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News 03.24.02-03.29.02

Friday, March 29, 2002

iPod Self Design BodyMask

We’ve received an update from Mei Yiu of Aedon, the U.S. distributor for the iPod Self Design BodyMask:

“We have received our first shipment and are ready to take orders. Moreover, the single-sheet Body Mask is now available.

Single Sheet Body Mask: $9.99
Double Sheet Body Mask: $16.99”

We have a new domain name for this product line.
The website is

Software: Filemaker to iPod

“FileMaker to iPod!
Now you can export to your iPod from any data source: just import your contacts into this nifty little database first. Use FileMaker’s powerful search tools to export only the contacts you want. It’s free, how cool is that?!

  1. Because FileMaker is used as the front-end, you can export into your iPod an unlimited variety of data sources: excel tables, tab-delimited, just about every email client alive, a multitude of databases, etc. Just import into this FileMaker “vCard.fp5� database first!
  2. Only the found set of records is exported to your iPod. Use FileMaker’s advance search and sorting tools to export only the records you want.

Tested on Mac OS 10.1.3 and iPod software v1.1.

For more info…

Cases: MARWARE SportSuit case now shipping

iLounger, Dave L. writes in with news that the MARWARE SportSuit case is now shipping:

“Just wanted to let you know that I received an email from Marware which—I think—is letting me know that my order for a SportSuit case has been processed and is being shipped! I guess they stuck to their “end of March” guarantee after all! I just wanted to see if others were getting similar emails.”

Software: Windows Outlook vCard exporter v0.3 released

    Changes in v0.3 include:
  • Addition of a UI.
  • Users can now specify the path to the output file.
  • Optionally toggle the feature that causes “Birthday” and “Anniversary” properties to be prepended to the vCard “Notes” field.
  • Fixed several bugs including one that caused export to abort if a user’s Contact list contained distribution lists.

For more info…

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Software: OPEN POD

“What is OPEN POD?

OPEN POD is a virtual can opener for your iPod. OPEN POD copies all entries of your iPod library into a new playlist which ist called “OPEN name_of_your_iPod”. With this playlist you have full access to all mp3s for drag an drop, further scripting, reveal in finder and anything else you’re used to do with songs in iTunes.

Each time you run this program it will delete the old OPEN POD playlist an will create a new one.

I wrote this because I was angry that Windows users have tools to get access to the iPod files but we Apple users do not.
This little program will NOT copy, move or change mp3-files. It only uses routines from iTunes and applescript to create a new playlist with all these hidden informations you need to have the real fun with your iPod.

  • iTunes 2.0.3 or higher
  • A connected iPod (only one)

This program has only been testet on Mac OS 10.1.3

OPEN POD is “Write_Me_Some_Nice_Words-Ware”
Please send the nice words, your feedback and your inspirations to:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I’m not responsible for any harm this tool will bring to your computer or iPod. So use it at your own risk. And never forget: Don’t steal music!”


This was first reported at

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Software: NowPak for iPod

“NowPak for iPod is the simplest and easiest way to get your important Now Contact information into your iPod. Transferring your contact data to your iPod is as simple as mounting your iPod and running the NowPak Application.”

For more info…

Software: Convert Yahoo CSV files to iPod VCF files

“I whipped up this page to convert Yahoo.csv files into a zipped up file of .vcf files (the format the iPod uses for contact data). So if you use Yahoo Address Book (or MS Outlook, Netscape Address Book, or Palm Desktop… they are all able to import into Yahoo!) you can now put your contacts on your iPod!”

Great for windows users like me using XPlay to access their iPod!

For more info…

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Software: EntourageEvents and EntourageNotes updated to v1.1

Events v1.1:

  1. You can organize your events to be displayed by the start date and subject or start date and time in the contacts list (as well as supporting the original subject only display).
  2. “Event ” to the beginning of each file so the events stay grouped when viewed/managed via the Finder.
  3. Moves any existing “iPodEvents” folder to the Trash to deal with duplicate/previous event management.
  4. Changed the UI so that the Export button is on the right (I was always selecting a date range and then going straight down and pressing quit…).
  5. It now correctly displays all day events and events with a 0 time duration.
  6. It now guarantees that all filenames are unique so that it doesn’t overwrite events with the same subject.

For more info…

Notes v1.1:

  1. Changed the UI to match EntourageEvents.
  2. Added “Note ” to the beginning of each file so the notes stay grouped when viewed/managed via the Finder.
  3. Deletes any existing “iPodNotes” folder to deal with duplicate/previous note management.
  4. It now guarantees that all filenames are unique so that it doesn’t overwrite events with the same name.

For more info…

Coming Soon:
“Recurring events are not yet supported. I wanted to get support in this release but it’s turning into a bigger job than I initially expected. Support will be available as soon as I get a sufficient subset working (I want basic yearly, weekly and daily recurrences supported at a minimum).

iPod Breakout Contest

The Apple Student Developers website is holding a contest for high scores in Breakout (iPod’s hidden game). Entries are due no later than 11:59pm EST April 30th.

“We here at are holding a contest, asking our visitors to take a “Breakout break” on their iPods. (Anything to put off homework.)

For more info…

Contact This! v2.1.1 released

“Contact This is a stand alone address book for use with your e-mail client which can import contacts from Entourage as well as both the Mac and Windows versions of Outlook and Outlook express. This new version features a more consistent OS X look, the ability to export .VCF files directly to an iPod, and is now distributed as an OS X package.

For more info…

Podnotes Classic

“PodNotes Classic for Mac OS Classic is a small script for copying text from the clipboard to your iPod.”

For more info…

Monday, March 25, 2002

Podnotes upgrades to version 1.1

“The new version allows you to create note inside the application and
gets rid of the 1000 character limit by splitting larger text files
into multiple PodNotes.

PodNotes is a new application for iPod that allows you to create notes
via any application using your clipboard and stores them as nnamed
Contact files on the iPod.

For more info…

Sunday, March 24, 2002

Tips & Tricks: Palm Desktop OS X export to vCard method

Launch Palm Desktop OS X application.

  1. Go to “File” and choose “Export”.
  2. Save As: whatever name you want.
  3. Where: choose your iPod’s “Contacts” folder. (iPod must be mounted on desktop)
  4. Module: Addresses
  5. Items: All
  6. Format: vCard

All your addresses are now in your iPod.

Software: Entourage OS X export to vCard applications

EntourageEvents takes all of your Entourage Events (within a specified date range) and exports them into vCard files for copying to your iPod. They are placed in a folder called “iPodEvents” on your desktop.
It includes the subject (also used as the vcf file name), location, start and end date/time, and any notes associated with an event.
It’s great for carrying around a day’s schedule.”

For more info…

EntourageNotes takes all of your Entourage Notes and exports them into vCard files for copying to your iPod. They are placed in a folder called “iPodNotes” on your desktop.
Entourage’s note title is copied into the “fn” field for displaying in the contact list (and as the vcf file name). The “title” and “org” fields are used to store the note text (no headings for these 2 and they occur right after the name). Because of the field limitations a note will be a maximum of 2016 characters.
It’s great for carrying around things like driving instructions, shopping lists, etc.”

For more info…

Software: vCard Export v0.1 for Windows Outlook users

“This package contains a Visual Basic macro which will export a Windows Outlook address book into a single vCard file which can be used with an Apple iPod. The iPod must be running OS version 1.1 or later.
Installation and usage instructions are included in the archive. Usage is clunky, but the script works well, and has been specifically designed to produce vCards that render well within an iPod.

    Notable features include:
  • When viewed on the iPod, contacts are sorted by last name.
  • All permutations of names and company names are correctly handled.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries are inserted into the “Notes” field.
  • Multiple addresses and multiple email addresses are supported. Only SMTPaddresses are visible.

For more info…

Software: NowPod v1.0b1

“NowPod is an application that transfers contacts from Now Contact 4.x to an Apple iPod. Your iPod must be upgraded with iPod Software v1.1.

Compatibility: OS 9.1 and OS X
For more info…

Software: PodWriter v1.1.5

Update: Download the latest version 1.1.6. Fixed another bug that decided to show up while I was sleeping.

“IPodWriter is a simple Java app used for creating notes viewable on your iPod. Just open the app, enter a title, and the body of the note. Save it, and ! (bam).. Copy the note to the Contacts folder on your iPod, and now you have a note on your iPod (assuming you have updated your iPod firmware to 1.1).

Compatibility: OS X
For more info…

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