MP3s for a monthly fee, but now they are restricting those. The main draw of EMusic was that it featured a lot of indie and unsigned bands.

Posted by Rhapsody on October 15, 2003 at 1:25 PM (CDT)


I’ve never seen a more pretentious and arrogant “review” or whatever that is in my life. 

There is a reason for any competition, and competition is not only the basis of any viable economy, it is what forces companies to strive for better.

There is bound to be competiton, and it won’t surprise me in the least if a new-coming competitor reaches the same status as iTunes.  Apple was the first real store to the market, so of course it’s going to be on top, and it will be until others catch up to it.  But I don’t think it will remain as prominent after a year or so after the new music stores are out for a while and have had a chance to listen to customer feedback and improve—just as Apple has done with every one of its products.

Get a life, and realize that you’re not the best at everything, and actually see that perhaps something of somebody else might be as good as yours.

Posted by Ryan on October 15, 2003 at 1:27 PM (CDT)


Bill Palmer is obviously very biased towards Macs and iPods.  He doesn’t give a care for the Windows platform and seems to despise those of us who use it.

Will iTMS for Windows succeed?  There is a good possibility but at this point it’s too early to say if they will be the leader.  Even though they were not the first out there, they were the first to get it right with price and ease of use.  But Napster 2 is on the horizon and despite the fact it is a fee based service, it has built in brand recognition and that in itself will help it immensely.

Apple has stated the iTMS is a loss leader for selling more iPods and/or Macs.  In order to sell more iPods to a broader base, they should offer the most flexibilty in a portable digital music player.  It means offering WMA format on the iPods.  You support MP3, WMA, and AAC and you cover the ability to use all online music store and thus, sell more iPods.

Finally, don’t bash us Windows users.  Some of us do use Apple products (iPod) and we don’t come here looking to knock all of you Mac folk.  If the roles were reveresed and Apple has the bigger marketshare, you may hear just as many folks complaining about problems.  I repect your platform, be courteous to ours.

Posted by Wildman_CAL on October 15, 2003 at 2:57 PM (CDT)


“since they never offered upgrading for my 2nd gen pod i will never consider buying anything apple again”

nod is rod.

boohoo, i bought something and think i should get free lifetime upgrades, boohoo.

Posted by Box on October 15, 2003 at 3:26 PM (CDT)


I can’t believe I’m actually going to comment on an article that has “as Mac users, we tend to steer the market for everything” in it, heh.

But, here’s my too-long-for-a-comment reply:

Posted by c.c.r. on October 15, 2003 at 5:36 PM (CDT)


Isn’t their a policy aganist “fanboyism” in the lounge? But a guy who writes pure garbage gets on the news page because its a blog?!? Pull this biased garbage post down!!

Posted by Yankee Fan on October 15, 2003 at 7:31 PM (CDT)


boohoo, i bought something and think i should get free lifetime upgrades, boohoo.

Yes actually box, any time you purchase something this expensive you should expect to recieve updates for about as long as the thing runs.  Or at least thats how it is in the PC world where the newest and greatest OS could run on a computer that is 19 years old (albiet slowly), but in the mac world, the latest OS(osx) wont run on some machines 5 years old!

BTW, my dell dimension which is 7 years old gets dell bios upgrades every once in a while, so why not my 7 month old ipod?

Posted by the Keaner on October 15, 2003 at 8:15 PM (CDT)


hmm..  no i dont expect lifetime upgrades. i do expect oh i dunno.. is two months worth too much to expect?

is there any reason why apple isnt upgrading the 2nd gen ipods? all i want is to be able to create playlists on the go..

Posted by nod on October 15, 2003 at 8:57 PM (CDT)


So many points,so little time…
1.I’ve also tried out some of the other sites,and I’ve made the decision that Itunes is the one that I will rely most heavily on. I like some of the features of the other ones,but ITunes has an ease of usage that appeals to me.
2.I like what Yankee Fan and some of the others said. One of the things I like best about this site is that for the most part,“Applites” don’t pass judgements on the type of OS you use. But then, you come across a “blog"or whatever like Palmer’s. All the good points he made got lost because by the time I finished reading it,my blood was boiling. I don’t know what offended me more-His elitist pontification about the cutting edge,the subtle mass-consumerist bashing of Wal-Mart,the “leader B.S”,or the thinly veiled commentary on 50 Cent. Why not just go there and bemoan the endorsements of some of the drug and booze addled miscreants that have also endorsed Ipod? David Beckham? Or even better yet,why not Bill Gates,who if memory serves,has a company that holds a 10% interest in the Cutting Edge Apple?

Posted by Christianicononev.2 on October 15, 2003 at 9:09 PM (CDT)


Love and kisses:

Posted by Bill Palmer on October 20, 2003 at 7:17 PM (CDT)


“Or even better yet,why not Bill Gates,who if memory serves,has a company that holds a 10% interest in the Cutting Edge Apple?”

Um…whatever other valid or invalid points you’ve made, I’m afraid that you have this one WAY off.

In 1997, Apple and Microsoft came to a multi-tiered agreement to “bury the hatchet” on a bunch of long-standing legal grudges between the two companies.

Microsoft agreed to:
—purchase $150 million worth of NONVOTING, NONTRANSFERRABLE stock in Apple, and to hold it for 5 years. Apple had a market cap of about $6 billion at the time, so this amounted to roughly 2.5% of the company. Nonvoting/nontransferrable meant that they weren’t allowed to use these shares in any way, shape or form to influence or manipulate Apple’s products or business model.
—develop, market and *continue* to develop a complete, full-fledged version of Office for the Mac, with full feature parity to the Windows version, again, for 5 years.
—Pay Apple an undisclosed cash settlement, and some other unspecified concessions.

In return, Apple agreed to:
—drop ALL of it’s long-standing, still-smouldering copyright infringement lawsuits/complaints against Microsoft, some dating back to the original version of Windows 1.0, others of which included more recent offenses like the infamous “knife the baby” QuickTime issue
—make Internet Explorer the default web browser on the Mac for a 5 year period
—a few other odds and ends I can’t think of at the moment.

In other words, both companies agreed, in theory, to “wipe the slate clean” on all of the old bad blood…for a 5 year period. This (I suspect) is why, during the height of the Netscape/DOJ antitrust trial against Microsoft, Apple and Steve Jobs—who you would *think* would be screaming for blood louder than anyone else—were actually shockingly quiet about the whole thing. Jobs pretty much just washed his hands of the whole thing and left the Clash of the Titans in disgust, letting Netscape/AOL/Sun do the brunt of the grousing and griping.

Of course, as of this year, the 5-year agreement is over, and the gloves are off again. Looks like WMA vs. AAC is the latest saga in the never-ending Gates-vs-Jobs smackdown…should be fun to watch! :)

Posted by Charles Gaba on October 20, 2003 at 7:45 PM (CDT)

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