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News 03.31.02-04.06.02

Saturday, April 6, 2002

Apple and Volkswagen iPod partnership

iLounger, Ryan S. writes us with news of an interesting partnership between Apple and Volkswagen involving an iPod and more. We are verifying the news and will be posting an update with URL soon:

“Volkswagen and Apple have teamed up in 2003. VW will offer 3 different promo packages for their Jetta line and one of them is bundled† w/ an Apple iPod and has a Harmon Kardon sound system. The car has a center console docking station for the iPod MP3 player and the stereo has FM and MP3CD/CD player.”

Cases: Two new iPod cases from Sweden

Swedish company, Krusell has released two new iPod cases; the iPod Classic Multidapt case and the iPod Handit Multidapt case. We are waiting on price/shipping info and will post it as soon as possible.

“The two cases are compatible with our acclaimed Multidapt-system which makes it possible to use the iPod together with some different clips in iMac colors, as well as a couple of swivel kits, a carholder and even a bikeholder.”

For more info…

Software: EphPod beta v2.00 released

“EphPod is a program designed to make your iPod work with Windows.  You will need a program to let you read Mac drives through Windows for EphPod to work properly. Currently, we recommend MacOpener.  It has a free trial, so you can try it before you have to pay for it.”

    What’s new:
  • New Look by Christian Petersen
  • New Features to go along with look (lots of little things)
  • Rudimentary “Synchronize” Feature (it’ll get more full-featured soon!)
  • Version Management for later multi-lingual support
  • Checks to see if MacDrive is set up properly
  • Doesn’t change views all the time on save / delete anymore
  • Select All function on the right-click menu for Songs (Also Ctrl+Alt+A)
  • Deselect function on right-click menu for Songs (Also Ctrl+D)

For more info…

Friday, April 5, 2002

Software: NowPod final v1.0 now available

NETsettings NowPod is an application that transfers contact information from
Now Contact 4.x to an Apple iPod.

    Key Features:
  • Specify a subset of your contact list to transfer
  • Optionally sort names by last name (last name, first name)
  • Optionally auto-import on launch
  • Optionally auto-save to connected iPod
  • Numbers too long for the iPod™ to display are copied to the Notes field
  • Optionally specify whether to import home/work addresses and home/work/mobile/fax/pager numbers
  • Mac OS 9 compatible and Mac OS X native

For more info and download…

Cases: Willow Design iPod case feedback

We’ve been contacted by Willow Design, makers of cases, backpacks, briefcases, etc. They are currently developing an iPod case and wanted to ask us a few questions for feedback. What better way to get feedback than to ask our readers to send Willow Design their answers to the following questions:

  • Would you carry it in your pocket?
  • On your belt?
  • Over the shoulder on a sling
  • Would you want a separate bag for the earphones (given that it would add some cost)?
  • Would you want a separate bag for the earphones and charger and cord (given that it would add more cost)?

Copy and paste the above questions into your email.
Send feedback…

Software: personaPodX beta1 released

Listed at, this software looks amazing in its capabilties. The tabbed areas in personaPodX include; Hub, Files, Movies, Alarm, Contacts, Notes, Notepad, and Preferences. Check it out for yourselves. The beta 1 version expires April 20, 2002.

“PersonaPodX gives you file and contacts management for your iPod. PersonaPodX goes beyond a simple support application for your iPod and becomes a general utility for you Mac by adding an alarm clock, ASCII notepad, movie preview/player and photo preview. A batch file rename facility allows you, for instance, to consolidate directories of digital photographs.”

  • Maintain all your contact information
  • Maintain notes that can be added to your iPod
  • Maintain digital photos and take them with you on your iPod
  • Maintain your movie files and take them with you on your iPod
  • And there is even an alarm clock!

For more info and download…

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Software: Eudora vCard Export v1.1.2 released

    New features:
  • Added the option to convert nicknames which only have an email address (no real name entered) and use the nickname as either first or last name Bug fixes/improvements:
  • Removed all double “free” of memory which resulted in lots of output into the console.log

For more info…

AppleScripts for iPod released

“Address Book to iPod (74K)—This application will import the contact data from the Mac OS X Address Book into your iPod. This application offers the ability to sort the contact names by last name or first name.
Version 1.0.1 now adds support for Japanese systems.”

Download script…

“Entourage to iPod (60K)—This application will import the contact data from the Microsoft Entourage application into your iPod. The application offers the ability to sort the contact names by last name or first name. Now supports Japanese systems.
Version 1.0.1 now adds support for Japanese systems and cell, pager, and fax numbers.

To download the fully editable project files for this application, visit the AppleScript Studio website.”

Download script…

“Palm Desktop to iPod (74K)—This application will import the contact data from the Palm Desktop application into your iPod. This application offers the ability to sort the contact names by last name or first name.

To download the fully editable project files for this application, visit the AppleScript Studio website.

Download script…
For more info…

Software: EntourageEvents v1.2 released

“Initial support for recurring events. This includes full support for Daily and Weekly recurrences. For Monthly and Yearly recurrences it assumes that all events fall on the same day as the initial event (e.g. things like “the last Friday of March every year” are not supported). The hope is that this meets the majority of usage scenarios.”

For more info…

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

iPod 5GB for $269 for UCLA community reports:

“A reader notes that the UCLA Computer Store offers the iPod MP3 Player for $269 to members of the UCLA community. That’s $130 off the list price and the best educational pricing we’ve seen.”

For more info…

Software: NowPod v1.0b4 released

“NowPod is an application that transfers contacts from Now Contact 4.x to an Apple iPod. Your iPod must be upgraded with iPod Software v1.1.”

    What’s new:
  • Smart formatting of company names (if no first/last name)
  • Optionally do import automatically when launched
  • Optionally auto-save results to connected iPod
  • Automatically copies long phone numbers to notes field
  • Detects connected iPods
  • Now correctly importing fax numbers
  • User interface improvements

Compatibility: OS 9.1 and OS X
For more info and download…

Monday, April 1, 2002

Software: NowPod v1.0b3 released

“NowPod is an application that transfers contacts from Now Contact 4.x to an Apple iPod. Your iPod must be upgraded with iPod Software v1.1.”

    What’s new:
  • new preferences panel (under Apple menu in OS 9.x)
  • optionally reverse names (last, first)
  • optionally include or exclude specific numbers or addresses

Compatibility: OS 9.1 and OS X
For more info and download…

Software: Xpod v1.2.0 released

“Looking for an application which can read files on Apple’s iPod? With BITcom Xpod you have the right utility to copy music files on iPod to your local hard disk. It’s freeware and available for Apple Mac OS X only.

  • Support of vcf contacts vCards
  • Lists all music files and allows direct play
  • Unmount option
  • Bugfixes and Changes for iPod 1.0.4
  • Support unlimited iPod’s connected
  • Easy to use one-click interface

For more info…

Software: Eudora vCard Export v1.1.1 released

“Eudora stores its nicknames in a format which cannot be easily shared with other applications. ‘Eudora vCard Export’ converts nicknames to vCards which can then easily be imported into other programs (MacOS X Address Book, Palm Desktop, ...) or moved to your iPod.

Program Features
Eudora vCard Export is a simple drag’n'drop application which provides easy one-step conversion of Eudoras nicknames to individual vCard files.
The program has only been tested converting files from Eudora 5.1 (OS X). Your mileage may vary for different versions…”

    Known Limitations
  • Some programs only support a limited subset of the vCard specification (e.g., the MacOS X Address Book does not support multiple addresses for a contact) it may thus appear that information has been lost.
  • The “Photo” pane of Eudora nicknames will be ignored.
  • Mailing lists (i.e., nicknames which will expand to multiple e-mail addresses) will not be converted to vCard files.

For more info…

Sunday, March 31, 2002

Software: FILL THE POD 0.2e released

“What is FILL THE POD?

FILL THE POD is a little droplet. If you put a folder on it (like these
created by iTunes when you rip your albums) it creates a new iPod playlist
with the name of the folder and copies all of it’s mp3s into your iPod. In a
few seconds you have top level access to the contents of the folder on your
iPod. It’s very simple but nevertheless very useful for me.

  • a folder with mp3s (with a better name than “new folder” ;-))
  • iTunes 2.0.3 or higher
  • A connected iPod

This program has only been tested on Mac OS 10.1.3

FILL THE POD is “Write_Me_Some_Nice_Words-Ware”
Please send the nice words, your feedback and your inspirations to:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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