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Saturday, July 20, 2002

iPod for Windows: Apple’s Trojan Horse

Jay Lyman of writes an article in reaction to the recent announcement of iPod for Windows.

“The move to introduce a Windows-compatible iPod represents a serious effort on Apple’s part to serve the broader Windows market and to induce Windows users to switch sides.”

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Software: iPod2iTunes 1.0.4 Released

“Within iTunes or the Finder it is not possible to transfer tracks or playlists from your iPod to your Mac(s).
iPod2iTunes (i2i) is the only utility which allows you not only to copy but to synchronize tracks + playlists from your iPod(s) to your Mac(s). The synchronization ensures that you don’t produce duplicate MP3 files on your disk as it is easily the case if you just copy files from the iPod via other methods.

What’s new in v1.0.4:
The ReadMe did not open when you clicked on the playlists “Open ReadMe file?.

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Software: OutPod 0.1 For Windows Released

“OutPod is a program that allows users of MS-Outlook on Windows PCs to save their contact information as iPod-readable vCards.”

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Software: Get iPod mp3 0.4 Released

“It just reveals your current playing iPod song in the Finder, so you can copy it to a place of your choice. Not more. Not less. I wrote “Open Pod” for iTunes 2 which created a new playlist with full access to your mp3s. But with iTunes 3 this tool doesn’t work anymore. Apple made it harder to access your mp3 files. So I started to create a new tool to access the files. This is the first version. Next release will copy the files of any song from a selected playlist to a folder of your choice.”

Download and read the “Read Me” file for more information.

iPod Video Demo

MacTVNetwork has a video of the new iPod in action at Macworld NY. Though not the best video demonstration of the iPods’ capabilities, it does show the scroll wheel and remote.

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Friday, July 19, 2002

iPod Body Mask Sticker Prices Reduced

TechReactions, US distributor of the Self Design Body Mask has reduced its price for the single sheet from $9.99 to $6.50 (35% savings) and the iPod Protection Body Mask from $16.00 to $9.50 (40% savings). The Self Design Body Mask is a die-cut, clear sticker allowing you to design, print and stick your iPod with whatever design you choose to create on your computer. A template is available for download from their website in .gif or .eps format. There is also a couple of ready-made designs available for download. It also includes protection film for the LCD screen. The Protection Body Mask is a die-cut, clear sticker for protecting your iPod from scratches and includes protection film for the LCD screen.

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Software: Audion 3 adds iPod support

Audion 3 was recently released and now supports the iPod. “Drag files on! Copy files off! Create playlists! Manage playlists! Do it all with our easy, mutiple-window interface.” The Audion MP3 player software is a popular alternative to iTunes with full skinning capabilities. Some of the new features include; mp3PRO Encoding, Recording, Inline Tag Editing, Sleep Timer and LAME Encoder.

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Old iPod 5GB for $245

“PowerMax has stock of the refurbished iPod 5GB MP3 Player
for $245. Down $4 since yesterday’s mention, it’s the best
price we’ve seen. A neoprene case is included.”

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Old iPod 5GB MP3 Player for $249

“Small Dog Electronics lowered its price on Apple’s factory-refurbished iPod 5GB MP3 Player to $249, as a reader found. That’s $50 off our last mention and the lowest price we’ve seen. A 90-day warranty applies.”


Official Apple iPod for Windows Description

iLounger, “win2000b” has posted an official Apple description of iPod for Windows in the forums. This description is more detailed than the one appearing at and describes the iPod for Windows user experience. The document was given to “win200b”, because he is a member of the Apple Learn and Earn Program. “Apple Learn & Earn is an incentive learning program specifically designed for individuals who sell, support, and recommend Apple solutions.”

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Thursday, July 18, 2002

Software: PersonaPodX 1.2 Released

“PersonaPodX is a helper application that gives you file and contacts management for your iPod. PersonaPodX goes beyond a simple support application for your iPod and becomes a general utility for you Mac by adding an alarm clock, ASCII notepad, movie preview/player and photo preview. A batch file rename facility allows you, for instance, to consolidate directories of digital photographs.”


    What’s new in v1.2:
  • Extended demo period
  • New user interface

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Petition to get Apple to release iTunes 3 for OS 9

iLounger “eustacescrubb” has started a petition at and would like your support.

“...even if you don’t use OS 9 anymore, please sign this and help out those of us whose computers don’t support OS X!”

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iPod Software Update Due in 2 Weeks

Update: From
“Available in early August, the iPod 1.2 software update adds support for Sound Check,, and other new features to iPods.”

“The new functionality featured in Apple’s revamped iPods, including iCal and iSync support, will be available to current iPod owners through version 1.2 of Apple’s iPod software, due to be released in about two weeks, MacMinute has learned.’”


Forums: TAPs and New iPods

Our forums have been on fire since the new iPods were announced yesterday. The hot topic of the day is CompUSA’s TAP. The questions is, “Will my TAP cover obsolescence, even though my iPod is not broken”? What is a TAP? The Technology Assurance Program (TAP) is insurance for your iPod. Since Apple only had a 90 day warranty on the old iPods, iPod owners bought TAPs sold at CompUSA to insure their iPod for 1-2 years.

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With iPod, Who Needs Turntable?

Wired has a story by Leander Kahney who writes about a small trendy lounge (we like that word) in Manhattan that are using iPods as turntables. Patrons can also take turns being the DJ and “spin” songs while being timed by a digital clock. The DJ setup consists of 5GB and 10GB iPods. DJ Matt Maland even has a tip on how to make your iPod scratch.

“Would-be DJs take a numbered ticket from a deli-style dispenser next to the DJ desk. A stack of print-outs of all 3,000 songs are available to help DJs prepare their set list. The print-out also provides a quick guide to DJ etiquette, including the rule, ‘Playing of any heavy metal ballads will result in immediate expulsion from the premises.’”

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The Macintosh Digital Hub Book/DVD

Avondale Media, Peachpit Press and BayCreative have published a new book by Jim Heid, titled The Macintosh Digital Hub. As you may already know, Jim Hied has been a longtime contributing editor for Macworld magazine. His new book focuses on how-tos using iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD and iPod. It’s a user manual for your digital lifestyle and comes with a companion DVD-ROM.

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Old 10GB iPod for $349

“An Arlington, VA, reader reports finding the old model Apple iPod 10GB MP3 Player for $349 at the local Apple Store. That’s $50 less than the latest revision. (The new model includes a wired remote and carrying case, among other niceties.) This offer may only be available at this particular location.”


Knowledge Base: iTunes 3: About Using Spoken Word Files

According to a new AppleCare Knowledge Base document, iTunes 3 is not compatible with streaming Audible files. Only Audible spoken word files (format 2, 3, and 4) can be transferred and listened to from within iTunes 3. Meaning, you have to download one of three formats (2, 3 or 4) first, then listen to it. You cannot listen to and download at the same time. An FAQ at tells us streaming files are only compatible with Windows Media Player and Real Audio for Windows.

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JBL Creature Speakers

Harmon Multimedia announced the new 3-peice JBL Creature speakers set. The sleek, dome-shaped set includes two satelite speakers and a subwoofer. The Creature uses unique “capacitance touch” volume control, in other words, just touch the small pads on the right satellite speaker to control the volume. Treble and bass are controlled via “silver bullet” shaped knobs on the subwoofer. Turn off the room lights and you’ll notice there are LEDs located underneath the satellites for that cool night light effect. The JBL Creature comes in 3 colors, grey, white, and blue and is available now for $129.95.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002, Robin Williams and iTunes 3

If you haven’t done so yet, download iTunes 3 and go to to download one free Robin Williams @ episode with animator, John Lessetar of Pixar fame. At the beginning of the interview you’ll hear Robin promoting’s new support for Mac users in his usual wacky accents. It’s informative as well as funny. Follow the “Get Started” instructions at to set up iTunes 3 for your internet music playback. And of course, once the new iPod firmware is released, you can sync the episode to your iPod and take it with you.

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Hardware: FW/DC Powercable Update

We recieved an email from Redcuff with more information on their Powercable product. Correction: Redcuff is a Swiss company.

“Really nice to rely on the news there! We worked hard to fit all the parts of that small cable. Many CardBus suppliers are now providing cards with a built-in power jack. Since we just bridged the current from the original iPod power adapter over the PC card to the iPod, our little thing works with any brand of power suppliable card, with Powerbooks and Win laptops say the least!

Only the plug diameter and the phase position on the DC plug are kind of variable, but Redcuff provides custom cables, on request, to any customer who sends us the specs of his CardBus card!”

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Knowledge Base: iPod: System Requirements

The AppleCare Knowledge Base document, “iPod: System Requirments”, has been updated with details on software and hardware requirements for all new iPods for Mac and Windows. You must be logged in with your Apple ID to view the document.

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Finally, One Year Warranty on new iPods

We overlooked this one, but iLounger, “win2000b” has discovered on the iPod Technical Specs page a one-year limited warranty on all new iPods. We believe this to be retroactive on old iPods as well. As we reported earlier, you can check to see if your old iPod is still under warranty at’s iPod Service page.

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New iPod Software Updater Expected Early August

Apple has not yet released the new firmware update. iLounger, “win2000b”, while browsing the Apple Discussion forums discovered that the firmware can be expected to be released in early August.

“An iPod Updater with support for new features such as Sound Check, Audible, and calendar will be available in early August.

AppleCare Discussions”

Virtual iPod Demo has a Quicktime demonstartion of its new iPod interface. Included are Main Menu, Playlists, Browse, Contacts, Calendar, Clock, games, Settings, Volume and FireWire.

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Hardware: FW/DC Powercable for Older PowerBook Owners

iLounger, Bea C. emailed us with a great find for readers with Powerbook G3 laptops without built-in FireWire.

“For owners of PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet and Lombard) with no built-in Firewire: I found this nifty cable to connect the iPod to a FW CardBus, and to power it up. Simple solution to a question PBG3 owners have been asking since the iPod was released.”

French company, Redcuff has developed a FireWire cable to power the iPod via a FireWire cardbus card (not included). The Redcuff website has more on which FireWire cards are compatible with its Powercable. The Powercable sells for $28 with shipping included.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Software: Podpourri 0.2 beta Released

“Podpourri provides a simple way to search songs on an attached iPod via regular expressions and copy them either to a single folder or a tree of folders on your local machine. Songs can be searched with various attributes, like title, artist or album. Playlists are currently not yet supported, but are on the wishlist.”

  • Select songs stored on your iPod via regular expressions,
  • Extract seletected songs into one single folder, or
  • Extract them into a folder tree with names matching the selection attributes
  • Save list of selected songs as an XML file
  • Save list of selected songs as a clickable PDF “index print” report

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher. Python 2.x (OS X 10.2 has Python 2.2 installed) Python 2.2.1 recommended. See Readme file for more info.

For more info…

XtremeMac Releases New iPod Bundles

XtremeMac is now shipping the Get Connected iPod Audio Bundle ($49.99) and the Ultimate iPod Bundle ($89.95).

    Get Connected iPod Audio Bundle includes:
  • Xwire Gold Audio cables
  • iShare Earbud splitter
  • Audio cassette adapter
  • Premium iPod Car Charger
    Ultimate iPod Bundle includes:
  • Deluxe iPod Case with clip-on earbud pouch
  • Xtra-secure belt clip
  • 2 swivel mounts
  • Neck lanyard
  • Xwire Gold Audio cables
  • iShare Earbud splitter
  • Audio cassette adapter
  • Premium iPod Car Charger

For more info…

Software: PodWriter v2.0b2 Released

“PodWriter is a (now) 100% pure Cocoa application (was Java) that allows you to write notes for your iPod.”

“What’s new in this version:
“Added a button to check to see if your note is too long. Once I get down keyboard events, I’ll be able to get rid of the button and it’ll update automatically. One day when I don’t have a headache, I’ll make it so this really won’t be necessary at all and it’ll be like my Java app where it just separates the note into multiple files. Added a help menu thing.”

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Monday, July 15, 2002

Software: iPat Randomizer 2.1 Released

“iPat Randomizer is an AppleScript Studio application designed for creating random playlists from an iTunes library. The user can designate a specific size, track count and/or name for the random playlist, and can filter tracks used for the random playlist based on whether the Library track is enabled. iPat Randomizer was developed specifically for creating iPod playlists from large iTunes music collections, but can be used to create random playlists for whatever use the user desires.”

System Requirements: Minimum 128MB of physical RAM, Mac OS X 10.1.4 and iTunes 2.0.4.
For more info…

Software: iPod Updater v2 for Windows Released

“iPod Updater for Windows allows PC users to update their iPod’s firmware via a Window PC with Windows XP/2000. The developer, Grant Jones said in an email, “Should be integrated into EphPod eventually”. Please read the instructions carefully and do a back up before using this software. Supports Software Updater 1.1 for iPod.”

    What’s new in v2:
  • New GUI interface
  • Automatically detects iPod
  • Only allows selection of the correct firmware
  • Firmware upgrading is faster

For more info…

Coke in my iPod: Part 1

Everyone one worries about it, but has it happened to you or anyone you know? Spilling Coke or anything else into your iPod and it dies.

iLounger Rune emailed to inform us that it happened to him. His iPod literally drowned in his backpack from an open bottle of Coke. With the help of his friend, Andy, they take the iPod apart to wash it ...yes, we said wash. Andy cleaned several of the iPod’s parts in a bucket of water! This included the circuit board.

Story and photos…

XtremeMac Releases New iPod Accessories

XtremeMac has released several new items in its iPod accessory line as follows.

  • The iWallet is a new tri-fold, black leather case for the iPod with storage for credit cards, Driver’s License, etc. (bundles ranging from $29.95 to $89.99)
  • The iShare Earbud Splitter allows you to share you favorite tunes with friends via the audio port. ($9.95)
  • The Xwire Gold Audio cables kit allows you to either connect your iPod to your home stereo, car radio auxiliary input and/or computer speakers via 1/8” stereo plug or RCA connections. Also included is an extension cable for use with the other two cables. ($9.95)
  • The iPod Cassestte Adapter for listening to your iPod via your car’s portable or car cassette player. ($19.95)

All accessories except the iWallet are “Apple” white and are available now at You can also purchase any of the new items above by stopping by booth #555 at Macworld Expo in New York on July 17.

For more info…

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