I have this kit for my 97 BMW M3, and have had ZERO problems with getting it to connect. Works perfectly. Will absolutely agree to the sound quality, it has to be heard to be believed!

Posted by Yuro on August 5, 2004 at 2:05 PM (PDT) Comment 1

Just had to show off Halo in the car, ey?

Only kidding... nice review!

Posted by Jerrod H. on August 5, 2004 at 2:34 PM (PDT) Comment 2

I have one in my 02 jetta and i hate it. The cable has already broken internally where it enters the dock so that it has to be in a perfect position or you only get one channel. Dension is making it difficult to get a replacement and they refuse to return my money even tho it's only 2 months old. Do NOT buy from this company.

Posted by scot on August 5, 2004 at 3:07 PM (PDT) Comment 3

Is this your car or your home theatre??
Only joking, nice set up.

Posted by Ausmoose on August 5, 2004 at 3:23 PM (PDT) Comment 4

Now only if you could play Halo, listen to the ipod and drive at the same time.

Posted by Ben on August 5, 2004 at 3:39 PM (PDT) Comment 5

I have one in my VW Bug. Some problems, but it is a lot better than a tape adpt. The only complaint I have is I get a buzzing sound when the volume is high. Any susgestion on how to correct this problem.

Thanks Kevin

Posted by Kevin Daniels on August 5, 2004 at 6:59 PM (PDT) Comment 6

I have one installed in my 2002 Audi. Other than a couple of installation problems which were due to my not following the directions properly, the ICELink has performed fully up to my expectations. Yes, it would be nice if the head unit displayed song info, track # and elapsed time, but having access to my entire music collection with line quality audio makes the unit worth it's price. I would give it a B+.

Posted by motobill on August 6, 2004 at 3:53 AM (PDT) Comment 7

i had to return my ice-link FOUR times before i got a working one! customer service is horrible (each time it took about a month to get a replacement) and the product quality leaves much to be desired! i am waiting for the new mini cooper adapter from bmw and then off to e-bay with the ice-link

Posted by andrew on August 6, 2004 at 4:15 AM (PDT) Comment 8

I've had the Dension ICELink in my Audi TT and have had none of the problems described. It's worked great with my set up. I think problems probably vary from component to component. I will agree that the head unit could control more of the iPod funcitons, but it's not so bad. I usually just the iPod as a "jukebox" anyway, just letting it play though one big playlist. I also keep it in the trunk, out of sight.

I'm been completely happy with my ICELink so far.

Posted by Michael Dupuis on August 6, 2004 at 5:04 AM (PDT) Comment 9

Or you could just get an aiwa or some other unit that has aux-in, add in a belkin car kit for charging and line-out sound with a small built-in amp so you don't have to keep futzing with the volume between aux and the rest. It won't give you ipod controls in your steering wheel, but it gives you line-in quality for about $130 bucks

Posted by JC on August 6, 2004 at 5:29 AM (PDT) Comment 10

After looking at the Denison solution and then the Aux-Pod solution in this link:

I went with the Aux-Pod and it has installed wonderfully in my 99 Accord EX. Sound is great and I have a cable that I connect it to and interfaces well with the steering controls and regular headunit controls. Definitely recommend a setup like this. Makes my iPod worth 2x the price to me.


Posted by Stormy Shippy on August 6, 2004 at 5:35 AM (PDT) Comment 11

This aux pod looks very good. Anybody know if there is a UK dealer? or something similar for a peugeot 206?

thanks dudes

Posted by shamalam on August 6, 2004 at 8:01 AM (PDT) Comment 12

Motobill, did you install the IceLink yourself? I have a 02 Audi also. I'm currently hardwired with a FM transmitter and I hate it. Any Advice.

Posted by HeadCheese on August 6, 2004 at 8:15 AM (PDT) Comment 13

None of the reported problems have been evident on 2 Chrysler cars.

It's been reported here and by its manifacturer that AUX-POD, on the other hand, causes major problems with these cars.

Apparently until this market matures a bit, the best product for a given car will vary. Maybe a sticky in the forums here or something could be used as a place to keep track of hits and misses?

Posted by iMeowbot on August 6, 2004 at 10:17 AM (PDT) Comment 14

Stormy Shippy:

I am interested in the Aux-Pod. Could you please let me know if this unit is capable of fast forwarding and rewinding (via the factory radio or steerign wheel controls) while a song that is playing? The website says track forward and track back, but does not mention fast forwarding or rewinding.

Also, does it turn back on and resume playback when the car is started again? Thanks.

Posted by Samurai on August 6, 2004 at 10:32 AM (PDT) Comment 15

I've only had my icelink for 2 days and after reading this review I turned my ipod over and the back is all scratched up with a black line running between the 40 and the gb. Not too upsetting for me but it's a snug fit in that cradle. No troubles with my Icelink in a 2000 Porsche Boxster but I've barely used it.

Posted by willywoody on August 6, 2004 at 10:53 AM (PDT) Comment 16

WOW HALO IN A CAR!!!!!!!!!! My fav game plus a cant drive yet :(

Posted by xboxman on August 6, 2004 at 12:31 PM (PDT) Comment 17

Wow. Halo and iPod in one. now only if they had Halo for iPod that would kick butt! The product seems too pricey for me..

Posted by Ben on August 6, 2004 at 12:54 PM (PDT) Comment 18

I'm using one w/ a Kenwood 879 Head Unit and a new 4G ipod.

I have the same problems where it won't turn off when the car does, and sometimes it requires being unplugged. i"m running it through a Sirius tuner under the seat also so It's not AS big of a deal to do when I had to pull the dash off to get to it.

I'm on my second unit, and after reading this review and finding that a replacement solved those problems for the reviewer I'm going to contact Dension again for another.

It is buggy, at least in my experience, but honestly I'm overall pleased w/ the performance and the company has been very responsive to technical support so far.

Posted by krzy on August 6, 2004 at 1:09 PM (PDT) Comment 19

Krzy, have you tried attaching the ICE-Link directly to the headunit? I was thinking that it may be the Sirius tuner thats causing complications, but i'm not sure.

If it isnt the Sirius tuner, then I think that Dension should improve their efforts on aftermarket headunits.

Posted by Austin on August 7, 2004 at 10:08 AM (PDT) Comment 20

yep, i was having exactly the same problems before the Sirius tuner. I had actually hoped adding it might even HELP matters but at the very least it didn't make it worse!

Posted by krzy on August 7, 2004 at 1:06 PM (PDT) Comment 21

Does anyone have an Icelink hooked up to a Sony headunit? How's it working? I've got my iPod hooked up (without an Icelink) through the CD changer inputs of my Sony headunit and it works great. The changer has to be hooked up so the head unit still thinks the CD changer is supplying input to the jacks, but the jacks now work as an aux input for the iPod whenever I select the CD input. Voila! If the Icelink showed the song info in the headunit, it'd be worth it, but $170 (incl. shipping) for glorified patch cords seems crazy expensive. I'm still considering it, but it really adds limited utility for me. Charging and output through the firewire is the best feature, but I'd want to keep the iPod close enough to read/access anyway, so I want to keep it mounted close to me on the dash. Reaching over to go to the next song on the iPod is hardly taxing. Now that I think about it, the iPod will actually be closer than my headunit once I mount it. (btw I turn the iPod all the way up and control volume through the headunit.)

Posted by JoeS on August 7, 2004 at 1:23 PM (PDT) Comment 22

for Kevin D. you have to find a balance between you ipod's volume and the car stereo. Also, be careful to check your eq settings

Posted by Zo on August 7, 2004 at 7:19 PM (PDT) Comment 23

I think a better option, which has about zero chance of going wrong and will cost about the same, is to simply buy a new headunit that has an AUX input available. Unless you already have an expensive aftermarket headunit installed, and it doesn't have an AUX input, for less than $200 you can get a great stereo and a great way to connect your iPod to your car with crystal clear audio quality.

Posted by I am speed on August 7, 2004 at 9:11 PM (PDT) Comment 24

i have an icelink hooked up to a sony head. i don't have the icelink that allows you to control through the head unit, i found the idea a bit too much for me. the ipod sits within arm's reach and you can read the text just fine. no sound issues, no hardware issues. it just looks real clean and the charging and output through firewire are great.

Posted by Travis on August 8, 2004 at 4:08 AM (PDT) Comment 25
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