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We Rule released worldwide, but unplayable for some users

This weekend, ngmoco globally released its anticipated empire-building game, We Rule. Initially issued as a limited release for testing on the Canadian App Store, We Rule starts the player with a small estate, letting him or her develop the infrastructure to transform a humble castle into a sprawling kingdom. Users can invite their friends through the Plus+ network to build realms together and visit each other’s kingdoms.

Unfortunately, We Rule turned out to be unplayable for some users this weekend because of a Ngmoco requirement that users must connect to the Plus+ network to track in-game progress and interact with other players. Within hours of its general availability, Ngmoco began reporting connection problems with its Plus+ servers, and was forced to bring new servers online; despite this, several other outages occurred resulting in limited availability of the game until early Monday morning. The outage left many users frustrated at having downloaded an iPhone game that couldn’t be enjoyed.

Ngmoco has another upcoming game, Godfinger, which uses the same network-required play model, but is still in testing on the Canadian App Store. No release date for Godfinger has yet been announced and it is unclear whether the recent Plus+ network problems will have any impact on its global availability.

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I was really looking forward to this and Godfinger, but as an iPod touch owner with no wi-fi at home I am VERY annoyed that both of them require a constant internet connection. I have no doubt that this is because of the ‘freemium’ model that moth of these games have. I would very happily pay money for the app if it didn’t require an internet connection just like I did with other ngmoco games like Star Defense, Word Fu and both Rolando games. These are all brilliant games and the Rolando ones are probably my favourite iPhone/iPod touch games ever, but since ngmoco went ‘freemium’ my opinion of them has gone WAY downhill. We are forced to have a constant internet connection to play any of their ‘freemium’ games and have to basically pay a subscription fee in order to play them properly.

I know that it’s very unlikely that someone from ngmoco will read this, but if they I have this to say: Can you please leave this dark patch behind you and go back to the good old way you used to be? You were my favourite iPhone developer but now that I can’t enjoy your games I’m really beginning to dislike you, and I know I’m not alone in this - just look at various comments on articles about your freemium games all over the internet. Ngmoco can make brilliant games. Please get back to doing that.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to say it eventually.

Posted by NFreak007 in Toronto on March 22, 2010 at 11:27 AM (CDT)


#1: Agreed 100%.

Posted by Jeremy Horwitz in Toronto on March 22, 2010 at 11:36 AM (CDT)


I’ve just thought of another problem with the ‘freemium’ model that this article raises. If it requires a constant connection to their servers then that’s going to cause problems if/when they go down. Now, I know that that shouldn’t happen very often, if ever, but it’s still a problem. Also, these servers aren’t going to be around forever. Suppose that in several years’ time the server is permanently turned off for whatever reason. Any hours and, potentially, money that I have put into playing a ‘freemium’ game will be completely wasted. Normal games, like Rolando etc, will be playable as long as I have a working device to play them on. Having games dependent on a server seems frankly insane to me!

Posted by NFreak007 in Toronto on March 22, 2010 at 11:55 AM (CDT)


Come to think of it, this article raises another good point.

If freemium games are dependant on a connection to ngmoco’s servers the what will happen if/when those servers are offline or there’s a problem in the connection. Now, I know that that shouldn’t happen often, if ever, but as we’re already seeing it definitely a problem that some people are facing.

Also, those servers probably aren’t going to be online forever. Eventually they may well be taken offline permenantly and if that happens then all the time and, potentially, money that I’ve put into the game are completely wasted! We’ve seen the overwhelmingly negative response to Microsoft’s decision to turn off the servers for playing original X-Box games online, but at least those games can still be played in single player or local multiplayer modes. A server-dependent game is completely useless if that happens. I honestly can’t see any reason why this is a good idea - the whole thing seems completely ridiculous to me!

Posted by NFreak007 in Toronto on March 22, 2010 at 12:12 PM (CDT)

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