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Mac: VoodooPad 1.1 alpha 7 Released

How do the interal links work? I haven’t tried a 3rd gen iPod out yet… does the Notes function allow for hyperlinking, or am I missing something?

Posted by Cozzie on May 5, 2003 at 12:50 AM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines


I would willingly pay up to $40 odd bucks for the upgrade if it would save me buying a whole new feeking iPod. these things are not cheap and I am not as loaded as apple would like me to be.

like I said previously, this goes deeper with me than just a bad marketing choice, I have already put my powerbook up for sale. I do not want to be a part of what the apple brand has become.

live on open source.

Posted by Oliver in Japan on May 5, 2003 at 12:29 AM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Well, like I said before, I wouldn’t mind paying for the upgrade, since it does add significant features and is not just some tweaks.  However, I feel they’re being unreasonable by asking us to buy an entirely new iPod just to get them.  iPods are expensive, and I shouldn’t have to buy another one just for features that are done in software only and can easily be done on existing iPods.

Posted by Gremnan on May 5, 2003 at 12:09 AM (CDT)

Toast Converts Protected AAC to AIF

In all fairness, so does burning a protected AAC file in iTunes…I burned a CD for my g/f as a test and she then ripped the CD into MP3 format with no problems.

Posted by Neo in ohio on May 4, 2003 at 11:07 PM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Yes, indeed, you do get free OS updates with a laptop or PDA, with the *expectation* that you get some *new* features—but that of course is not analogous, to say, a music player. You’re right, my analogy was that—an analogy: something to use as an aid to understanding, a paradigm, an example—not an exact replica of the scenario.

Indeed, it would seem irritating if Apple took features and put it into a new model, and WHAT??! didn’t give those to me for free? How mean of them!  Adding user feedback to new products! Sheesh, I’d rather have them stifle innovation instead and charge more for non-plussing upgrades! OK, sorry about that… Truly, if anything, Apple only owes an explanation. Or even minor updates, if possible. But NOT the whole sh-bang, yes?

I’m just not irritated with this new development, nor was “upgradeable firmware” a major selling point—*it’s to listen to music, without button clutter*—that’s it for me; my current iPod seems to work just fine for listening to music. But hey, the new ones look even better. Sorry, Adam; no offense to 8-year-olds. A few of them are my best friends. ;)

Again, sorry for being so overly-polemic. I guess I’m just one of the minority who’s NOT miffed, and find it whiny—or even a bit cheap—when everyone else is a little too ticked off. I should’ve kept my argument simple for you: What Rob said.

Posted by reason on May 4, 2003 at 9:20 PM (CDT)

Extensive Photos of New iPod 15GB

I don’t see how it uses both file systems as nothing else out can do this, and if it reformatted the harddrive every time you connect to your computer you would loose all music on your ipod, now it may reformat everytime you sync but it wont every normal connect, and iPodlounger’s opion in the news article is like any other article you read in any magazine or newspaper, its only when you are being deilvered the exact news such as News programs on TV that you need the factual news given and nothing else.

Posted by Fusen in UK on May 4, 2003 at 4:23 PM (CDT)

PowerMax: Trade-in your old iPod and get a new iPod

well, if you have a original 5 gig iPOD, then it’s problay abused and that would be a good deal because i’m not sure will people on ebay buy a scratched up ipod.  Then again, people on ebay buys anything ;)

Posted by dvd in daly city on May 4, 2003 at 3:30 PM (CDT)

PowerMax: Trade-in your old iPod and get a new iPod

The above news item has been corrected. Thanks for catching that.

Posted by iPodlounger in Irvine on May 4, 2003 at 11:36 AM (CDT)

PowerMax: Trade-in your old iPod and get a new iPod

I agree with jersey it is very misleading when they say you can trade in your old ipod for a new one, then later actually explains you are still spednign another 200 dollors.

Posted by Fusen in UK on May 4, 2003 at 7:06 AM (CDT)

Update: iPod Software 1.3 vs. 2.0

Also whats sad is that apple is trying to sell the new ipods as a new product…. Do you think that when they finished designing the new ipod, they looked at how much better and improved it was physically (practically not at all - the remote is still lame, same size, they moved the buttons and threw in a docking station), and decided they better make it look better by only giving the new software to the new model.. sad sad sad

Posted by Jay on May 4, 2003 at 7:05 AM (CDT)

Update: iPod Software 1.3 vs. 2.0

I guess everyone is just angry (well I am) because we have all be hanging out for apple to finally release some decent software for the ipod.. i mean seriously the original stuff sucked… no playlist on the go, no track renaming/deleting… nobody wants a stupid calender, clock (which would be ok if it didnt drain battery 24/7) contacts etc all of which i have never used.
And I dont think anyone knew that this new ipod was coming out… This was obviously kept quiet because who would buy the older ipods if a new one was coming out in a few months….
Yes it is true that IT stuff goes obsolete quickly… but as far as I’m concerned they never really finished the older ipods… to be waiting for this software update (especially since the last few updates are full of useless features) and then see it be made only for new ipods is crap

It would be nice if they made a decent remote too - nobody complains about sony md’s becoming obsolete because they are fully featured

Posted by Jay on May 4, 2003 at 6:55 AM (CDT)

PowerMax: Trade-in your old iPod and get a new iPod

It seems a bit misleading to say you can trade the old one in and “save” $xxx.  All you’re doing is selling your old iPod to PowerMax for a lot less than you could sell it on eBay.  I don’t understand the real advantage of this program, except if you just need your iPod really really quick.


Posted by jerseyfreeze on May 4, 2003 at 6:52 AM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Part of the benefit of buying a product with upgradeable firmware is the ability to obtain new features as time goes on.  Many of the people who are upset with Apple are complaining because they have submitted suggestions to Apple using Apple’s “Feedback” page with the desire that Apple add these new features to existing iPods.  To suggest that these are childish reactions is to insult these individuals.  They feel betrayed by Apple after having spent anywhere from $300 to $500 for their iPods, offered suggestions to Apple for improvements to those iPods, and were left out when the suggestions were implemented.  Hopefully Apple will not turn its back on the very people who helped make the iPod such an overwhelming sales success.

Posted by WindozeBloze on May 4, 2003 at 6:26 AM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Weren’t you guys happy when you bought the iPod? Did you expect a “on-the-go playlisting” feature to be added? If you weren’t happy with it, you should have returned it; and if you expected this feature, then you should have bought a Nomad or similar. Now that there’s a new product which does have this feature, you all get whiny because you don’t get it unless you ante up and buy a new iPod. Well, you aren’t entitled to anything other than what you took home from the store the day you bought it. Get real.

Posted by Rob in USA on May 4, 2003 at 2:33 AM (CDT)

Recording feature discovered in new iPods


Posted by yagme on May 4, 2003 at 1:39 AM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Seeing that we’re now stereotyping people angry with this fcked up iPod fiasco… it’s probably safe to say anyone who sides with Apple on this one probably “hates niggers” too.

-Adam Carrington, Age 8

Posted by Adam Carrington on May 4, 2003 at 12:01 AM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Whether or not you think they’ve innovated Palm has consistently delivered OS updates for its older devices until the hardware simply got too different (which took quite a while). Eventually they started charging. Of course it costs money to develop these features, and Apple could reasonably charge us for new firmware updates. The thing is that our iPods aren’t obsolete. There’s no reason why both current and new users can’t share the benefits of new feature development efforts. People will still buy the new iPods: people who’ve never owned one, or people who are willing to pay for more space, the docking station, or a slimmer unit. Those are all great reasons. Withheld firmware components is not a good reason, and makes for a lot of bad blood.

Also, I’m getting pretty sick of the bad analogies people are coming up with here (and in a parallel discussion on my site) : cellphones, laptops, PDAs, etc..

Cellphones? Most people get them for free (or at least heavily subsidized) with a service plan. Most aren’t designed for straightforward software updates. The iPod is.

Laptops? We update software all the time on these. New OS? New features! Sometimes they’re free, sometimes they cost a lot of money, but you often don’t have to replace the hardware to benefit from new software.

PDA? I’m a Palm user, and I’ve installed new Palm OS software on many occasions, as well as lots of third party stuff. OS updates used to be free, then they started charging. How much? About $40, I think ;)

Posted by Songdog on May 3, 2003 at 10:05 PM (CDT)

A Word of Warning Regarding the New Artwork Feature in iTunes 4

That’s strange Tom. On my iBook the file size of the MP3 returned to the original size (before the artwork was added). I guess it works for some, but not others.

Posted by Cozzie on May 3, 2003 at 9:02 PM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

These are childish reactions, it appears, to those who simply want everything for free. To some extent, you should get reliable software upgrades, but to expect brand new features on old products is inane. Do you get upset that someone releases a new video card with new features, and expect the same functionality to automatically be available to your older generation card? That’s sort of ridiculous don’t you think? How would a company ever progress supporting older models to that degree?

I have (turning into past-tense) an “older” iPod but simply didn’t feel at all cheated when new units came out. I’m buying the new one for the extra space, and what appears to be a better interface—truly the top two items that are of any importance to an mp3 player, and reasonable choices for an upgrade, in my opinion.

Don’t like it? Sell it. Never satisfied? Use a CD player. Use a competitor. Vote with your dollars. If you don’t like Apple’s, ahem, “greedy” policy, then don’t use it. What, for $40, can you upgrade your cellphone, laptop, PDA to a newer model? I mean, come on, listen to yourselves! What’s the average age of the complainers? 8 years old? No, really?


Posted by reason on May 3, 2003 at 8:42 PM (CDT)

Give Apple iPod Feedback

I think macMike has a point. But I cannot help but get pissed. I purchased my 2G Ipod 10GB less than one month ago for 400 USD. Now, I check and they are telling me that If I had waited one month, for 100 USD less (300USD) I could have gotten a 10GB Ipod 3G !! You can imagine the look on my face. Oh well I say, but this was a big surprise and I am disapointed in Apples marketing strategies, but it is life. Although let me tell you guys one thing, I will not buy another audio player from apple until this one literally dies !! I will use it and make every penny I spent on it worthed. Would be nice of apple to give us 1G and 2G users something, some sort of software compensation for there dirty little tricks. Hey, I guess I expected Apple to think a little more about customers. But I guess not. I was going to purchase a new 12” powerbook G4 this summer, but I think I will use my Ibook till it dies also, then I will think about it.


PS: have been a PC user all my life, This is making me think, did I do the right thing????

Posted by huesage in behind you on May 3, 2003 at 7:58 PM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

Apple has always been “greedy” and “screwed” over it’s customer base?  Please.

New features cost money develop, and it should only be expected that Apple wants to charge for them.  This was the case for the Jaguar upgrade, and it is the case for the new slew of iPods. 

Computing technology has *always* had a very quick adoption / obsoletion curve.  This is not unique to Apple, and I am thankful that they’re actually cranking out useful features in their new products (contrast to, say Palm, which hasn’t innovated all that much in 6 years).

Posted by Stu in Toronto ON on May 3, 2003 at 7:00 PM (CDT)

Classic iPod owners' frustration with Apple makes headlines

apple has always been greedy, and screwed its customer base over repeatedly. apple harware and software comes out months later and costs twice as much.

online petitions arent a bad idea, but most companies prefer to look at sales figures instead of petitions.

boycoting he online music store is a good idea, but i think that will happen anyways. why would anyone pay for music, esp the drm crap they are trying to sell?

as for apple deleting user posts, that is very slimy. when a company interferes with someones right to free speech they need to be taught a lesson. the RIAA had their site tooled a few times, and i think apple needs a taste of this medicine as well.

ppl should open their eyes. ever since a few thousand 1st gen apple pc’s went into a landfil site, the company showed their true colors. they would rather throw their stuff int eh garbage than give their users a good deal.

Posted by justice in www on May 3, 2003 at 6:40 PM (CDT)

A Word of Warning Regarding the New Artwork Feature in iTunes 4

Yeah, I did that Cozzie.  But even after deleting the artwork, the larger file size remained.  I tested this several times, and even rebooted my iBook after deleting the artwork.  The file size (MP3) remained the larger size that it grew to after I had added the artwork.


Posted by tntracy in Atlanta, GA on May 3, 2003 at 6:22 PM (CDT)

Hope for iPod Software 2.0 features on older iPods

It might suggest that the firmware contains routines intended for the earlier hardware. The fact that those diagnostics are in there could mean that they intend to build the firmware for our current iPods as well. It could also mean that they were just lazy and didn’t take out the old diagnostics. You all know what I’m hoping for, though.

Posted by Songdog on May 3, 2003 at 5:28 PM (CDT)

Hope for iPod Software 2.0 features on older iPods

how is this hope
where does it tell you that there is a 2.0 update coming soon???

Posted by Phill in Texas on May 3, 2003 at 5:23 PM (CDT)

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