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Yahoo! launches podcast service

Yahoo! has embraced podcasting in a major way with the launch of a new online destination that lets users easily find, listen to, rate and subscribe to podcasts. The service, which is now in beta stage and located at, features a large podcast directory, community tools, and compatibility with iTunes and iPods.

“Yahoo! Podcasts offers community ratings and reviews to help people find the right podcasts for them, user tagging for better searching and discoverability, and a comprehensive podcast search,” explains Yahoo!. “In addition, Yahoo! is providing most popular and highest rated lists, category browsing and editorial picks. Yahoo! plans to add more features to Yahoo! Podcasts throughout the beta period, including personalized recommendations and easy-to-use publishing tools, which will allow anyone to create and publish their own podcasts.”

Apple, Samsung may be probed by Korean FTC

Following complaints from Korean digital music player makers, Samsung and Apple could be facing an antitrust probe over NAND flash memory chip pricing. Samsung is said to have sold its flash chips to Apple for the iPod nano at below-market prices, crippling makers of iPod competitors who cannot now build comparable devices at the same price points.

“Speaking at a local radio talk show, FTC Chairman Kang Chul-kyu said questions about Samsung and Apple engaging in unfair trading could be investigated by the antitrust body,” reports Asia’s Yonhap News. “The issue of whether Samsung provided cheap flash memory chips for use in Apple’s latest MP3 music player was raised earlier this week during a parliamentary audit on the FTC. Rep. Kim Hyun-mi claimed that Samsung sold its NAND chips for US$54, or roughly 50 per cent of market prices.”

Altec Lansing wireless headset connects iPod mini, cell phone

imageAltec Lansing has released the inMotion iM402 Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Headset, which lets you quickly switch between listening to your iPod mini and your cell phone. The iM402 consists of a receiver unit that plugs into the mini and a clip-on remote unit that you plug your headphones into. It works up to 30 feet away, and features controls for volume, play and pause. The iM402 sells for $179 and offers up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 5 hours of stereo playback time.

“The Altec Lansing iM402 wireless headset is now the only thing that ever has to come between you, your cell phone and your iPod mini. The iM402 puts your iPod mini and cellular phone directly under your command, letting you use both at the same time at an incredible level of freedom and convenience. You can listen to your iPod, hear a phone call come in through the headset, take the call with the touch of a button, then go back to the iPod the same way.”

New Podcast: The iLounge Week in Review 13

imageNow available is the thirteenth iLounge podcast, co-hosted by iLounge’s Bob Levens and Jeremy Horwitz. This week’s podcast discusses at length iLounge’s take on next week’s “One More Thing” Apple event and the surrounding rumors, the current Lounge Poll and what people really want Apple to add to the iPod, reviews of Klipsch’s iGroove and Oregon Scientific’s iBall, Oakley’s Thump 2 sunglasses, and by request, what’s hot in the iLounge Discussion Forums.

If you haven’t listened to our podcasts before - or if you have taken a break from them - this is definitely the one you should hear.

Past podcasts are available through our iTunes Music Store podcast pages, as well as our podcast feed below. As always, your comments are welcomed.

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Forums: Brassonano, Red iPods, mini forums, IRC Chat

In our look back at this week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: Although a tutorial was posted recently on the web regarding using Brasso to remove scratches from iPod nanos, it is not a new discovery. Nearly three years ago, Brasso was suggested as a suitable polish for iPods. But be warned - if you work the surface too hard you could end up with this problem...

In the Hacks & Mods forum, members continue to display their iPod painting skills. One has painted his 4G iPod blood red, and not content with that mod, he has also changed the display. Another member has painted the front AND back of his 4G iPod.

The iPod mini may have been relegated to the history books - for now - but it is still a popular model and it is still supported on iLounge, with forums for General Discussion and also Problems & Solutions. And if you feel the “tough kid” on the Apple block needs protecting, there is always the iPod mini Cases forum.

Finally, we have re-established a channel on IRC for those iLounge members who wish to chat with other members. If you’re an experienced IRC chatter the server is: and the channel: #ilounge - availability permitting, we hope to have a member of Team iLounge available as often as possible. More info can be found here.

ezGear intros ultraEars SX70 headphones

imageezGear has introduced the ultraEars SX70 earphones. UltraEars SX70 in-ear earphones use a 9mm sound driver incorporating Direct2Ear technology to offer clearer treble and bass response. Silicon Direct2Ear earpieces have a conical shape that channels sound into the ear canal increasing stereo separation and sound quality, and reducing external noise. The SX70’s come with three sizes of earpieces to provide a more personalized fit. The ultraears SX70 headphones are available now for $49.98.

FastMac announces free iPod battery recycling program

FastMac is offering free iPod battery recycling to all customers who purchase a TruePower iPod battery upgrade from FastMac. This program is also available to iPod owners who purchase third party battery replacements.

“We make it easy to be green. FastMac’s battery recycling program is a painless way to be good to the environment

Mix: 5 million nanos, ROKR marketing, GameSHOUT, Kindergarten iPods

Piper Jaffray believes Apple could sell 5 million iPod nanos in Q1, Forbes reports.

Geoffrey Frost, Chief Marketing Officer for Motorola has been named one of Brandweek Magazine’s “Marketers of the Year” for his involvement with the ROKR and “Hello Moto” ads.

GameSHOUT is now offering all of their radio shows via iTunes podcasts.

English as a second language kindergartners in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch district are using iPods to help learn vocabulary and vocal skills. (Free registration req.)

PodGear announces new iPod cases

PodGear is now offering two new lines of cases for the iPod, ipod mini and iPod nano—the JumpSuit Plus and the LeatherJacket.

imageJumpSuit Plus
The JumpSuit Plus is a silicone case available for the iPod mini, iPod 20/30, 40/60, and will also be available for the iPod nano in two weeks. It comes complete with hard screen protector, detachable belt clip and two different size lanyards. The JumpSuit Plus is available now in six different colors and sells for approx. $26.50.

The LeatherJacket is a leather case with velvet lining that deters scratching when taking the iPod in and out of the case. It comes with a detachable belt clip, a snap button closure and allows for access to screen, click wheel and ports. The LeatherJacket is available for the iPod mini, iPod 20/30, and iPod 40/60. Each size comes in black; the LeatherJacket mini is also available in Salsa Red, Paradise Blue and Baby Pink. All sizes of the LeatherJacket are available now for approx. $35.00.

Pixelgirlshop offers updated iPod lineup including nano cases

imagePixelgirlshop has updated their lineup of iPod cases to include two new iPod nano cases, the iPod nano Slip and the Sculptured Leather iPod nano Case. Also added are new iPod cases from Gerbera Designs including a limited edition Retro Computer design, along with new iPod Slips and limited edition PodSchtickers. All cases are available now.

XtremeMac debuts slew of nano accessories

imageXtremeMac has announced a compete line of accessories for the iPod nano. The lineup includes a variety of cases, chargers and car accessories, as well as a new version of the company’s AirPlay FM Transmitter, dubbed AirPlay2, and MicroBlast, billed as the first portable speakers designed specifically for iPod nano. All of the new products are expected to be shipped between now and the first week of November. Renderings and additional details are available in Read More below.


Tunewear intros Tunefilm, Prie Tunetag I.D. for nano

Tunewear has announced two more products for the iPod nano, Tunefilm and the Prie Tunetag I.D. case. Both products are expected this month, no exact release date or pricing was given.

imagePrie Tunetag I.D.
Made of napa leather, the I.D. features a transparent vinyl sheet which covers and protects both the nano’s screen and click wheel from the elements and the same hook found on the Ambassador case, allowing the I.D. to be clipped to bags and belt loops. The I.D.‘s design is similar to that of an I.D. necklace—the case comes with a neck strap, and the case itself offers card slots inside to hold credit cards, business cards, etc. and a clear card window for your I.D.

Tunefilm includes 3 pieces of adhesive clear film to fit the iPod nano’s Color screen, Click Wheel and the sensitive mirror finished back face and provides protection for your iPod nano against dust and scratches. Tunefilm is sold separately and will also be included free with all Prie Ambassador, Prie Tunetag, Prie Tunewallet, and Icewear cases for iPod nano.

Griffin releases iFill Internet Radio recorder

imageGriffin Technology is now offering its iFill Internet Radio recording software for iPod. iFill streams mp3 files from free internet radio stations directly to your iPod. Several stations can be chosen at once, enabling the user to fill up their iPod in a short period of time. The software operates independently of iTunes, yet offers a similar interface for ease of use. As a copyright protection measure, iFill puts music straight onto the iPod—not on the computer, and the software makes links directly iTunes Music Store for the songs identified in the downloaded streams. iFill is now available for Mac and PC and sells for $19.99; a free trial download is also available.

iSkin Duo for iPod nano details

imageiSkin has provided iLounge with further details about its upcoming iSkin Duo for iPod nano case. Much like the Duo for iPod shuffle, the Duo for iPod nano features two layers of silicone protection, reducing all friction points. The included screen protector will sit between the two layers of silicone, keeping it from coming into contact with, and reducing the threat of scratches to, the screen. The wheel protector acts in a similar manner, providing a smooth scrolling action without actually coming into contact with the click wheel itself. The iSkin Duo for iPod nano is expected to ship this month at a price of $29.99.

Mix: Bad Boy, HP iPods, Reznor

iTunes is now the exclusive digital download provider for the complete catalog of Bad Boy Records.

HP is now offering discounts on the last of its HP-branded iPods.

In an interview with the Star Tribune, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor talks about using his iPod to make set lists while on tour.

Mossberg: ‘nano owners must buy and use a case’

In his Q&A column, Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal discusses the problem of scratches on the iPod nano.

“If I were reviewing the nano today, I would still call it ‘the best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player I’ve tested,’ as I did in my review. But I would include a strong, prominent, warning that it scratches too easily in normal usage,” Mossberg writes. “After just under a month of daily use, my own nano is badly scratched, and looks beat up when viewed at an angle… my recommendation now is that nano owners must buy and use a case for the device.”

Nickels For Katrina offers pixels for relief help

imageNickels For Katrina is a new service that is selling blocks of pixels on its homepage to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Each pixel is $0.05, and each block of pixels you purchase is a link back to a site of your choosing. The goal of one million pixels sold would provide $50,000 for the relief efforts, with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. We here at iLounge urge you to go and help support those in need.

Handstands offers iSnug iPod Armbands

imageHandstands is now offering iSnug Armbands for iPod and iPod mini. The iSnug Armband is made of a lightweight material and features a velcro closure and a pouch that can hold an iPod or iPod mini. The iSnug Armband is available in Black and is priced at $19.99. The company has also introduced the iSticky Pad XL, a larger version of the iSticky Pad (formerly the iGrip); it sells for $9.99.

iPodMods announces Lifetime Battery Replacement Service

iPodMods is now offering lifetime replacement services for 1G-4G iPod, iPod photo, iPod mini and iPod shuffle batteries. Named the Platinum Battery Program, the $100 service offers free battery replacement for the life of an iPod. Batteries can be replaced as often as once every twelve months, and a self-installation option is also available. Turn-around times for the professional battery installation option average around 3 days.

Mix: Noreve ROKR case, Your Mac Life, Baseball, AAPL target

Noreve has introduced its Tradition leather case for Motorola Apple Rokr E1.

iLounge Editor-In-Chief Jeremy Horwitz was featured on last night’s Your Mac Life radio show. Topics discussed included new iPods, the iPod nano, Apple Expo Paris, and other music and Apple related issues. The show can be downloaded from [direct link] and will soon be available from the iTunes Music Store.

iPreppress is now offering complete stats for the 2005 MLB regular season, formatted for viewing on the iPod.

Market research firm First Albany raised the target price of Apple Computer’s stock $60 from $53 based on expected success of the iPod nano.

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