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News 08.05.02-08.10.02

Saturday, August 10, 2002

iPod Updater 1.2 Bugs readers are reporting a couple of problems regarding the iPod Softwre 1.2 Updater. One of the problems finds reader, Brian Webster having difficulty with the Updater recognizing his iPod as being mounted.

If you’re having problems, tell us about it in our 1.2 Problem Reports thread in the forums.

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Software: iPod It 1.3 Released

“With iPod It you can take all your important information with you. Your Entourage events, e-mail and notes can be exported to your iPod and are available whenever you need them. Going on a trip? Download a forecast of the city you’re visiting. And don’t stop there; download directions so you know how to get around once you get there.”

    What’s new in v1.3
  • Now includes support for version 1.2 iPod software (with more to come)!
  • To support this iPod It will now automatically detect your iPod and export your information to the Contacts or Calendars folder. If your iPod isn’t connected it will prompt you for a location.
  • The preferences allow you to select between version 1.1 or 1.2 iPod software. For version 1.1 it will export everything into Contact entries. For version 1.2 iPod It will export Events into Calendar entries. These entries support the following:
  • All event information is exported. Note that the location is being exported but isn’t displayed by the iPod.
  • Events with a reminder setting will generate appropriate alarms on your iPod.
  • There is now an Export All button for events. The cleaning/deleting of events will also remove files from both the Contacts and Calendars folders.
  • The ability to organize contacts is disabled for version 1.2 software since the iPod will now do the organizing for you.

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Software: XPlay iPod Restore Wizard Released

Mediafour. has released software allowing Windows users to update the iPod to the latest firmware using a Windows PC. The XPlay iPod Restore Wizard provides users with an “elegant solution” for updating and restoring their firmware with an intuitive user interface. Step-by-step instructions are provided on Mediafour’s website.

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Friday, August 9, 2002

Software: iPod Software 1.2 Updater for Mac OS 9.2.1 Released

    What’s new in v1.2 for Mac OS 9.2.1:
  • Audio playback and user interface improvements
  • Browse music by additional categories, including albums, and genres
  • Calendar—display industry standard iCalendar appointments and alarms
  • Clock—view the date and time
  • Connection feedback on the iPod screen, indicating when it’s safe to unplug the FireWire cable
  • Additional iPod features, such as support for Sound Check and Audible audiobooks, are enabled when used with iTunes 3 and Mac OS X.


Thursday, August 8, 2002

Software: iPod Software 1.2 Updater For Mac OS X Released

    What’s new in v1.2:
  • Audio playback and user interface improvements
  • Browse music by additional categories, including albums, genres, and composers
  • Support for iTunes 3 Sound Check, which automatically adjusts for drastic differences in volume between different songs for a more consistent listening experience
  • Calendar—display industry standard iCalendar appointments and alarms (iCal coming soon)
  • Clock—view the date and time
  • Connection feedback on the iPod screen, indicating when it’s safe to unplug the FireWire cable
  • Support for Audible audiobooks and audio programs


iTunes 3: How to Create CDs from Audible Content

“This document provides instructions on how to convert Audible files and store them on a compact disc (CD).”

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Software: iPod2iTunes 1.5b2 Released

“Within iTunes or the Finder it is not possible to transfer tracks or playlists from your iPod to your Mac(s). iPod2iTunes (i2i) is the only utility which allows you not only to copy but to synchronize tracks + playlists from your iPod(s) to your Mac(s). All within iTunes. The synchronization ensures that you don’t produce duplicate MP3 files on your disk as it is easily the case if you just copy files from the iPod via other methods.”

    What’s new in v1.5b2
  • AnAppleEvent timed out error could happen under some circumstances.
  • The better performance (about 20%) described in 1.5b1 was not there (ahem). It’s contained in this version, but this time also for iTunes 3. However, performance is still an issue - especially with iTunes 3. There are some ideas left to gain performance…
  • A potential problem with playlist synchronization in iTunes 3 has been fixed.
  • If AppleScript 1.8.3 is not present, i2i points you directly to the download page.
  • Other fixes and improvements.

System Requirements: Mac OS 10.1.2 up to 10.1.5 and iTunes 2.0.3 up to 3.0

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iPod Software 1.2 Updater Available Today

According to Apple eNews the anticipated iPod Software 1.2 Updater will be available for download later today. reader, Bob H. spotted this great news earlier today. Thanks Bob.

Apple eNews…

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Inside iCal: A visual preview has published a two part preview titled, “Inside iCal: A visual preview” with screenshots.

“iCal stores its data in the standard “ical” format—no relation—which is also used by Microsoft Entourage. Calendar events can be exported into .ics files. You can easily import an iCal calendar exported from another computer, and then edit it.”

iCal: Part One…
iCal: Part Two…

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Apple offers solutions for non-working iPod remotes

Apple has published a AppleCare Knowledge Base Document with solutions for anybody having difficulty with the iPod remote.

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Software: Xpod 1.3.6 Released

“Have an iPod and want to copy mp3 files with one click to another system. No problem with BITcom Xpod, the easy to use utility for iPod owners. One click native Aqua interface and unlimited iPod support. It’s freeware and available for Apple Mac OS X only.”

    What’s new in v1.3.6
  • Drag and drop support to copy single files
  • Easy to use one-click music copy
  • Auto-rename of files
  • Support for iPod Extras
  • Device information
  • Direct internal play of music titles, including volume control

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher
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Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar for $99 after rebate

“MacWarehouse is taking preorders for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar for $129 before a $30 mail-in rebate, $99 after. It’s the lowest price we know to be available. ( recently had it for $69 less after rebate, though it quickly yanked the offer.)”


Refurbished iPod 5GB MP3 Player for $219

“Today only, Small Dog Electronics offers the factory-refurbished iPod 5GB MP3 Player for $219, as a reader found. It’s the lowest price we’ve seen. A 90-day Apple warranty applies.”


Apple Starts to Ship iPod 10GB

iLounger, Michael C. writes in to inform us Apple sent him email this morning telling him his new iPod 10GB has shipped. Has your new iPod shipped? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Monday, August 5, 2002

Software: PodMaster 1000 1.0 Released

“PodMaster 1000 is a small utility that was written for my convenience. Makes the moving of files from the iPod to a second computer easier by listing all the songs on the iPod and allowing the transfer of selected songs to a folder of choice.”

    What’s new in v1.0
  • Full Mac OS X support, 10.x - 10.2
  • Compatible with iTunes 2 or 3
  • New Logo
  • Faster

System Requirements: Mac OS 9 - OS X
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Refurbished iPod 5GB w/Cassette Adapter for $227

“Small Dog Electronics offers the factory-refurbished Apple iPod 5GB MP3 Player with the Coby iPod/MP3 Cassette Adapter for $227. That’s $8 less than our last mention for the iPod alone. Offer ends August 10, 2002.”



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