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Dell no longer selling 10GB iPods

I just called Dell and they said that you could no longer order them, but they were filling the backorders.  I ordered mine on 5/19, but there is no expected ship date.  What am I to do?  With the Dell discount and coupon, I got my 30gb one for $400 dollars with free shipping.  Aargh!

Posted by dymk on June 20, 2003 at 7:12 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

TRASH: it did the same thing to me.
Erase ephpod/Xplay if installed, all ipod soft, and re-install the update soft. Reboot.
Do a restore and check your Ipod firmware: it is 2.0.1

Posted by mushkin on June 20, 2003 at 6:41 PM (CDT)

iSkin for iPod 5GB and 10GB for $10

True but I am not in a race. How’s site will work. If you look at all the online sites you will find that they are a 1 product at a time ordering system with each sumit, is a multiple order site, you can order 100s of different products with one submit, this requires complex coding. Our site will make it easy for resellers to place their orders for 10 or 1000 products. The orders will auto magically go to the distributor in that state. Online orders for 1 and 2 will also auto magically go to an online reseller in that state. This will result in a lower cost to get the products I manufacturer to you and online resellers and distributors will be able to concentrate on service rather than trying to build and maintain their own site. We are a manufacturer with a partnering approach to business. If we wanted to sell one product at a time we would have had the site up within 2 wks. 

Back to your needs - there are many online resellers that sell my iSkin and Maclear designs, simply go to yahoo and do a search on iSkin and you will find one that can service you right now. If you want to see the latest products and all the colors and all the accessories then you have to come to

And it is Saturday here in China and the site is still not ready for online ordering

Posted by Lajo Cymbalski on June 20, 2003 at 4:58 PM (CDT)

"iPod 2.0.1 Software: A Closer Look at What's Fixed"

In the article, I noticed this as being a “fix”:

“Improved handling of MP3 VBR songs.”

Unfortunately, I see this as a problem for 1st/2nd-gen iPods as well.  There are some songs I simply cannot play.  However, I’m holding out hope that this gets fixed in a future firmware version.  Oh well.

Posted by Jstalilwyrd in California on June 20, 2003 at 4:42 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

I don’t know if the problem here is that they CANT add it, or that the WONT add it.  Certainly if they CANT add it there is nothing to complain about.

If the WONT add it then that may be an issue.  If it is just software then I can’t imagine there is that much difference between the old and new units.  In that case they probably ought to add it.

If there is some hardware reason, then nobody should complain.

But in any case you bought the unit as it was, any improvements are icing on the cake.

When I bought a Coolpix 5000 camera I bought it with the features it had.  When they added new features through a firmware upgrade I was suprised and happy.  But I would not have held Nikon responsible for NOT adding that functionality even though newer models had it.  I boug the camera knowing what it could and could not do.

That’s my point.  I can understand being “annoyed” at Apple not upgrading the old units but they never promised the feature when you bought it.

I guess this will all wash out, I switched from Creative to Apple because I liked the size and portability of the new iPod as well as the interface.  If you go to Creative then they will have made an even swap in the customer base I guess.

Posted by George Babar on June 20, 2003 at 3:55 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

If you fail to see why they need to update, that’s fine, I respect that. I, on the other hand, felt that if Apple was releasing improvements to the software like the ones for battery life or AAC support (NOT hardware or parts, Mr. Intel), it should not be too much of a stretch to add some extra features, it’s called keeping the customer happy. Now, maybe it’s no longer important to them (since they’ve got my $400+), but locking o-t-g playlists into the new ipod seems to be a ploy to squeeze out even more money. Contrary to what you guys may believe, the ipod is no longer the only playa in the mp3 player stakes, and besides I’m sick of seeing those damn white earphones everywhere I look these days…I’m going to “think different” and go with the Zen.

Posted by disgruntled on June 20, 2003 at 3:44 PM (CDT)

Apple Adds/Updates iPod Knowledgebase Docs

This 1607 Unable to Install… message is so vague, and so is the help for it.

I managed to discover on my computer that I had a drive assigned to P: under Windows 2000.  If the drive was not connected when trying to run the Quicken Install (also uses InstallShield) I would get this error.  I finally stumbled on this when I got an error that it could not find drive P:.  Why it was looking for P: I don’t know.

I got the same error last night when attempting the iPod update.

Just a hopefully helpful hint to others that might get this error.

Posted by Andrew McDonald on June 20, 2003 at 3:36 PM (CDT)

Apple Store: Refurbished 20GB iPod for $299

Kador, glad to hear you had better luck.  are you happy with it?  any speedbumps you experienced that might help me out?  thx.

Posted by sk on June 20, 2003 at 3:31 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

People do get spoiled it seems.

I doubt that Apple ever promised an upgrade path to anyone who bought these units.  There were no guarantees of additional functionality made.

When I buy a car I don’t expect that I will be able to have the features of next years models.

Same thing for my computer.  Intel is not going to send me a newer/faster processor everytime they come out with one just because I bought one now.

If people were happy enough with the iPod they had, why can’t they stay happy?

The way I figure it, Apple can continue to spend money programming for older units or they can support the current models.

Posted by George Babar on June 20, 2003 at 3:00 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released


seriously..  go get Nomad Zen if you think that will make you happy.. 

I failed to see why apple NEEDS to put an update for 2nd Gen pod.

Posted by ywwong on June 20, 2003 at 2:56 PM (CDT)

Apple Store: Refurbished 20GB iPod for $299

I ordered this 20 gig refurbished Ipod lpod last Thursday and got it yesterday., with the free shipping option.  I guess they have more 20 gb ipods in stock.


Posted by Kador on June 20, 2003 at 2:25 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

No update for 2nd-gen ipods, what a surprise….I’m getting a 60GB Nomad Zen when it comes out, if I’m going to get an upgraded product, I might as well go all the way…the Apple take on this situation really annoys me, I’ll take my money where I’ll get some respect.

Posted by disgruntled on June 20, 2003 at 1:59 PM (CDT)

Open Letter to Apple Concerning the Mistreatment of Apple Customers

Haha Bob. I already want one…lol and it’s only friday….

Posted by zync on June 20, 2003 at 1:48 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

Well I’m trying the update and it just keeps saying “Can’t open iPod” when I try to run it…  Anyone got any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Posted by Trash on June 20, 2003 at 1:34 PM (CDT)

Apple Store: Refurbished 20GB iPod for $299

I recently ordered a 5GB refurb from apple store on June 7th.  It was supposed to ship on June 11th and ended up being delayed 3 more times: to the 13th, the 17th and finally July 9th.  Very frustrating.

Posted by sk on June 20, 2003 at 1:18 PM (CDT)

Warning: Don't buy an European iPod, its volume is too low

That’s not gonna cut it!

They should fix this defective player immediately!  Temporary solutions that hardly do anything are not going solve this long-term problem.

I can’t believe I paid nearly 500 quid for an mp3 player that a little kid couldn’t even hear!  Really, even my daughter’s Teletubbies CD sounds too low on my Ipod.

Posted by Calvin on June 20, 2003 at 12:51 PM (CDT)

"iPod 2.0.1 Software: A Closer Look at What's Fixed"

Might want to change the link on the home page. It goes to the ‘About’ section, not the article. The 2.0.1 closer look is actually here:

Posted by Chris on June 20, 2003 at 12:50 PM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

no prob bob,
[  ]

Posted by Edwin on June 20, 2003 at 12:40 PM (CDT)

Illegal Downloading Hurting Music Sales

Curiuosly RIAA left out the older demogrpahics. There has been studies that show that in case of people with disposable income, music downloads actually INCREASE compact disc purchase. I know that is my case. I sample and try new music, just because I know I am not wasting my money. When I find something I like I go out and buy their CD (or CDs, or even all of their CDs), because I want higher (and consistent) quality than the 128kbps mp3, ripped without jitter control. My CD purchase volume went up 50-80% just because soulseek. Thievery Corp (and other Eighteen Street Lounge artists) got my money in form of CD payments. I would have never discovered them without soulseek.

This ties into Apple’s extremely weak attempt of peddling online music. I do not want AAC at 128kbps, even if it is better than 128kbps MP3. I want 256kbps MP3 (or AAC) without DRM. Or better yet, one of the loosless compressions. Bandwidth is cheap and I got time, but I can’t accept inferior quality products even if they are slightly cheaper (ie. ~$10 bux for an album vs. ~$12-$16 for a CD, not mentioning the cover art, etc).

Apple, make some effort and INNOVATE!

Posted by pbox on June 20, 2003 at 11:46 AM (CDT)

iPod Software 2.0.1 Update Released

for all you euros out there you can make the volume louder. conect ipod to mac then go to itunes, hilight all of your songs on your i pod, then go to get info and increase the volume adjusments. worked for mine

Posted by Phill in Texas on June 20, 2003 at 11:40 AM (CDT)

Warning: Don't buy an European iPod, its volume is too low

go to itune hilight all of your songs on your i pod then go to get info and increase the volume adjusments

Posted by Phill in Texas on June 20, 2003 at 11:14 AM (CDT)

Illegal Downloading Hurting Music Sales

“Why Are Music Sales Falling? DOWNLOADING”


I guess the music industry totally forgot about the good old days when people dub tapes and record songs played by radio stations.

I am not saying its right to download unpaid music.  However, the music industry seems to blow this whole thing out of proportion.  RIAA on the other hand is like crazy pitbull attacking everyone in sight.  I mean, have they ever consider the world economy might contribute to the downfall of music sales?  After all, 9+ million people in US alone are struggling to find jobs.  On top of that, there are plenty of people can barely stay a float in today’s trouble economy.  Do people in music industry really except people to buy 28. something CDs when they can barely feed their family?

Copying music is nothing new.  It is a problem.  However, it’s not as big of a problem as music industry protrait.  All I can wish for is music industry take active steps to work on this issue instead of whinning to news media every freaking day or overwhelm our justice system with lawsuits (RIAA is beginning to top the chart on suing people.  Their actions make Microsoft look good!)  If they can’t stop people from downloading musics, why not look at what iTune is doing?  I am sure they can make plenty of money to buy more mansions, exotic cars, and so forth for themselves by selling tracks for a buck a piece.

Posted by lliang on June 20, 2003 at 10:57 AM (CDT)

Illegal Downloading Hurting Music Sales

What the RIAA doesn’t factor into those statistics is that they released approx. 10% fewer acts than the previous year.  The acts that are released are marketed almost exclusively toward the “teeny bopper” demographic.  Of these releases, maybe 1 or 2 songs has a hook that is listenable for a couple weeks and then you never want to hear it again.  (Personally, I never wanted to hear Britney, Christina, NSYNC, et. al. in the first place)

I can’t feel sorry for an industry that has progressively charged MORE money for CD’s even when manufacturing costs have plummetted.  Can you blame people for downloading songs for free?  Why should people have moral hang-ups about stealing music when most of the “role models” of popular music are too busy bragging about “busting a cap in your ass” to even include music in their “product”?

Sorry about the rant, but we struggling independent musicians are very bitter…

here are some links with some good info about this issue:

Posted by Danstigator on June 20, 2003 at 10:54 AM (CDT)

iSkin for iPod 5GB and 10GB for $10

its friday…still not working ? ! ?

Posted by robert on June 20, 2003 at 10:41 AM (CDT)

Illegal Downloading Hurting Music Sales

its all about greed…they got greedy, now they are paying the price…why dont they comment on the 2000 bands (including : cowboy junkies…morrissey…etc) that got dumped ? , so they could have complete control and creat fictional bands like NSTINK, Backdoorboys….and pay huge contracts to people like janet jackson?.....they caused all this them selves….i wouldnt download one more song if cds were $10….they have brought this on themselves

Posted by robert on June 20, 2003 at 10:39 AM (CDT)

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