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This is my favorite case for the iPhone. I tried several others and my search ended as soon as I got this one. Maximum protection for the iPhone without being intrusive. Regarding the lint/dust attraction - an easy fix is cleaning the case with soap and water before using. It reduced that tacky feeling of the new silicone.

Posted by vespagirl on August 21, 2007 at 9:56 AM (PDT)


So far this is my favorite case as well, I don't think it can be beat for protectiveness. However the hard plastic piece didn't "snap on" well and after 4 days I've lost it! Not a big loss though as you have to take it off all of the time, still I wish it would have stayed on better.

Posted by Shelhed in USA on August 23, 2007 at 5:32 AM (PDT)


I absolutely love the feel of the silicone part of the Revo - they know what they're doing in terms of shape and texture, and after living with the oversized holes on the Incase Rubber Sleeve, I'm enjoying the small touches, like the headphone jack and dock connector covers.

I'm indifferent about the screen protector, so far...I like how I can snap it on the back, but I miss the feel of the silicone with the plastic on there. Time will tell if I'll end up learning to like it or not.

As for the privacy film, mine works differently than in the review! The film appears black when the iPhone is used in PORTRAIT mode, rather than in landscape. This is awesome, as a) I don't care if people see me watching The Office or anything else in my video collection, and b) they can't see what I'm writing in my emails. However, the dimming, vaguely texturized effect that it gives the screen's image is annoying, and I may end up replacing it with some Crystal Film.

Update: I've actually grown to prefer the feel of the privacy film - the texture reminds me of my Powerbook's trackpad.

Posted by jdw87 on August 25, 2007 at 9:00 PM (PDT)


First let me say I really enjoy the case. I was one of the first people to place an order for this case and now that I have put it thru its paces I definitely have my opinions on it.
First, It was hard to choose a color because I wanted a professional looking but I also felt forced not to get the black on black since I would have felt cheated not taking a duo-tone color. So I went with the yellow, not my color (I prefer blue) but it looks "visible".
As far as the case itself, let me say, I love it. Nice grip and it feels protected. In my pocket, because of the material being used on the case, it tends to stick to the inside material of my pocket so I have to be careful when I take it out but its not a problem. That, alone makes this my favorite case and one I would recommend.
My criticism comes from the film and the plastic visor which I assume also adds to the price of the case. The case is expensive, the most expensive case I have own, and for the price I wish they would have done a little bit more with the film protection and add on accessories. Though the privacy film is cool to have, it is not a clear film. It makes the iPhone screen look a bit blurry when you are looking at the iPhone directly, taking away from the sharpness of the iPhone screen. I would have liked for iSkin to have giving us a choice of using either a privacy film or a complete clear film with no privacy. I also wish they would have made the film fill the whole face of the iPhone, allowing the light sensor to be covered as well, one of the main places where dust seems to creep in. A belt clip holder would have been nice as well.
The second screen protector is not bad either, I can see how it can be handy to use if you put the iPhone in a purse, back-pack, or any bag where it might be moving around having some unknown object poking at the screen. But for every day use I don’t see it using it. It is a hassle when you have a call and attempting to answer on the go because you have to use two hands to remove the visor and place it behind the case then answer the phone.
Overall the case itself is an "A". But the added accessories don’t justify the total price. A clear film and probably and added belt clip would have made the over-all package a solid A+ with me.

Posted by djJASMAN in California on September 13, 2007 at 4:30 PM (PDT)

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