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My 1G died a couple of months ago and I was on the verge of going to a mini. I really like the wheel, maybe I'm set in my ways, but it just seems more natural to me than my s/o's 3G. Heck, I even liked the tactile feeling of the wheel actually moving.

Anyway, I just went to Younkers (of all places 4G were found in the bedroom section of a department store) and picked one up. The scroll wheel is exactly what I hoped for and having the buttons integrated in instead of encircling it like a ring make it even more fluid to use.

I thankfully have no sound issues with it, none that are not user error. I fell asleep in my chair while wearing it last night. I woke up and only had sound coming in through the left channel! I changed songs, unplugged and plugged in the headphones, turned the dang thing off... then I realized that one of the buds just fell out of my ear. Are the new earbuds a bit smaller (at least in comparison to 1G?) They seem to fit much better.

Posted by xna on August 26, 2004 at 4:01 AM (PDT)


I also have a 5GB 1G iPod and held off on the 3G as I didn't like the interface. My wife got a green mini with the click wheel and I fell in love. Once the 4Gs came out, I knew I couldn't hold off any longer.

I want an iPod for one thing: music. I don't care about videos or pictures on a 2" screen. I might be interested in the photo storage though (Belkin link).

I've had my 40GB 4G for a couple days now and it's been flawless. I welcome the extra space for audiobooks.

Posted by shabbis on August 26, 2004 at 2:37 PM (PDT)


I previously owned a 2G iPod and speaking of packaging... The 2G came with a carrying baggy and other trinkets. While the carrying case wasn't perfect, it did allow me to immediately and safely take my iPod nearly anywhere. This new version comes with nothing of the sort and now, my new 4G is all scratched up!

I know it's my own fault for not taking better precautions, but geez! It's a dinky little gray shammy bit, nothing extravagent... Oh well...

I am curious though, has anyone noticed the 4Gs seem to have a lower shelf life, while on standby? I feel like my 4G dies much quicker and drains itself considerably more than my 2G, when it isn't being used.

Posted by PhilC on August 27, 2004 at 1:30 AM (PDT)


USELESS! iPods are dead... the best price relationship for an iPod was for the 2ng gen one!!!
the rest, compared to the competition is crap and VERY WEAK!

and the best lloking ones, are still the old ojnes...

new one looks cheap...and it's no 4G! it's 3.1 G!


Posted by |Kurany| on August 29, 2004 at 2:06 PM (PDT)


Good review!

Just wondering about USB power support on the 3G iPod. I read on the iPod firmware update that a 4G iPod can be powered by the USB connection.

I'm a windows user with no FireWire... USB very important.

Posted by Gaia on August 30, 2004 at 5:24 PM (PDT)


I posted this review in the new users comment area and decided to post it in this one as well:
After taking the time of reading all of these tidbits from fellow ipod users and haters i have something to say as a 4g 40gig ipod owner...

There are users who think that the ipod is the best because it looks the best and that is there only reason...I agree that sound quality is just as important as another user said reviewing an ipod and not mentioning sound is like reviewing a restaurant and not mentioning food. Very true, well put. Would you buy basketball sneakers that look great but make you fall from lack of support?How about a car that looks nice but is very unreliable?

Other users say that the ipod is garbage because of its "poor sound quality" I believe people who knock the ipods sound quality have a lack of understanding for effective encoding from cds and other sources or spend too much time monitoring kbps and sig to noise ratios. As a musician who understands how music is supposed to sound, I can confidently say that the ipod sounds very good as tiny digital music player. These users might also note that they wouldnt think of using a device that is VERY USER FRIENDLY THAT LOOKS GOOD AND IS VERY COMPACT that plays music at sub-"music worshiper" levels. Again, would you buy a pair of basketball sneakers that give ankle support but are the ugliest things on the face of the earth(er-hem zen + dell)? Please. Looks count. Would you buy a high performance car that looked like a piece of s***. I find competitors products to be very ugly and at times harder to control and manage properly, which is not to say the ipod doesn't have its quirks.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you are going to put your money into a top of the line product and are wondering what to pick, everyone knows you want the best OVERALL experience. the ipod blends style, size, performance (battery+sound quality) together to make a good product. It is very easy to get through the menus with the lcik wheel just as it was with the scroll wheel. People who really want the best quality need to remember that with smaller voltage products come reduced quality. The user that mentioned little things like gapless playback and radio playback need to consider which product has the BEST OVERALL experience. Thanks for reading let me kno if I left something out.

Posted by mikesta21 on September 1, 2004 at 8:42 PM (PDT)


just bought the 4G 20Gig iPod. It is my first and i love it, Accept for the fact its to slippery to use without risk of dropping and damaging it, it is perfect. love the click wheel and it is quite in line with the minimalist design that makes the iPod so much better than the notPods out there on the market smile.

Only one problem: I have noticed that when l leave it charging via Firewire to my rev B eMac over night that the battery actualy drains to empty while the computer is sleeping. I havnt read anything about this. Am I doing something wrong?

Posted by hoffrat1 on September 2, 2004 at 2:22 PM (PDT)


Apple's goal, I don't think, is to draw in existing Ipod users with each generation. The whole idea of the new packaging, etc, is to find new customers only. Anyone who cared about the box and the socialistic feel associated with buying something that "looks nice in my garbage can" probably already owns one. Fantastic that packaging was discussed in this review, however, cuz when I wanna buy something I wanna know each and every detail.

As far as the click-wheel goes, I like it. It adds that little distinctive flavor needed to keep something fresh without completely redoing the product. Isn't that what Apple is great at? Isn't that why the iPod was such a huge draw-in to being with? Making an already fantastic product appeal to new users. I think it's much easier to use. also. Those 4 anal little touch sensitive buttons sucked. Thank god they're gone.

3g owners....Why worry about minor changes? You already have a great product! Wait until 5g or 6g's come out to nit-pick. When a car company releases the next year production of a vehicle I already own I don't look into buying it....take that route with the iPod.

Posted by GenXpod on September 3, 2004 at 12:31 AM (PDT)


Great article. I was about to pick up my first Ipod for my birthday but the grey scrollwheel really pulled me back from purchasing a 4G. The 3G interface really is a much better looking one in my opinion. However, over here where I live, 3G's are no
more and so I'll probably have to be stuck with the 4G.

Posted by Derek on September 4, 2004 at 7:08 AM (PDT)


Great article. I was about to pick up my first Ipod for my birthday but the grey scrollwheel really pulled me back from purchasing a 4G. The 3G interface really is a much better looking one in my opinion. However, over here where I live, 3G's are no
more and so I'll probably have to be stuck with the 4G.

Posted by Derek on September 4, 2004 at 7:09 AM (PDT)


hey guyz. i have never owned an ipod but listen to my friends 3G ones all the time.. ppl say u should get a SONY mini disc but i really like i pods..
can anyone tell me whether the 4G static hard drive noise is bad?

Posted by Hammoc180 on September 8, 2004 at 10:53 PM (PDT)


the 3rd generation dock WILL work with the new 20 GB 4G models. a lady in the apple store told me it was the 4G dock so i bought it with my new 20 gig. i found out that its the older model, but it dosent matter. i think the old dock looks better too. my friend has a newer dock and i think it holds the ipod too straight up.

Posted by iwindude on September 9, 2004 at 3:20 PM (PDT)


I have recently bought a 4g ipod and already had itunes 4 on my pc having downloaded it off the apple website. Will my ipod work with itunes 4 or do i have to download the itunes 4.6 included with the ipod. Any suggestions much appreciated, thanks

Posted by Adam Hunt on September 10, 2004 at 11:17 AM (PDT)


Just got my 20 GB 4G, and I am very happy with it. No audible glitches on this unit, thank goodness. I passed up the slightly cheaper 3G from Amazon because I thought I would like the simplicity of the clickwheel, and I was right. I also think Apple made a good move by not including a dock and remote, since many, if not most, people don't use them. If you use a skin or case to protect the iPod, it makes a dock virtually useless. The only thing I'd like to see Apple do now is go back to using a standard firewire cable.

Posted by Geo in Fort Myers on September 15, 2004 at 6:08 PM (PDT)


hey! ipods are the best and theres no way you can criticize it and thats final!

Posted by Yo on September 18, 2004 at 5:30 AM (PDT)


I agree that in terms of major improvements most people probably won't want to upgrade from 3G to 4G (particularly if they only just got their 3G - I know loads of people in my country bought the old model not knowing the new one was coming out).

But like some have said, it's silly to complain about the ipod looking less "classy" just because there's some grey on it now (i used to like the 3G's all white a lot, until i actually saw and held the new 4Gs... it's a truly minimal design now. and THAT's "class"). grumbling that making something more "accessible" makes it less "exclusive" and just completely elitist and snobbish. like it or not, market domination is about reaching the masses, at least for that FIRST time.

Posted by jeanlucx in Singapore on September 19, 2004 at 3:34 AM (PDT)


I think that the 4th gen is a step in the right direction. However, the more and more I look at the display with the blueish backlight, the more and more I think of it as a cell phone. However, this would not make or break my purchase on one. I am currently in the market for an iPod mini, because I have no use for all that extra space, and I think it looks cooler. I had a 15GB 3rd gen a few months ago, sold that on ebay. I've got to say, Apple just needs to come out with a rev2 of the 4th generation and they'll be set for another few years. Apple's done a great job thus far, give it a chance, go see it in person. Trust me, it looks a lot different in person than in photos.

Posted by Jeremy Mahon on September 20, 2004 at 11:09 AM (PDT)


Seasoned iPod users, please answer two questions from a first time iPod owner of the new 4th gen 20 gb iPod:
1. Why does my Griffin iTalk keep messing up with my 4 gen 20 gb iPod? Sometimes it plays back my message, sometimes it plays back the first two seconds, and sometimes it plays partial messages and cuts off. If it is a problem with 4th gen iPods, does anyone know of a fix?
2. Why does my dLo car iPod system (that holds, recharges, and plays the iPod on the fm stations) play a high pitched whine on every station I play it on? Any fix for that one?

Posted by Nancy on September 21, 2004 at 10:13 PM (PDT)


So i live in boston and i bought a 40 gig third generation ipod at best buy and i also got their 4 year warranty on it. well my third generation was starting to glitch more frequently, then i saw that the 4th generation ones were out. at first i didn't like the appearance, but it makes more sense. i was kinda bummed that it doesn't come with the case or remote.Then i thought, who cares, the case sucks i use an iskin one and the remote was cool in the winter time, but i can't see what i'm playing if i don't know what the song is. Personally i'd like to see a better remote with a display on it. OH and best buy replaced my 3rd generation one with a new 4th generation one. great deal for only 40 bucks when i got my original one

Posted by Planb1215 on September 23, 2004 at 8:35 AM (PDT)


Steve Z- I bought a mini after my dad bought his and let me try it out. I kept it for 3 weeks and took it back, and swapped for a 20G G4. My dad then did the same. I have no regrets. As soon as I did it, I knew it was the right decision.

Posted by ChrisP on September 29, 2004 at 9:47 PM (PDT)

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