I'm in the who cares about stereo camp on this one. The radio and sound are so nice, and these can be had at a much lower price. eBay always has them at auction, and I got mine for $100 (open box at retail store). It's the perfect item for podcasts from my iPod or laptop, and plenty portable for around home, cottage or a work site.

Posted by bitflogger on March 5, 2006 at 9:21 PM (PDT) Comment 61

The reviewer is wayyyyyy off base here in his assessment of the whole stereo separation thing. First off, unless you're sitting a foot and a half away from those other "stereo" portable iPod speaker sets from Altec, etc., you're not going to get much separation from a unit that "separates" the left and right channel drivers by all of six to twenty-four inches and keeps them in fixed position.

Second, when you're using such a small speaker outside, stereo imaging is going to be lost most of the time anyway.

Third, the sound on this thing blows 99% of those other iPod speaker sets out of the water. The only ones that can compete -- like that giant tube-shaped Altec inMotion set -- are far larger and heavier than iPal.

I own an iPal along with a Tivoli Model Two. I use the Model Two in my bedroom with the two speakers separated by a good 12 feet. It's awesome. Rich and clean, whether it's playing the radio, my iPod, or my Sonos.

I use the iPal in the bathroom and outside. It's totally portable. No, it's not going to fit in a briefcase, but it's easily carried to the backyard, beach, etc. It fits in a totebag, fits under the front seat of my car, etc. Is it larger than a foldable Altec inMotion set? Yes. Does it sound about 400% better than said folding speakers? you bet.

Posted by threeblog on July 13, 2006 at 5:26 PM (PDT) Comment 62

I LOVE my Pal!
Disclaimer: I don't have the iPal, I have a regular ol' Pal, though I bought the required cable at Microcenter for $3.99, so it is essentially the same as the iPal, save the matching white colors. They now have the pal in a great array of colors, though I'm pretty ridiculously happy with my plain grey one!

Time for me to start raving:

This little box of joy has superior sound, amazing radio reception, battery life that will astound you, and looks great. As for its size- it's not huge as the editor's review alludes to. I stick mine in my water bottle holder in my backpack regularly, it weighs less than a full Nalgene bottle. Think of what you're getting for its fairly diminutive size- sound that rivals any of the iPod portable speakers in this price range that I have heard (go to the Tivoli website if you'd like to know more about single speaker sound, Henry Kloss did more than just design these [I'm sure you have heard of Bose?]) a phenomenal AM/FM radio that is water resistant, very rugged, and works great as a speaker for your iPod- once the cable is plugged in, it knows to play the iPod rather than the stereo.

It is by far the most PORTABLE radio I have ever owned! I take this thing to the beach, canoeing, fishing, hiking, camping, or just for hanging out on my porch. I've used it in every room of my house (including my bathroom for long steamy showers). I've used it as my solitary computer speaker for a long time and have no complaints; it's been the music source during parties for the chill-out room (though it could hold its own for a dance party too wink. I've used it in my car when my damn FM transmitter stopped working for my iPod (screw you Griffin and your overpriced disposable electronics). And it takes forever for the battery to go dead, it easily will last you the weekend at a reasonable volume, and it's indicator light system lets you know when it's getting close to the end.

It can get pretty loud for it size, with barely no loss of sound quality! And it's a gorgeous little thing- its dials are so pleasing to the touch. Its astounding range for radio may have you ditching your iPod to listen to stations you never knew existed - I work in technically what is the basement of a building, and I can pick up stations with the Pal down there that I can't get with a regular radio on the fourth floor!

Bottom line - I wanted something that would do more than JUST be a speaker to plug my iPod into, what good is any other iPod compatible speaker set when you're in the middle of the woods and your iPod dies (the Pal's rechargeable battery puts Apple to shame), and you want to listen to some tunes? And sure, you can buy any old portable stereo and a $5 cable at Radio Shack to make it "iPod compatible"- but the Pal outperforms any old boombox, its sound outperforms any iPod speakers in this price range, and its featuers (great sound, great range for AM/FM, amazing battery life, very rugged) make it well worth its price. I don't leave home without it!

Posted by zadieyek on August 23, 2006 at 3:39 AM (PDT) Comment 63

the ipal sounds nice for its size, i haven't found any comparable solution of this size with a similar sound. but if you want it a bit louder you will be disappointed with the ipal.
it starts to distort quickly with louder volume. it cannot deal with bassheavy music either, deep house-kicks will kill the ipal's soundquality which is really a pity.
as the ipal is designed to be used outside you will soon reach the limits of its volume output, as you will notice quite a strong distortion the louder you turn it.
it is ok for a kitchen or for the bathroom, but you cannot fill big rooms or big outside areas with it. depends also on the music. the pal doesn't like bass.
i wouldn't call it too bassheavy. it is ok, but when compared to a bigger system or even a tivoli model one, the bass of the ipal sounds thin. i would never claim it has too much bass as some here did.
i like it, and it is a nice portable loudspeaker, but i expected a little bit more to tell the truth, especially for this price.

Posted by oluv on September 7, 2006 at 8:14 AM (PDT) Comment 64
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