I bought iCleaner and this review is spot on. The stuff works miracles on the front- it looks almost as good as it did when I got it. The deep-scratch remover and back polish is not as grand, however. It looks better than it did, but not like it did when I got it. I was reminded of how nice it looked when I bought the iPod remote... oh how I miss it's original gloss...

Posted by Geoff1356 on February 14, 2005 at 5:47 PM (PDT) Comment 81

I bought iCleaner and this review is spot on. The stuff works miracles on the front- it looks almost as good as it did when I got it. The deep-scratch remover and back polish is not as grand, however. It looks better than it did, but not like it did when I got it. I was reminded of how nice it looked when I bought the iPod remote... oh how I miss it's original gloss...

Posted by Geoff1356 on February 14, 2005 at 5:47 PM (PDT) Comment 82

I thinkn ice creme is good in some removes the small scuff but doesnt really reduce the profile of the nasty ones. I would atleast expect it reduce the prominence of the bug scratches so it atleast dosent look so obvious. The polishing tool quite good. it really restores the initial shine that new ipods have.

Posted by Vinod on February 19, 2005 at 8:23 PM (PDT) Comment 83

i live in canada and was wondering where to get brasso

i checked home depot and rona and they dont have it

Posted by Calasm on February 23, 2005 at 5:00 PM (PDT) Comment 84

wanted to bring up question (once again) on which cleaner works best for a mini.

Posted by NijilK on February 24, 2005 at 8:48 PM (PDT) Comment 85

what about scratch removers for the ipod mini's aluminum casing? Its way different then the normal ipod. Got any ideas for a good polisher/scratch away thingy

Posted by Chris Givens on March 3, 2005 at 5:59 PM (PDT) Comment 86

Please save your money and dont buy iCleaner. Just recieved the $20 pack and have been working on a light scratch on my click wheel for an hour with no results. Worst $20 ive ever spent!

Posted by Irelandunfree on March 22, 2005 at 11:20 AM (PDT) Comment 87

I used a small amount of Ultrabrite toothpaste and a teacloth and my finger on the screen. Did a good job of restoring the goss and getting rid of surface scratches. Deeper stuff is still there but my iPod looks much prettier now! Smells minty fresh too!

Posted by YukaJohn on April 5, 2005 at 6:09 AM (PDT) Comment 88

So none of you using the metal polishes have had no static electricity issues? I've been hesitant to use any polishes just for that reason.

Posted by boeing nut on April 10, 2005 at 12:02 PM (PDT) Comment 89

someone on here earlier mentioned just rubbing their thumb on the display to reduce the appearance of scratches . . . I just thought I should let everyone know that it works! it won't get rid of scratches, but applying a little bit of elbow grease (or face grease smile) will fill in the scratches and they're not nearly as noticable on your lcd screen. we use this technique frequently in photo labs to try and repair scratches on negatives. works like a charm smile I know it sounds nasty ... but if you're looking for a cheap fix, there it is!

Posted by elmoemily on April 19, 2005 at 10:04 PM (PDT) Comment 90

i just got my ipod mini yesterday. Sadly when I was putting on the Krusell case that I bought for it, the zip took off some of the metal on the corner. It is a deep sratch. Very deep I would say. Does anyone know what to do. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by icechiller555 on April 21, 2005 at 11:57 PM (PDT) Comment 91

When using Brasso, don't use terry cloth, paper towels, or kleenex. The best thing is a piece of an old cotton t-shirt. I think that the results depend on the type of cloth used. I've tried various cloths, but the plain cotton worked the best.

Posted by Sandylp on June 20, 2005 at 8:09 PM (PDT) Comment 92

DO NOT BUY ICLEANER OR ICE CREAM. Brasso is much ceaper and work on the front and back of an iPod. BUT DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS OR TISSUES, you must use something like a cotton cloth. smile

Posted by iPodgummy on July 14, 2005 at 4:20 AM (PDT) Comment 93

i bought iCleaner, brasso is better. smile

Posted by iPodgummy on July 14, 2005 at 4:20 AM (PDT) Comment 94

Okay, so I bo't a used iPod Photo off eBay; it was advertised as in "Fantastic Condition, still in box, with all accessories." Well it did have all the accessories (most unused), and they were all in the original box. The original box was slightly beat up, apparently the original owner used it to store the iPod Photo in nightly. As I said, most of the accessories were new and some had never left the box, however the earphones are well-used and dirty, yuck.

Now, the iPod Photo itself was in very good condition, yet obviously used, however it was not in "Fantastic Condition" as there were many scratches and scuffs and the front and back. I was specifically concerned about one big scuff and two scratches on the display area of the plastic. Just to answer some previous questions, so that everyone knows, the front plastic is one thin clear piece, with no separation for the display. The white plastic with the square hole for the display is under the clear plastic, so the front plastic includes the whole front plastic area including the display area.

Okay, so I was disappointed about the scratches and scuffs on the display screen plastic, so I searched Google and found this review and thread. I decided to give the "free" suggestions a try: rubbing with finger, toothpaste, and coffee.

I tried rubbing the display area with my thumb until the friction was burning my thumb, yet rubbing alone was not affecting the blemishes. So I tried rubbing a small amount (less than a pea size) of toothpaste (Tom's of Maine Natural Anticavity Spearmint) and this was affecting the blemishes as I rubbed. I then tried Pepsodent thinking it might be better, but it was worse. Pepsodent is very sticky and gooey, and stuck like gum to the surface. I tried wiping it off with a t-shirt, yet it was just messy. So back to Tom's, which helped to unstick the Pepsodent. The more I rubbed and the harder I rubbed the more the blemishes were disappearing.

Now, thinking about the hot coffee suggestion, I figured it was probably more the hot liquid than the coffee itself that was helpful. So I very carefully poured some very hot water on the plastic surface and then rubbed with my thumb some more. That helped to wash away the toothpaste and possibly soften the plastic surface. One more small application of Tom's toothpaste, more rubbing, more hot water, more rubbing; the blemishes were diminishing.

I still had some coffee in the pot so I heated it up and put a drop on the display, rubbed with my thumb, another drop of hot coffee, rubbed with my thumb, then wiped it clean with a t-shirt. To my amazement that worked. The toothpaste really diminished the blemishes and the coffee seemed to clean the surface to a very bright white. I think the color is as bright white as brand new and the blemishes are 95% better, they are still there, yet not noticeable unless looking for them.

I am definitely satisfied. The iPod Photo now looks brand new. Total time: 90 minutes. Total cost: zero. Satisfaction: priceless.

When putting any fluid on the iPod, be very careful to avoid the openings and any fluid inside the iPod. Also use only a piece of t-shirt or sheet to rub and wipe the iPod.

I have a sense that Brasso would have provided a better and faster result, but I don't have any to try. I used Brasso in the Army and it is great stuff that works on anything.

Posted by sacear on July 17, 2005 at 3:47 PM (PDT) Comment 95

Nothing against these products but I tried using Meguiar's #17 professional plastic cleaner/polish. Man what i great job it did. I dare say it looks better than it did out of the box. And on;t about $4.. I'm totally sold on this product

Posted by glz on July 23, 2005 at 11:24 PM (PDT) Comment 96

Just finished using the icleaner. Thumbs UP! I was really doubtful that it was going to work, and I was initially disappointed when the scratches were not coming off at first. But when I used the fibersoft cloth to apply the scratch remover (very tiny amount), I was able to buff out the scratches, but you HAVE to use the polisher afterwards and you will see a HUGE difference! It got off a scratch that I didn't think would come off... So the 1-2 combination really really works... I am so PLEASED! I can now sleep well at night haha... p.s. I didn't use the metal polish on the back, because I didn't need to...

Posted by GeoDesic on August 10, 2005 at 5:55 PM (PDT) Comment 98

I found a metal cleaner in my garage, it worked great. It removed the two blemishes and a few scratches and scuffs that were acquired on my unprotected ipod nano (yes, I was careless and got scratches on it within a week). It did not, however, remove every minor scratch, the ones that are visible only from 3-4" away under direct lighting. I am sure brasso would have done the same thing. I would like to know if there are any products that remove the very fine scratches that do not cause scratches of their own. Please let me know by email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .


Posted by beest911 on September 17, 2005 at 6:02 PM (PDT) Comment 99

icleaner sucks sooooooooo muchhh i buff n buff for hours(well actually about 30 minutes) and it didnt abs nothing for the front on my black nano and scractched my back even more. Does anyone thing that black nano's are more prone to visible blemishes than the white ones?

Posted by unctarheel on September 27, 2005 at 9:22 PM (PDT) Comment 100

iCleaner does not work!

1) my iPod scratches by breathing on it!!!
2) I tried iCleaner to get rid of the scratches and nothing... doesn't work at all.

would I buy another iPod... NO. They scratch so easily that after 1 month my video screen is so marred it's almost hard to view. It's really pitiful how crappy they make these things and how much they charge for them.

My Cell phone, and PDA have lasted for years with hardly a scratch and i haven't had to buy a case for them or cleaners!!

The iPod is the first Apple product I actually feel regret from purchasing!!

Posted by eR1c on January 23, 2006 at 5:39 PM (PDT) Comment 101

Does anyone thing that black nano’s are more prone to visible blemishes than the white ones?

By unctarheel on 09.27.05 at 08:22 PM

Yes. Blemishes are more visible with the black background than on the white - they both scratch just as easily because it's the same clear acrylic face - the colored part is under that.

Posted by dragynphyre on February 15, 2006 at 10:55 AM (PDT) Comment 102
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