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Enhance your MP3s with DFX

how do i encode them

Posted by lakerslover on June 1, 2003 at 11:57 PM (CDT)

Mac: iLyric 0.7 Released

I tried using this and it didn’t find anything. So I checked out top40db, and it’s giving a message that it’s overloaded and maxed out. Guess a lot of people have downloaded this app? Will try again later…

Posted by lesliet on June 1, 2003 at 11:57 PM (CDT)

Enhance your MP3s with DFX

Re-Encoding a MP3 does not add back original quality although the DFX plugin adds its own effects it will not restore the orignal quality.

Posted by MusclePup on June 1, 2003 at 11:39 PM (CDT)

Boston Globe: New iPod is not necessarily improved

ok, put me in the middle.
I’m a switcher; defended Gates for years, but now am absolutely hooked on a functional, “digital hub” “ilife”, will likely never buy anything windows again and am appropriately cultish about Jobs and Apple.
What was the thinking with this new ipod? I bought the new 30g unit because my 5g’er did’nt hold enough.
Not just the battery, but the touch buttons don’t work as well, the HOLD switch is a PIA because it does’nt slide easily with your finger like on the old model, you have to use much more pressure or your nail to get it to move, the cables don’t seem as strong as the firewire,
having a charger in the car and at work and at my girlfriends house is going to cost me another $120+ bucks for a new car charger and a couple of docks.
Simply, I don’t belive that any real, significant improvement necessitated changing out the standard firewire plug (except that these are very high profit items). 
Again, I clearly love what Apple and my macs have done for my life. It’s just that after using the new ipod for a month, I like the old one better. please take this as a sincere constructive criticism and i would be interested in knowing if others who have
experienced both feel the same way.

Posted by tg on June 1, 2003 at 11:36 PM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

lol good idea and good thing u did that

Posted by lakerslover on June 1, 2003 at 11:33 PM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

What you need is this:

-A pair of cargo pants/shorts

-An asseritve attitude

Mix together and you have a well protected iPod (cargo pocket) and your friends won’t be able to “borrow” your iPod.

My iPod got stolen a day after I bought it. The next day at school, I saw this fat joker come up to me. He knew that I knew how to work computers and stuff and he asked me to help him get “this thing” to work. He got the iPod out of his backpack and handed it to me. I went to the “about” screen and showed him my name. I labeled my iPod with my name. I punched him in the throat when he tried to explain. He stole my gym teachers keys, found the master key to all of the lockers, and went through each one stealing peoples stuff. He got expelled from school the next day.

Posted by Skrit on June 1, 2003 at 10:22 PM (CDT)

Enhance your MP3s with DFX

i dont see that box anywhere, did you buy the full version and also what are you using it for? WMP, Winamp, etc…

Posted by Sam Stringer-Hye on June 1, 2003 at 10:14 PM (CDT)

Boston Globe: New iPod is not necessarily improved

It is really depressing…. Apple is the ONLY company that can get their act together and build a good mp3 player? I wish someone else would make something to replace it, I hate Apple. I use Windows, and have for the past 2 years after switching from Apple. They don’t make upgradable computers, and everytime I needed an upgrade, I had to take it in to a professional or BUY A NEW COMPUTER. I would rather buy a $30 firewire card and throw it into my PC, than drive 4 hours to the nearest Apple store and have my iMac upgraded.

If the Philips HDD100 takes off, or Apple doesn’t put that new OLED technology in the new iPods, I will stop buying Apple.

Posted by Skrit on June 1, 2003 at 10:10 PM (CDT)

Apple Store: Refurbished iPod accessories

Wooo, my post ^_^

Posted by Mark on June 1, 2003 at 9:29 PM (CDT)

Enhance your MP3s with DFX

I encode all my files at 192kbps and just re-encoded them at 192kbps with the ‘Apply active signal enahncement’ box checked. Choose the dfx preset you like first. I used the Metal/Hip Hop Big Bass preset. Try one track first. I loved the results.

Posted by Ben on June 1, 2003 at 8:49 PM (CDT)

Enhance your MP3s with DFX

I was just wondering… What settings you use in DFX and how you encode the mp3. I dled the plugin but how do you encode them.

Posted by Sam Stringer-Hye on June 1, 2003 at 8:40 PM (CDT)

Boston Globe: New iPod is not necessarily improved

Battery life reduction for a sleeker design is acceptable for me, but they shouldn’t reduce any further.  Belkin makes a few battery backpacks that increase battery life to 15-20 hours.  So there are alternatives for the not so short-sighted individuals.

I for one like the new design, but it makes it difficult for case designs.  I am hoping that Apple rethinks the 4 button design and go with an all-in-one design again on the next go around.

Not sure if everyone is aware of it, but Comp USA offers a technology warranty that allows you to recoop your entire purchase price toward a future product.  Pricing is based upon original purchase price and term of warranty.  I have upgraded twice with this warranty from 10Gb to 20Gb to 30Gb without spending anything more than the original purchase price and the cost of the warranty.  Since this is a one-time-use warranty, every time I have upgraded, I had to purchase a new warranty.  The last go around cost $59.95 for two-years.  Well worth it.  If rumors are correct about having a new iPod by early or mid 2004, I will be ready.

Posted by Styx on June 1, 2003 at 8:36 PM (CDT)

Boston Globe: New iPod is not necessarily improved

I think this is one of those cases where previous experience skews your judgement.  He seems to rate many things as ‘worse’ simply because they’re different, where an unbiased user trying both types for the first time might well consider the new iPod to be better.

I’ve just got my first iPod, and I know I did the right thing by choosing one of the new ones, whatever Mr Prager says.

As to battery life, well, longer is always better, but I doubt the difference is that significant to most people.  As long as it lasts between charges, that’s long enough.

Posted by Gidds in UK on June 1, 2003 at 8:36 PM (CDT)

Boston Globe: New iPod is not necessarily improved

I don’t care about the short battery life. Can you actually sit there and listen to an IPOd for 8 to 10 hours straight. I can’t! The reason for reduction in battery life is to make it more compact. I do have the new 30Gb and it does have its flaws but its tolerable enuff until the new update comes out. I dont use it for all those features it offers but only for music. I always bring my car charger and if I go on a trip I’ll take my World travel adapter kit. I am not worried about the battery and if it goes before warranty I’ll replace it. If a newer model comes out I’ll go buy it. So there!

Posted by DJ_JUST in New Jersey on June 1, 2003 at 7:46 PM (CDT)

Enhance your MP3s with DFX

no try the free version and re-encode one track and see if it makes a difference. i can hear all the parts in the music now. the free version is good enough to make a huge difference in the music.

Posted by Ben on June 1, 2003 at 7:26 PM (CDT)

Enhance your MP3s with DFX

or a commercial, whichever you prefer… ;)

Posted by contagion in FL USA on June 1, 2003 at 7:13 PM (CDT)

Enhance your MP3s with DFX

Sounds like a commerical…  :)

Posted by contagion in FL USA on June 1, 2003 at 7:13 PM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

i do

Posted by lakerslover on June 1, 2003 at 3:18 PM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

hi.  if you want a dock and remote, let me know.  i live in toronto too!  oh, sorry about your loss.

Posted by terry on June 1, 2003 at 3:13 PM (CDT)

"How to Upgrade iTunes Without Losing Sharing"

Ok I have both verisions of iTunes running on my tower but my laptop was up dated by accident by my wife.  The question is how can I put 4.0 back on my laptop so I can listen to my music at work again?

Posted by Mike Bondarenko on June 1, 2003 at 2:35 PM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

I lost my PDA and iPod in Tysons Corner once. Walked away from a table where I was having lunch with a friend, only to have him follow me a moment later, sans my gadgets. Went back to the table, and everything was gone.

Luckily for me, it was an honest custodial worker that found it.

Posted by Patrick Scott on June 1, 2003 at 1:13 PM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

my friend recently lost his at dulles airport at a security terminal (he set of the detector so when they wanded him he lost it) but i helped him contact the TSA and he was lucky enough to get it back.

what i do is i put my contact information into a vcard for the contacts folder, and keep my name as the title of the ipod so hopefully if i ever loose it someone will now how to return it

Posted by ari on June 1, 2003 at 9:36 AM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

Wow, that’s an amazing story.

My next paycheque is tomorrow, I’m hoping it’ll be big enough for the 15 Gig.

Rob, thanks for the StuffBack link. I actually looked into that a few months ago. I called them and it is a service available in Canada, I just didn’t order it.

Posted by Kenneth Armstrong on June 1, 2003 at 8:37 AM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

I can relate Kenneth. I lost my 20 GB iPod over a month ago. Almost same story as you, after a long day at work. My iPod was attached to my bag but it came loose in lugging it from my car to apartment and I didn’t notice it gone for hours. I had registered it, yet had neglected to put my name in the contacts list or put a label on it. Due to my neglect I had considered it gone forever. Fortunate for me it landed in the hands of a Mac user who was kind.  They went through my contacts and got my mobile phone number from one of them. To say I was shocked that someone in Los Angeles would return it is an understatement. (I even had to beg the person to take a reward). So don’t be suprized if your iPod makes it’s way back to you. Wait a few weeks. And yes, my iPod now has an ugly label on the back and my full contact info as well. I was lucky once.. but I won’t count on luck again.

Posted by Ron on June 1, 2003 at 2:01 AM (CDT)

I Lost My iPod

Check out It’s a good way to encourage returns.

Posted by Rob on May 31, 2003 at 11:00 PM (CDT)

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