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Twelve South announces ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch

Twelve South has announced ActionSleeve, the first ever armband for Apple Watch. ActionSleeve is designed for athletic use in activities like kickboxing and CrossFit, where your wrist may not be the ideal location for your Apple Watch. Instead, ActionSleeve lets users place Apple Watch on their upper arm instead, while still providing activity tracking. ActionSleeve keeps all controls accessible while protecting the Apple Watch from nicks and dings, and it provides consistent skin contact for improved heart rate monitoring. ActionSleeve will retail for $30; users can order it online from today. It’s expected to land in select Best Buy stores on Jan. 9.

Kanex reveals GoPlay Sidekick wireless game controller for iOS devices, Apple TV

Kanex has introduced its new GoPlay Sidekick wireless controller for iOS and Apple TV. The $60 Bluetooth controller is compatible with most controller-supported games on the App Store and claims to provide up to 20 hours of gameplay with its rechargeable battery. The pocket-sized controller’s clamshell case doubles as a stand for your device while playing a game. The controller features a standard four-button layout and includes a D-pad, two analog joysticks and left and right trigger buttons. The controller is specifically designed for Apple devices, even going so far as to use a Lightning cable to charge. The GoPlay Sidekick will be available starting in February.

Incipio’s OX case adds headphone jack to iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Incipio’s new OX case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus brings back the headphone jack, allowing users to once again listen to music while charging their device. The case features forward-facing speaker vents, while providing both a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Lightning port for charging along the bottom. The $60 OX case will be available in black, green, and purple in the first quarter of this year.

PureGear introduces HomeKit-enabled PureSwitch

PureGear’s new HomeKit-enabled PureSwitch allows users to control a single outlet from anywhere. Each PureSwitch can be used with Apple’s Home app and linked to a scene. PureSwitch can be programmed to work on a particular schedule so that devices like lamps, fans and small space heaters come on whenever you want (provided they’re switched on when they’re plugged in). Unlike some other smart outlets, PureSwitch also includes a USB port that provides power to another device at the same time. PureSwitch costs $40 and will be available for pre-order starting January 16.

ConnectSense expands HomeKit lineup with new Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity, and Water Sensors

ConnectSense is expanding its line of HomeKit-enabled products with a new Bluetooth Extender, Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor, and Bluetooth Water Sensor. The new Bluetooth Extender allows users to remotely control its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and devices when they’re out and about, because otherwise the sensors require a local iPhone or other device to connect to the Internet. True to their names, the Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor and Bluetooth Water Sensor monitor sensitive areas of the home for the presence of moisture or extreme temperatures. The Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor can be linked to a HomeKit-enabled thermostat to regulate temperate in areas that are far away from the thermostat’s temperature monitors, and the Bluetooth Water Sensor can detect water leaks in places like the basement or laundry room before they can cause permanent damage. Both sensors use two AAA batteries.

Netatmo unveils Smart Smoke Alarm and Indoor Security Siren

Netatmo has introduced two new smart home products to its home security line, the Smart Smoke Alarm and Indoor Security Siren. The HomeKit-compatible Smart Smoke Alarm sounds an 85 dB alarm to alert anyone inside the home when smoke is detected, and sends a message to a user’s iPhone that specifies which room contained the smoke. There’s no limit on how many Smart Smoke Alarms a user can install, and all can be accessed through Netatmo’s security app or Apple’s Home app and independently named based on their location. For false alarms, the sound can be silence manually or from the app. The device includes a 10-year battery that will last for the life of the detector. The Smart Smoke Alarm runs weekly diagnostics to make sure it’s in working order and delivers those reports to the app.

iDevices unveils Instant Switch wall-mounted controller

The newly announced Instant Switch from iDevices allows users to place a Bluetooth control switch anywhere in their home, instantly pairing with most other iDevices Smart Home products (anything but a thermostat) without a hub. Instant Switch can even be paired with a hard-wired iDevices Wall or Dimmer Switch to instantly create a three-way control configuration. The switch comes with a built-in level and adhesive backing for easy mounting anywhere in the house, but can also be installed into the wall like any two-screw switch. Two small batteries give the Instant Switch enough power to run for two years. Instant Switch comes with a single faceplate, but a double faceplate is also available for those wanting to create a dual switch by mounting two Instant Switches side by side. The Instant Switch will be out in mid-2017 and will cost $50.

Elgato announces Extend HomeKit Bluetooth range extender and Aqua plant watering device

Elgato is expanding its line of Eve HomeKit devices, announcing the Eve Extend and Eve Aqua at CES this week. As the name implies, Eve Extend expands Bluetooth coverage inside a user’s home, connecting through the local Wi-Fi network and acting as a bridge for accessories within its range. For those with houses that have several problem areas, multiple Eve Extends can be operated at the same time. Extend can even control connected devices outside the house, provided they’re within range.

Apple giving away Beats Solo3 headphones with some purchases for Chinese New Year

Apple has announced it will give away a pair of Beats Solo3 headphones to customers in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore who buy certain Mac or iPhone devices, in honor of Chinese New Year. The promotion starts at 8 a.m. on January 6 and will run as long as supplies of the special (PRODUCT)Red Beats headphones last. Most Apple computers qualify for the deal, but the new MackBook Pro with Touch Bar and Mac Mini are excluded. On the iPhone side, customers will need to buy a 6s, 6s Plus, 7, or 7 Plus to get the deal.

Leak claims iOS 10.3 beta to arrive next week with ‘Theatre Mode’

In a pair of tweets, tech writer Sonny Dickson claims that the first iOS 10.3 beta will be released on January 10 and will include a new “Theatre Mode.” Dickson claims the feature will have a popcorn-shaped control center icon—hinting that like its name suggests, Theatre Mode would be intended for video viewing—but didn’t provide much more information on Twitter. In a brief conversation with 9to5Mac, Dickson said it’s possible Theatre Mode could be a version of the Dark Mode option that already exists on tvOS and macOS.

Apple seeking relaxed labeling in India, Chinese suppliers reportedly won’t shift to U.S. production

Apple is petitioning the Indian government to relax its product labeling rules for iPhones manufactured in India, The Economic Times reports. Apple’s concern is that the Indian regulatory requirements to print product-related information directly onto devices will clutter up the iPhone’s minimalist design; it’s said to be among several concessions Apple is seeking from India after expressing its intention to begin manufacturing there. Apple wants to instead provide those required product details either in software or on the product packaging, rather than having to etch them directly onto the iPhone itself.

Sylvania announces new hub-free HomeKit light bulbs

Sylvania and LEDVANCE have announced the first standalone smart bulb compatible with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, providing a lighting solution that can be integrated with Siri, Apple’s Home and other third-party HomeKit apps without requiring the use of a separate hub. The Sylvania Smart Multicolor A19 bulb can be screwed into any standard light socket and will use a Bluetooth low-energy connection to communicate with HomeKit. It can be controlled directly from Siri or any HomeKit-compatible app, and it can be added to scenes and other HomeKit automation routines. The Sylvania Smart Multicolor A19 bulb is expected to be available on Amazon in early 2017 in the U.S., and pricing has not yet been announced.

Rumor: 5” iPhone to feature vertical ‘iSight Duo’ camera

A supplier in Taiwan is claiming Apple could add a 5” iPhone to its lineup next year, featuring a dual camera setup that stacks the lenses vertically instead of horizontally, Macotakara reports. The supplier claims Apple has plans to release the mid-sized iPhone alongside its current iPhone and iPhone Plus sizes in a “7s” generation. Unlike other reports that Apple is working on a third, more impressive iPhone, this source believes all three models will have the same basic internal specifications, but adds that the new “iSight Duo” vertical cameras are under consideration, at least in the 5” model.

Happy Holidays from iLounge

Happy holidays from iLounge! Our editorial staff is currently on Christmas break, and we will return Wednesday, Dec. 28, with new updates. In the meantime, check out our Best of the Year Awards for 2016 to help with last-minute and (post-holiday gift card) shopping. For anyone finding a new Apple device under the tree, our Tips archive should be of great help. Also be sure to check out our full review of Apple’s new, completely wireless AirPods.

Niantic updates Pokémon GO with Apple Watch support

Niantic has released an update to its popular Pokémon GO game for iOS devices, adding the promised support for Apple Watch. While players will still need to pull out their iPhone to hunt for Pokémon, the Apple Watch app allows users to perform many other in-game functions such as hatching eggs, viewing level progress status, receiving alerts of nearby Pokémon and PokéStops, and more. Users will also be able to start workouts from within the Pokémon GO Watch app, and view stats such as calories burned, distance walked, and items collected. A Watch Face Complication also provides status updates, such as how far the user needs to walk to hatch an egg.

Apple rolls out updated Photos web app at

Apple has debuted a major update to its web-based iCloud Photos app at, presenting a new user interface that more closely resembles the macOS Photos app. A new sidebar is enabled by default which provides more streamlined browsing of photo albums, although as in the corresponding macOS app, users can choose to toggle the sidebar off using a button at the top of the screen. Multiple photos can now be selected, and action buttons in the top-right corner will apply to all selected photos, allowing you to share, download, delete, or file several photos at a time; individual photos can also be organized into albums via drag-and-drop into the sidebar. Viewing an individual photo also now displays a carousel of thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to quickly browse through other photos in the same album.

Notably, the new web Photos app doesn’t yet include the complete list of smart albums from the macOS and iOS versions, omitting such albums as People, Places, Selfies, and Depth Effect, and hasn’t yet added support for the new macOS Sierra and iOS 10 features such as memories, people, and places.

Apple files antitrust lawsuit accusing Nokia of collusion and patent extortion

Earlier this week, Apple filed an antitrust lawsuit against two patent lawsuit companies affiliated with Nokia, The Street reports. In the filing, Apple accuses Acacia Research Corp. and Conversant Intellectual Property Management of colluding with Nokia “to extract and extort exorbitant revenues” from Apple and other mobile device manufacturers. Both of the named companies purchased portfolios of patents from Nokia after the Finnish company sold the majority of its cellphone business to Microsoft in 2013. In the suit, Apple claims that since Nokia has basically exited the cellphone business, it has become a company “bent on exploiting the patents that remain” in its portfolio. Further, since Nokia still retains a financial stake in the patents that it sold to Acacia and Conversant, Apple alleges that these two companies are “willing conspirators” that “have conspired with Nokia to use unfair and anticompetitive patent assertions to improperly tax the innovations of cell phone makers.”

Nokia files suit against Apple for patent infringement

Nokia has announced that it has filed several complaints against Apple in Germany and the U.S. alleging infringement of a number of Nokia patents. The patents in question cover what Nokia refers to as “fundamental technologies used in today’s mobile devices” such as display, user interface, software, antenna, chipsets, and video coding. A total of 32 patents are currently listed in the suit, and Nokia says it is in the process of filing “further actions” in other jurisdictions. Nokia claims that it has tried to reach an agreement with Apple for “several years” to license Apple’s use of the patents, and is now taking legal action as a last resort. According to Nokia’s announcement, Apple agreed to a license to cover some patents from the Nokia Technologies portfolio in 2011, but has “declined subsequent offers” by Nokia to license other patents that are “used by many of Apple’s products.”

Apple releases first developer beta of watchOS 3.1.3

Apple has released the first developer beta of watchOS 3.1.3, following of the first last week’s release iOS 10.2.1 and tvOS 10.1.1 betas. The sparse release notes suggest this latest watchOS release is focused primarily on bug fixes and other minor improvements, although it’s notable that this latest beta skips a minor version from last week’s public release of watchOS 3.1.1.

Apple begins selling refurbished Apple Watches

For the first time since the Apple Watch’s release last year, Apple is selling refurbished versions of the device on its website. Aluminum case 38mm Series 1 Apple Watches are selling for $229, or 14 percent off the standard price, with 42mm versions going for $20 more. Customers interested in the newer model can also get a stainless steel Series 2 watch from the refurbished site, with the 38mm costing $469 and the 42mm costing $509. As with all of Apple’s refurbished products, the company promises the product meets its usual quality standards and offers the same one-year warranty that comes with new devices.

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