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TechTV: AAC Developer Interview

just watched it. no biggy. about 5min worth of interview. Steve Vernon briefly described AAC, compared it to mp3 etc..

heres the article online:,24330,3433608,00.html

Posted by 2000NB18T on May 20, 2003 at 5:41 PM (CDT)

Online Petition for Firmware Updates for Classic iPods

The problem here is they are ignoring previous owners in hope that it will make them buy the new version.  I was once a Mac-hater PC-user.  I have grown to realize Apple makes some quality products.  But when they bully their customers who paid a very premium price for their hardware AND software, it makes me rethink their quality as a company.

Posted by Tim on May 20, 2003 at 5:26 PM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

I called Apple this afternoon and of course I wasn’t probably told the truth, but am just posting what I was told. First, I was asked if I had been reading rumor sites and I said I had saw a couple of posts about it on a message board that I read. I then asked him if they were supposed to blue screens. He said that he hadn’t seen any blue screened iPods. Before I hung up, I asked him about the clicks between songs and he said that they know about it and are working on it, along with some other problems and that a firmware update would be out soon, but he wouldn’t say how soon that would be.

Posted by Darkbandit in Charleston, SC on May 20, 2003 at 4:47 PM (CDT)

AAC vs. MP3: Tested and Rated Part 2

The really interesting thing is, there’s an application called Aachoo (think there’s an article on this site) which appears to be using the QuickTime Pro “best” setting to encode AAC (I think I followed the link from this site). Isn’t that amazing? If it’s accessible (they claim you don’t need pro, which I believe), why didn’t Apple just add an option to use it in iTunes?
I like Gunnar’s article, especially the fact that he includes both the blind and non-blind results. I believe he really does hear big differences between the 128kbps iTunes standard encoding and the QT 128kbps “best” setting. There is a bit of a disparity between his initial evalaution of 128kbsp iTunes AAC and the results of the second test where he fairly well rubbishes it.
I’m almost tempted to buy Aachoo…

Posted by pingin in europe on May 20, 2003 at 4:40 PM (CDT)

AAC vs. MP3: Tested and Rated Part 2

So the enhanced AAC encoding has to be done through a QT application other than iTunes?  I have QT Pro, but I only get two choices in iTunes—“High Quality (128 kbps)” and “Custom”.

Honestly, I think iTunes High Quality AAC sounds better than Good (160 kbps) iTunes MP3, so I’m not exactly getting the same anecdotal results that Gunnar is.

Posted by san on May 20, 2003 at 4:22 PM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

phil, you are mistaken about the Crystal Meth ipod, what you say about the LEDs shining from the left is actually wrong because the dark areas are caused by the shadow of the fingers of the holder of the ipod…

Posted by suwatch in ct on May 20, 2003 at 3:48 PM (CDT)

AAC vs. MP3: Tested and Rated Part 2

I was surprised byt that myself but there is indeed access to an enhanced AAC encoder through Quick Time Pro. It has a setting of “better” and “best”. Doesn’t seem a practical way of encoding a large collection of CDs though…

Posted by pingin in europe on May 20, 2003 at 1:57 PM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

this is funny to me, if you all think it is photoshopped, and apple is using different flash’s in the their pictures, then shouldnt they, who are the buisness and the pro’s photoshop theirs to make it looks as it does. what if you bought a 12 inch powerbook and you got a white one in stead. holy crap, you have an ibook. false advertising

Posted by Andreas on May 20, 2003 at 1:20 PM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

The old ipod screens had a banding pattern effect when viewed from the top and from the bottom, and the vertical bands changed depending on the amount of text being displayed.  The new ipods don’t have this “problem”, so if your new ipod doesn’t have these bands, then consider it the new and improved better resolution screen.

Also, if you look at the blue Crystal Meth ipod, you can see the three LEDs shining from the left, which could also be seen with the old ipods.  With the new ipods, you can’t really tell where the LED’s are located, like in the bottom Moby ipod.

The old ipods also had a very blue/purplish backlight color when viewed under medium and bright fluorescent light, such as at an Apple Store.  The new ipod’s are a lot whiter in color, so maybe the “blue” backlight is using the old LEDs.

Posted by Phil on May 20, 2003 at 1:19 PM (CDT)

Dell iPod Deal Returns! 30GB $409 15GB $319

Wow it really is gone.. hope this doesn’t affect my order at all.  They might have taken it off cause they were getting too many orders for it.

Posted by Jon on May 20, 2003 at 12:28 PM (CDT)

TechTV: AAC Developer Interview

Its the techTV channel

Posted by Blah in blah on May 20, 2003 at 11:38 AM (CDT)

TechTV: AAC Developer Interview

It is channel 354 on DirecTV.

Posted by MeanE in Halifax on May 20, 2003 at 10:31 AM (CDT)

TechTV: AAC Developer Interview

Whats the channel no for this show in baltimore?

Posted by pete saybolt in baltimore on May 20, 2003 at 9:44 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

Guys… You’re all missing the obvious. I have an old style iPod, and dependng on under what lighting conditions I view it, the LCD screen goes from as ble as you are reporting to stark white. Same with pictures of it using different white balances on my digital cameras.

What I’m saying is that this whole debate is over nothing but how colors are viewed under different lighting conditions by different people’s eyes. If the old iPod can look as striking blue under the right lighting conditions, then it is clear that the same phenomenon is happening with the new ones.

Posted by Devolution on May 20, 2003 at 9:27 AM (CDT)

Online Petition for Firmware Updates for Classic iPods

I don’t know how many of you people use the forums, but take a look there.  There’s been loads of posts in one firmware-related topic.

My two cents?  This is a software update, not a hardware update.  It’d be like Apple releasing the new 970-based Powermacs bundled with Panther, and then announcing that Panther wouldn’t work with the G4 chip. 

If you don’t like the petition, don’t sign it - the less signatures it gets, the less credible it’s going to be.  But it’s got loads so far, so it must be speaking for a lot of people.

Posted by Tim on May 20, 2003 at 9:21 AM (CDT)

AAC vs. MP3: Tested and Rated Part 2

Wait a minute.  Gunnar compares iTunes and Quicktime AAC against each other.  Don’t they use the same codec?  I don’t iTunes can encode AAC *without* Quicktime.

Posted by san on May 20, 2003 at 8:59 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

You can see that the blue/white color balance is a photography artifact between these shots.  The color red is less blue in the ‘white’ shot as well. I have a feeling if you corrected for the red LEDs to be the same color, you would see backlights the same color.

Until a photo is posted with BOTH the apparent variations in screens in the same shot, the discussion is moot.

Posted by thumbtwidller on May 20, 2003 at 8:08 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

This is just a Wild Ass Guess, but maybe Apple had a bunch of old iPod screens in inventory that they used in the new iPods. Now that the old inventory is gone they’re putting in a different screen & backlight. Or maybe it’s just a slightly different light…

I’d love for Apple to use Indiglo in the iPod. When that came out originally I couldn’t wait for my old watch to die so I could get one with Indiglo.

Posted by MostlyHarmless on May 20, 2003 at 7:42 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

Hey Trunks - I’ve got nothing but (annoying) fluorescent lights in my office. Now, I never reallly noticed the tint of my backlight until I read this article. After some careful examination of viewing the screen in fluorescent light vs. natural ambient light (sunlight, if you prefer =)  I can definitely attest to the fact that it DOES look bluish under the fluorescent lights! Not SUPER blue, but pretty damn close to the blue in the picture. When under ambient natural light, though, it’s not exactly white - mine is somewhere between the color of the ‘blue’ pic and the ‘white’ pic. Interesting.

Posted by Justin D on May 20, 2003 at 7:23 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

By god! the body of the iPod in the lower photo is black!  Mine is white! What’s going on here!

Don’t be daft - there are not two versions of the iPod out there; at the very most there are two versions of the backlight, easily attributable to a difference in the white LEDs used to light it.  It’s just as likely that most of the difference is from white balance in the cameras used - most digital cameras using automatic white balance go really wonky in low-light situations.

If you want to say it’s a case of “misleading marketing” I’d say to you “caveat emptor”.  Then, since I’m feeling pedantic, I’d give you a lecture about needlessly multiplying entities and how to apply Ockham’s Razor.

Posted by Matt in UK on May 20, 2003 at 6:41 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

Nick - funny you should use that anology of insurance fraud.  It’s very similar to if you buy a blue car and get a white one, do you complain or sit there and shut up?  I for one am bothered.  I was also under the impression that the backlight was suppsoed to be blue as that is how it looked everywhere I saw it, on tv, on apple’s website, on the box.  The fact remains that as a consumer, I have every right to complain about the product I purchase.  The consumer is always right, even when he or she is wrong.  okay, that last one was a joke, but I’m upset.  This was something I noticed right when I opened mine up, but didn’t say anything because a rep at the Apple store told me the same line you did.  Now that more users are experiencing the same situation, I feel the need to voice my concern.  Five hundred dollars doesn’t just fly out of my pocket as easily as it does yours.  When I pay for something, I expect to get exactly what I paid for and I expected a blue backlight.

Posted by Alex Bratu in New York on May 20, 2003 at 6:22 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

Of course people are entitled to express their opionions, as indeed I am doing. My opinion is that something like the colour of the backlight is a very trivial matter, not worth getting worked up about, and definitely does not represent a flaw in the product, as you term it. The primary issue in my view is whether or not the device performs its primary function - which is to play audio tracks. If it does this OK then I think - once again - that you should give Apple a break on the very minor question of exactly what colour the backlight ends up being on any particular sample of the device. It just isn’t important.

Posted by nick in Knebworth, UK on May 20, 2003 at 5:59 AM (CDT)

Give Apple iPod Feedback

Apple, the kings of Customer Support…

or so they’d have you believe.

I own a 2G 20GB Windows IPod & so far have been mighty impressed with the device & customer service to the point of considering purchasing a MAC to see how good they really are!

Alas, now I realise that Apple are like most other manufacturers ... the short term profit & loss account is king & the customer well, a lemon to be squeezed until dry…

My money goes with ‘huesage’. I too will use this thing until it dies then swap to some other brand REGARDLESS of how much I love this device.

I refuse to be treated like a lemon.

Posted by AndyO in UK on May 20, 2003 at 5:32 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

Some of you keep saying that we should not bother over the minor flaws of the Ipod. But the fact that Apple offers misleading marketing, is a serious problem. People are entitled to expressing their opinion, evn on minor detail such as the colour of the backlight. I personaly think that minor problems on the Ipod only reflects a much larger an serious problem… this case misleading marketing of the most popular MP3 player in the world… far.

Posted by eric in Trondheim, Norway on May 20, 2003 at 3:16 AM (CDT)

Updated: Is the backlight supposed to be blue?

Matt (and others who moan about this) - does your iPod play music OK? I guess the answer will be yes. If that is so then enjoy it and stop getting p*ssed off at something so trivial. Don’t give Apple such a hard time over every little thing. It’s like people defrauding on their insurance - for ever person who does it, insurance gets more expensive for everyone else. It’s the same with things like this. There’s nothing wrong with your iPod, it just behaves (in a very minor way) differently from some of the others out there. It doesn’t affect its primary functionality, so just be cool and enjoy it for what it is.

Posted by nick in Knebworth, UK on May 20, 2003 at 2:52 AM (CDT)

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