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Best Buy stores: iPods from $199

i saw em here at my Best Buy. old and opened box. I cant bring myself to buy an opened box electronic/gadget/hardware etc

Posted by 2000NB18T on May 8, 2003 at 10:21 AM (CDT) is launched

hmmm, The only thing is with the whole sharing feature, someone could say just download a live audio stream recorder then just clikc the record button while playing these shared files then save them and there you go a song without paying 99c =o , but thats naughty ;)

Posted by Fusen in UK on May 8, 2003 at 10:04 AM (CDT)

New cases by MARWARE

I’m a HUGE fan of the original sportsuit convertible.  The beauty of its design was that you could travel, go to the beach, workout, and even charge the iPod without taking the case off.  If the new design does not provide access to the firewire port, its USELESS in my opinion.  There is no way I want a case I have to peel off every 6.5-8 hours just so I can recharge.

Posted by Paul on May 8, 2003 at 9:21 AM (CDT) is launched

Keeps rebuffering Stream every 10 seconds. Ive got a very fast connection too.

Posted by Chris Gilliver in England on May 8, 2003 at 8:21 AM (CDT)

New iPod owners report "pops" or "clicks" between tracks

good point,  although i love apple, this is why i am disappointed with preventable mistakes on their part

Posted by str on May 8, 2003 at 6:35 AM (CDT) is launched

No offense or anything, but please get a better design for that webpage. I closed it as soon as I opened it.

Posted by kainjow on May 8, 2003 at 6:24 AM (CDT)

iPod 10GB for $199 at Target

I went to my local Target, in Greensboro NC, and they had two 10gb Mac iPods marked for sale at $279.99.  I was surprised, so I asked the electronics guy if that truly was the price (considering you could buy a newly designed model for just $20 more).  He scanned the item and the price rang up as $199.99.  So I bought one and am now selling it on eBay.

Posted by jerseyfreeze on May 8, 2003 at 5:42 AM (CDT)

iPod 20GB for PC for $279

hm.. i just tried to order and when i add it to my cart it doesn’t drop the price at all.. i may check some more targets and best buy’s..

Posted by selcouth in Dallas, TX on May 7, 2003 at 9:36 PM (CDT) is launched

One thing of interest, though, is that when you enable sharing in iTunes it warns you that sharing is “for personal use only.”  Okay, but what does this mean?  Does it mean I can only share with myself?  Or does it mean I can’t share on behalf of a corporation?  Or charge to hear my music?  They aren’t making their intentions very clear.

But with that said ... I think this whole thing is a WONDERFUL idea.  What better way to preview entire albums, without lengthy download times and without the issue of stealing MP3s ... all we need now is a way to search other people’s libraries without having to first connect to their shares one by one.

Posted by Dave in Minneapolis on May 7, 2003 at 9:10 PM (CDT) is launched

We are not encouraging copying in anyway. Our vision of sharing is apple’s version of sharing, where 3-5 people can experience your music collection at any one time. No copying of shared music, no burning of shared music, no putting shared music on your ipod.

Posted by Richard Yaker on May 7, 2003 at 9:09 PM (CDT) is launched

Their site allowed people to copy other people’s music. There is no copying going on here. But thanks for the concern.

Posted by Richard Yaker on May 7, 2003 at 9:03 PM (CDT) is launched

I’d still be careful if I were you. IIRC, the college students that the RIAA sued didn’t actually write any sharing software either, just a search engine/indexer for the normal old windows network file sharing.

Posted by Eon in California on May 7, 2003 at 8:40 PM (CDT) is launched

Napster was about actually copying music, this is about playing music off of someone else’s computer.  Since stealing is not occuring this should be fine, and if its not, its really Apple’s issue not ours, all we did at is put up a site where people can list their address to their iTunes hosted music collections, we didn’t actually write the software that allows the sharing Apple did.  Also if you actually buy digital downloads from apple, those songs are protected by Digital Rights Management and will not let you share them without a password.  Does that clarify it for you. You can’t burn music you are sharing from someone else’s share, you can’t load it on your ipod, you can only listen to it via iTunes while you are both connected.

Posted by Richard Yaker on May 7, 2003 at 7:52 PM (CDT) is launched

Thanks for the announcememt. Our parents taught us well, sharing is a good thing.  Come by and add your Share.

Posted by Richard Yaker on May 7, 2003 at 7:44 PM (CDT) is launched

problem with Napster is that you could download the music. this is just a stream, like listening to internet radio.

i would think legaly it would be the same as going over to a buddies house and listening to there CD collecton, no harm, no fowl, nobody making money off of it

Posted by dean0 on May 7, 2003 at 7:44 PM (CDT) is launched

This is a feature built into iTunes4? Isn’t sharing one’s music techinically ILLEGAL, and isn’t this what Napster got shut down for?

Somebody enlighten me, please :)

Posted by Raven001 on May 7, 2003 at 7:27 PM (CDT)

New iPod owners report "pops" or "clicks" between tracks

The duplicate posting by “str” has been deleted.

Posted by Dennis Lloyd in Irvine, CA on May 7, 2003 at 5:07 PM (CDT)

iPod 10GB for $199 at Target

Here in Minnesota, I called around to several places and the only location that had an iPod is selling them for not $199, not $249, but $279.  If you can find one for $199, consider yourself lucky ... I wouldn’t get too excited about this news.

Posted by Dave in Minneapolis on May 7, 2003 at 4:58 PM (CDT)

MacDevCenter: Goodbye PDA, Hello iPod?

str - the same could easily be said about Microsoft DOS through XP, their CE devices, and all the MS apps. So your statement is true about both and lame about both. It could also be said about most car companies too.

Posted by Sabon in Seattle, WA on May 7, 2003 at 4:26 PM (CDT)

New iPod owners report "pops" or "clicks" between tracks

Interesting conspiracy theory, genius.  Why do Apple-haters always pop up on Apple-related community sites?

Posted by Lounger in Honolulu, HI on May 7, 2003 at 3:44 PM (CDT)

MacDevCenter: Goodbye PDA, Hello iPod?

Looks like you guys got

Posted by str on May 7, 2003 at 3:37 PM (CDT)

New iPod owners report "pops" or "clicks" between tracks

Looks like you guys got

Posted by str on May 7, 2003 at 3:33 PM (CDT)

iPod 20GB for PC for $279

Placed an order today at this price, I am also suspicious that the unit will never arrive. My order is currently displaying:

“Delayed Items - Currently one or more items are not available. Every effort is being made to complete your order.
Delayed 6/19/2003 - Sku:  A0066806 Quantity: 1 Description: 20 GB iPod MP3 Player For PC”

I hope I am able to get this, I MUCH prefer the gen1 and gen2 iPods over the gen3 iPod. For those of you in the same boat you may want to check out your local Target and Best Buy as they are also clearing out gen2 iPods at $199/10Gb and $299/20Gb.

Good Luck!

Posted by LefNut on May 7, 2003 at 3:04 PM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Some people are happy with whatever life (and Apple) throw at them while others feel that they can have some influence on their destiny.  If people like “low-fi” are happy with the features that they have on their earlier generation iPod now, perhaps they will refrain from downloading any future firmware updates to conserve precious bandwidth for the rest of us.

Posted by Purple Nurple on May 7, 2003 at 1:42 PM (CDT)

KBase Docs: Touch-sensitve buttons and iPod software chart

And 1.3 still isn’t out for Windows iPods, although that chart doesn’t seem to mention it.

Posted by Songdog on May 7, 2003 at 1:26 PM (CDT)

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