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Update: Apple unveils newest generation iPod

picAs discovered by MacMinute, Apple Computer has used the cover of Newsweek Magazine to reveal the newest generation iPod. White like the third-generation iPod, the newest iPod now sports a Click Wheel and thickness similar to the iPod mini, in addition to a six-line (3G iPod-style) black and white screen. In the original photograph (right, credit Newsweek via MacMinute), the screen appears to suggest that Apple has preserved the traditional iPod font and interface, but modified the menu structure to further simplify access to the device’s multiple features. Kudos to Steven Levy on securing the exclusive Newsweek article.

Update: Having obtained an advance copy of Newsweek’s iPod article, The Mac Observer reports that Apple will formally announce the new iPod on Monday, July 19, 2004, and notes that additional photos indicate that in addition to being thinner than current 3G iPods, it may also have a slightly smaller footprint. Check back with iLounge for additional photos and details soon.

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Is the click wheel that much better than the scroll wheel/button combo?

Posted by GreyCleric on July 17, 2004 at 7:31 PM (CDT)


Here’s hoping that these first pictures aren’t entirely accurate, because I don’t think this 4G iPod looks anywhere as nice or refined as the current 3G one.  The screen is too blue, and the clickwheel? Ugh.

Posted by jamesd in Australia on July 17, 2004 at 7:47 PM (CDT)


I agree jamesd!

Posted by Coolpepper43 on July 17, 2004 at 7:56 PM (CDT)


Agreed prefer the look of the 3G. Apple needs a good competitor, that’ll get things moving :)

Posted by Oliver on July 17, 2004 at 7:56 PM (CDT)


I tried the click wheel in the store, personally I didn’t think it was as good as the 4 buttons, but it would make it harder to accidentally push a button.  The worse that could happen is you change the volume.  I think the controls are really just a personal preference.

Interestingly it looks like the centre button is now a proper button instead of touch sensitive (mini’s have a proper button too).

Don’t forget, the picture of the 3G on the box it comes in has a very blue backlight, and it depends on how lucky you are to what colour you get.

The new menu looks interesting though:
Shuffle Songs

Shuffle is a good idea, but putting playlists and browse in the same heading seems to be a backward step - more button presses.

Posted by m00j on July 17, 2004 at 7:57 PM (CDT)


Don’t forget, m00j, like the current 3G models, you can probably modify the menu any way you like. Right now I have mine set to read:

I don’t see why they would take the customization out.


Posted by narco in Burbank on July 17, 2004 at 8:05 PM (CDT)


I like it personally. Seems cool with the Blueness.

Posted by Doug Gilmour on July 17, 2004 at 8:05 PM (CDT)


Don’t you think the main menu will be at least as customizable as the 3G? I wouldn’t worry too much about the menu items they choose to highlight.

Posted by Luxo on July 17, 2004 at 8:07 PM (CDT)


I’d be hesitant to make TOO many presumptions about how good the new iPod looks until you’ve seen something higher-quality than a copy of a magazine cover photo.  Many people were apprehensive about the 3G models at first.

Posted by Commodus on July 17, 2004 at 8:16 PM (CDT)


Real disappointed about
4G’s black & white display..
thought they would employ
color LCDs this time..

Posted by mj on July 17, 2004 at 8:21 PM (CDT)


I was hoping for at least a color LCD for picture viewing and maybe visualizations.  I’m not a fan of watching movies on a 3” screen, but pictures would be cool.

Posted by deethbrakr on July 17, 2004 at 8:34 PM (CDT)


I’ll still take my 2g ipod design any day over the 3g and 4g. The only thing I’d like is for the newest firmware to work with it.

Posted by Weasel on July 17, 2004 at 8:34 PM (CDT)


All it looks like is a hybrid between the current 3G and the ipod mini…I don’t think I’ll be selling my 3G for this anytime soon…

Posted by styles on July 17, 2004 at 8:41 PM (CDT)


wonder if they have a remote with a small lcd on it, nothing fancy, just something that displays the song name, artist and album…

Posted by tommy on July 17, 2004 at 9:02 PM (CDT)


Commodus, this is the real deal. The original pictures were on the MSNBC/Newsweek servers.

As far as the color screen; I don’t really mind. I use my iPod for the thing it was intended for: MUSIC. Just give me longer battery life, please!


Posted by narco in Burbank on July 17, 2004 at 9:03 PM (CDT)


The blueness in the backlight could simply be a white-balance problem with the photograph. It’s difficult to get a photo balanced for both studio lights and an object that emits its own light, especially if you are unfamiliar with the specific light source (like an unreleased tech gadget). The only solution would have been to cut a tiny piece of gel filter and put it over just the iPod display, but then you would have to know exactly what color filter to use.

Then again, it may just be blue.

Posted by dhp on July 17, 2004 at 9:07 PM (CDT)


There are only two reasons I would sell my 3G for this: a MINIMUM 12 or more hour battery and/or built-in AM-FM radio.

Or a third reason is if a 15GB is under $250.00.

Otherwise it looks like another year for me and my 3G.

It looks like a mini/3g hybrid. Cool and I want one at some point but hardly good enough (as of now) to force a 3g fire sale so I can get one.

Posted by bigpod on July 17, 2004 at 9:09 PM (CDT)


dang… I was hoping for a color display with menu items sorta like a nokia phone (in squares), 4 buttons, and a touchpad like you see on a laptop… you would then move the cursor around in the screen (ex: would be nice for games) to choose menu items, etc…

ah well
we’ve yet to see the specs eh

Posted by Uranus on July 17, 2004 at 9:20 PM (CDT)


I like the 3G’s buttons better than the click wheel.

I wonder:

A) if it will have a bigger, better battery.

B) If you will be able to replace the 3G’s battery with this bigger, better battery.

Posted by Cameron on July 17, 2004 at 9:21 PM (CDT)


Cooh. That’s the only thing I think they should’ve done to the outside of the iPod. The left/right/top/bottom button placement is more intuitive and quicker to get to. Plus, it allows the device to be a bit smaller or the wheel to be a bit bigger.

I agree that a color screen would’ve been nice—for album art alone! But, I also understand that those displays /eat/ power, so I can accept the tradeoff.

The shuffle at the front is definitely nice and the OS is where I’d really be looking for improvements. Being able to save on-the-go playlists would be nice.

But, all-in-all, I agree that I don’t see a huge need to sell my 3G to get a 4G—yet…

Posted by Penchi on July 17, 2004 at 9:22 PM (CDT)

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