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Triple Crown Contest winners announced

Desktop Winners

Without question, the entries received for the Triple Crown Giveaway were the best in iLounge’s history. The 2-D graphic designed, 3-D modeled and photographic submissions on display in the Desktops Gallery are nothing short of stunning: from rendered versions of the iLounge logo to an incredible variety of retro themes, we found it almost impossible to pick a single winner. Our “first cut” for Desktops pared down the potential winners to a short list of around ten selections, and we ultimately decided to award not just the grand prize of an iPod mini, but also runner-up prizes of iLounge t-shirts to another five spectacular entries. Higher resolution versions of these desktops are available in the Desktops Gallery.


Grand Prize Winner: We chose Chris Chen’s Orange Wave to win an iPod mini because it combined elegant graphic design with great summer colors and a subtle iLounge theme. It was easy on the eyes, instantly appealing, and works well as a desktop image - a requirement for our winning entry. Congratulations to Chris, who wins an iPod mini!

Runner Up: We really liked the retro 1970’s/1980’s styling and cool uses of spraypaint on this entry, which was part of a great series from the same designer, Robert Nixon.

Runner-Up: Previous iLounge contest winner Mark Kempken’s entries caught our eyes numerous times. This fantastic artistic entry was visually strong enough to win the Grand Prize, but the dominant white background color was harsh when used as an actual desktop image.

Runner-Up: This photograph by Jason of the new fourth-generation iPod is a classic “desktop” style image; the sort of picture many people would choose to use as a background.

Runner-Up: There were multiple three-dimensional renderings of the iLounge logo, but this was our favorite: though the picture on the wall was a little too much, the other elements were spectacularly realized. Talented artist Nevin Styre is clearly going to be a future grand prize winner.

Runner-Up: Another amazing piece from Mark Kempken showed incredible graphic design talent, with intricate details that must be examined to be believed. Several similar entries from different artists really excited us.

iPod Style Winners

Photographic entries for the new iPod Style Gallery ran the gamut from brilliant to downright bizarre (an iPod wrapped in duct tape?), but there were a number of highly impressive pictures in the collection. Again, it was hard to pick our favorite two from a short list of around ten, but we went with pictures that best followed the rules and matched the theme: “photos of people with iPods” that were “fashionable, stylish, or sexy.” Two winners each received iPods.


Super Prize Winner: We loved the color, composition, and theme of this indoor Style shot, which managed to be stylish and sexy at the same time. The Super Prize winner, Luke Sevcik (with model and wife Nicole Sevcik) takes home Apple’s latest fourth-generation iPod (20GB). Congratulations!

Second Prize Winner: A totally different take on the Style theme, this outdoor picture by Anna blended iPod with fashion. The hardest part was picking the best of this photographer’s shots, as several of them were superb. This winner takes home a new iPod mini - congratulations!

If the winners would like their names published, please add them to the comments thread below. Since the winners of this contest only represented a handful of the incredible entries we received, we strongly encourage you to check out the full Galleries. The Desktops Gallery pictures work well as computer background images, and the iPod Style Gallery pictures include many great and memorable photographs. Thanks to for providing the iPod minis, and again, congratulations to all the winners. We’re looking forward to your submissions for the next iLounge contest!

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