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Waiting in line for an iPod mini

iLounge senior editor, Jeremy Horwitz is standing in line (about 45 people so far at 5:55 pm PT) at the Apple Store Costa Mesa in California waiting to purchase a Blue iPod mini. Apple will release the minis for purchase at 6 pm, nationwide. Jeremy reports that there are a large quantity of silver iPod minis on hand while there are far less gold colored minis. One reader in Chicago is reporting that he “called the Chicago Apple Store, who said they had the minis in stock but could not actually sell them until 6pm CST. They did, however, say I could reserve one. They took down my name and color preference and said they’d have it waiting for me at 6pm.” Did you purchase your iPod mini from an Apple Store tonight?

Update: Our senior editor has reported that sales of iPod minis at the Apple Store Costa Mesa were brisk as was sales for the dock followed by the arm band. We got our Blue iPod mini, so expect a full review by Monday with lots of photos. An Apple Store rep informed iLounge of how many of each colored unit was on hand for the release. Approxiamately 75-125 of Silver, 20 each of Blue and Pink, and 4 units each of Gold and Green. All figures are estimates. They expect to sell out of iPod minis tonight.

Photo of brochure being passed out at Apple Stores to help
customers determine their choice in iPod mini color. Notice
the blue ticket for people with non-reserved iPod mini.
In the brochure, Apple has dubbed the 3G iPod color
as Signature White.

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The downside… I loaded 111 songs and it took up 1/4 of my capacity.  Looks like I’m gonna get ~450 songs on my mini.

It’ll be enough for me, but definitely takes a little more planning than the 10GB it replaced.

Any smaller and it would be too awkward to hold.  Kinda like how some cell phones are close to being too small.

Went by the Apple Store at the Grove in LA and they had only 1 green mini… that’s crazy!

I didn’t wait in line.  I went to CompUSA to buy mine along with a TAP replacement plan.  The Apple Store is a good place to try it, but CompUSA is a better place to buy it.

(+)  Size.  Chicness.  Click-Wheel.  Being able to pull it out of your pocket without accidentally pushing the heat-sensitive buttons of the 3G.  I went with silver, but the green does look awesome.

(-)  Those use to high capacity may have a bit of remorse if switching.  I guess you could keep two, but that seems to be more trouble than it’s worth to me.  I gave my 10GB to my father.  I wish the display still showed the album name—this isn’t a huge drawback, but there are some specific reasons why you may miss it.

Hope you enjoy yours.

Posted by BigSid in Los Angeles on February 21, 2004 at 1:18 AM (CST)


“The controls are so wonderful and simple. I have owned the 2g and the 3g versions and I love the ipod mini the best. It has everthing the others had”

...and less than 1/3 of the capacity

Posted by Username on February 21, 2004 at 1:21 AM (CST)


Can we stop with the capacity comments already.  We know it has a smaller capacity, smarty-pants.  Now why don’t you really impress us with some slightly more esoteric observation.

My first iPod is the gold mini.  I have wanted an iPod for a while, but could never justify the price.  The mini is cheaper, smaller, lighter, and way cooler than the original white iPods IMO.  50 or so albums is way enough for me.  As the previous poster noted—it’s fun managing these things in iTunes—I’m a geek.  If it means reorganizing a few albums every few days, so be it—I enjoy that kind of crap.

So that was enough to make me an iPod owner.  If that is Apple failing and being stupid, and/or taking advantage of stupid customers, so be it.  Apple will love it all the way to the bank, and I will keep fawning over MY PRECIOUS.

Posted by Nicky G on February 21, 2004 at 1:53 AM (CST)


Both of my sisters have the 3G iPods and they recently bought me the green mini iPod for my birthday.  It came on 2/19 with my name engraved and I just love it soooo much!  I couldn’t believe how small it was…and the green…I didn’t think it’d be so pretty!  The green mini ipod definitely looks better in person!

Posted by Vicki on February 21, 2004 at 2:22 AM (CST)


Must be something wrong with me…I’m just not jazzed at all about this thing…Instead of making two models of the iPod they should have just gone to a 4th Gen downsizing the original and colorizing it. 4GB aint near enough for me…Then again I never bought any of those memory players so that might be the people excited about this thing…

Posted by DaveI on February 21, 2004 at 2:38 AM (CST)


We picked up a blue mini at the Grove Apple store in LA tonight. People had started lining up at 4 pm for them. We got in line at 6 pm and it took an hour to go through the line and buy ours. I also have a 3G 15Gb model and my wife has a 2G 10 Gb. The mini will become her new iPod. It’s very interesting that Apple has gone back to a design with the scroll wheel which is more similar to the 2G design; I personally think it’s a tacit admission that the 3G design with the buttons in a row above the wheel was a mistake. This is much easier to operate.

Great job Apple. It’s another beautiful device that makes you happy just to use it. I hope they apply the design changes on the mini to the larger capacity models.

At the Grove it was the gold models that were in short supply. All were sold out quickly. They had plenty of silver and blue.

Posted by Paul on February 21, 2004 at 3:04 AM (CST)


Nicky G,

After you asked people to lay off their capacity comments I thought you would’ve posted an original, more ‘esoteric’ comment than you did.

You simply stated the obvious along with everyone else… let us have our fun.

Posted by BigSid in Los Angeles on February 21, 2004 at 3:37 AM (CST)


I wish i could get a mini. Here in australia, I dont believe their out yet. Mmmm, the green coloured one looks good… Pity about the capacity limitation, but its alot more then flash-ram players. Anyone know about their sound quality?

Posted by Mauly on February 21, 2004 at 6:30 AM (CST)


I don’t get all the hype over this…............

I would need 4 Ipod Mini’s to fit my music collection into.
$50 more for almost 4X more capacity, it’s a no-brainer for me.

Ipod Mini: Not for me…..........that’s my comments and I’m stickin’ to it!

Posted by Brian Fenner on February 21, 2004 at 7:11 AM (CST)


I’ve got a different spin on capacity.  If it’s such a big issue, just think of this:  for the price of a single 40 gig iPod you can have two minis.  One in the charger, one to be carried.  I already do that with my 2 third gen iPods—and it effectively means my battery never runs out.

As for me, I’m keeping the 3rd gen iPods for use as external hard drives for transporting large files (e.g. video being edited) between Macs and using the mini for day-to-day audiobook listening.  I put about 10 audiobooks (from Audible) on it last night and that took only 800 meg or about a 1/4 of the capacity).

It’s also nice that almost all the accessories from my earlier iPods work with the mini.  Someone elsewhere suggested that the mini will work in a full-size iPod dock, but when we tried it at the Apple Store, the fit—which looked good visually—apparently wasn’t quite right.  As a result, there was no audio output from the mini; but replacing the iPod that had been there resulted in restoration of output, so the dock itself was functional, the contact with the mini just wasn’t good enough.


Posted by Woody on February 21, 2004 at 7:16 AM (CST)


i also think they shoul have concentrated on creating a 4G iPod with better battery, smaller, choice of colours and possibly more choice of capacity - but then again th mini iPod is pritty damn good

Posted by JC on February 21, 2004 at 7:39 AM (CST)


  And on that EXACT same line of thinking, a customer looking for a Flash based player from Rio (the Nitrus perhaps) and planning on paying $199 for 512MB can get 8X as much capacity for $50 more.
  $50 of $300 is what, like 17% more price. If you’re talking about a $2499 computer that is JUST like saying. Why pay $2499 when I can pay $2899 and get THIS MUCH more computer?
  If you’re in the market for a FLASH BASED PLAYER which is what the iPod is competing against, the same argument you are making in favor of the iPod can be made in favor of the iPod mini. You are comparing products in that are being geared towards two different types of people.


Posted by AaronS on February 21, 2004 at 7:58 AM (CST)


I went to the Clarendon VA store, which I expected to be mobbed (there was a 300 foot long line for the pnather debut there), but not too many people.

After picking one up and playing with them for a while, Apple has done it again - the interface (wheel and buttons) are perfect.

I had no intention on getting one, but will save up for a green one and use it for running. The colors as seen on the website do not so justce to the real thing.

Another score for Apple.

Posted by Gary Reich on February 21, 2004 at 9:09 AM (CST)


It’ll be interesting to see how the price vs. capacity war plays out—I see a lot of comments here from people deriding the smaller capacity of the mini. For me, I expect to have enough music to get me through the day, and the mini holds more than 24 hours worth. If I want more, I’ll just dock it and refresh it. After all, I expect to dock and charge it every day, anyway. The selling point for me is it’s size and weight. Right now, I never take my 1st generation iPod around with me ‘cos it’s big and heavy. The mini can go in my pocket with my tiny cell phone. I’m loving this miniturization trend!

Posted by Gene on February 21, 2004 at 9:45 AM (CST)


price is just too high.. these are die hard Mini fans buying these units.I will just wait until it dips at around 200…

Posted by bababooey on February 21, 2004 at 10:03 AM (CST)


Went into the Compusa store here in Akron,Ohio and it was like they weren’t even selling the ipod mini. They had a nice display setup of the ipod mini hooked into some quality speakers but the only person around was me.

I foolishly played around with it and now I want one since my 5 gig now pales in comparsion. Probably wait for the price drop since my 5 gig works fine for right now

Posted by Vormech on February 21, 2004 at 10:09 AM (CST)


I went to the Boca Raton Fl store at 5 PM.  Asked if they had enough blue minis.  Said supply was limited by being near the front of the line there would be no problem.  While I was talking to the salesguy he put out a green mini on the display table.  Wow.  Changed my mind.  But, he told me that they only had a handful.  Rushed to the line outside the store.  3 ladies and a gentlemen were there.  I asked them what color.  They said blue.  Whew. By 6 PM there were nearly 75 people on the line.  When they told us to enter the store in small groups we were given a sheet of paper with the color we wanted.  They only had 4 greens.  I got mine, walked to the cashier and they brought one out.  Some interesting sidelights.  The person directly in front of me, a nice young lady, had a Dell.  The person behind me, a highschool student said he had a Dell also.  But, he was going to get a Powerbook when he goes to college.  Several people behind me also had PCs.  I’d say this is a very big plus for Apple.
The mini was fairly well charged when I unpacked it.  It had the proper minute but wrong hour on the clock.  I adjusted it and went to the day and date.  It said Jan 9, 2099.  Changed it and then plugged the mini into my iMac.  It was immediately recognized and since I had purged by iTunes library down to just under 4GB of songs (about 650 - I use a higher Kbps rate then 128) it automatically downloaded the songs.  It’s a thing of beauty and I took it for its first walk this morning.

Posted by pkradd on February 21, 2004 at 10:21 AM (CST)


“If you’re in the market for a FLASH BASED PLAYER which is what the iPod is competing against”

People keep saying this but I don’t buy it. The FLash Players you mention are the luxury models - most people are buying the 128MB $50 Rio Flash player, loading it with a 256MB card for another $30.

So they are spending less than $100.

Flash players are tiny and their battery life is like 30 hours or something. They are different from the iPod Mini.

The iPod Mini is competing against the other 4GB mini players like the Creative - which I say on buy.com for $190.

I await the $200 iPod Mini in a couple of months - after the lines have gone down!

Posted by wrong on February 21, 2004 at 10:31 AM (CST)


Well I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for a price drop, if they keep selling every one they make, which I have a feeling will be the case for some time to come.

Posted by Nicky G on February 21, 2004 at 10:42 AM (CST)


{noth texas compusa on I-35}

i went to compusa today about 10:00am and he said that a price drop is unlikly to happen for a wile at least 6 months

sliver 10+
ohters about 4-5 a peace

i will probly by one in early march or late feb i have to wait for pay day to come

ps they did have any docks for the mini

Posted by BIGP in Texas on February 21, 2004 at 11:46 AM (CST)

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