Could someone with a previous model answer a few questions:

How heavy is the case? Is exercising an issue?

Any problems with heat?

On a side note: could the smaller opening for the clickwheel be protection for the "seam" around the wheel?

Posted by thewagon on September 17, 2004 at 3:42 AM (PDT) Comment 1

That looks like a v.nice case indeed - I hope that will be getting them in.

Posted by Sensei-Katana on September 17, 2004 at 9:54 AM (PDT) Comment 2

I can't believe no one except me thought about using a MARWARE SportSuit Convertible model for the 1G/2G model on a 4G iPod. It fits perfect and I purchased it right at the Apple Store. The sales idiots swore to me that it wouldn't work on a 4G model and boy were they wrong! It works great and can be found discounted down to $19.00 usd. If you don't believe me take your 4G iPod with you and check it out for yourself. You won't regret it. And the Griffin iTrip fits perfect on it too! I can't say the same for the 3G version.

God is this Pacific Rim Technologies 4G iShield the ulgiest device i have ever laid eyes on. Trust me, save your money and buy the above mentioned case.

Posted by Mike on September 17, 2004 at 8:50 PM (PDT) Comment 3


It's pretty funny how different people have different tastes. Personally I think the iShield is the best looking case I've ever seen.

Conversely, I'd rather be skewered with blunt bamboo than wrap my precious ipod in all that neoprene and nylon, but that's just me.

Posted by thewagon on September 18, 2004 at 3:56 AM (PDT) Comment 4

Is there any chance that this will fit a 3G 20GB ipod? The reason I ask is because I HATE the idea of not having a clear screen cover, and the only ones with it are the mini and the 4G shields.

Posted by T on September 19, 2004 at 11:38 AM (PDT) Comment 5

T, go have a look on the web site, there is a similar hard case for your 3g pod

Posted by Laurent on September 21, 2004 at 11:19 PM (PDT) Comment 6

check out the 4G cases on [url=][/url] I have one and it is awesome

Posted by sri on September 23, 2004 at 6:55 AM (PDT) Comment 7

This case may be good, but my experiences with the company have been plain terrrible. Ordered a 3G case in January 2004, was never delivered, they kept telling me that they would be getting new stock, but they never did and in August they refunded my money after many emails and threathening to take legal action. They seem very happy to take your money but not too eager to send you the product. Id stay clear of this company. Buy it from a reseller if you must.

Posted by cdj on September 23, 2004 at 6:06 PM (PDT) Comment 8

I ordered this case based on this review (the update about them improving the clickwheel cutout was very reassuring), and I just found out that it was shipped today, 9/27/04, four days before it was scheduled to ship (would have been nice to receive an e-mail notification, but it may still come later today).

I chose the 4GShield because it's a metal case that allows access to all ports and the clickwheel (Unlike the ipod armour). Also, it makes the ipod look like a giant silver mini, which I was on the fence about buying originally.

I'll follow with a full review once I receive it for anyone who's interested.

Posted by thewagon on September 27, 2004 at 11:14 AM (PDT) Comment 9

I ordered this case based on this review (the update about them improving the clickwheel cutout was very reassuring), and I just found out that it was shipped today, 9/27/04, four days before it was scheduled to ship (would have been nice to receive an e-mail notification, but it may still come later today).

I chose the 4GShield because it's a metal case that allows access to all ports and the clickwheel (Unlike the ipod armour). Also, it makes the ipod look like a giant silver mini, which I was on the fence about buying originally.

I'll follow with a full review once I receive it for anyone who's interested.

Posted by thewagon on September 27, 2004 at 11:15 AM (PDT) Comment 10

definitely interested. trying to decide between this and a contour.

Posted by Sharks and Sailors on September 27, 2004 at 8:00 PM (PDT) Comment 11

So, thewagon, what is the verdict?

Posted by Abby on September 30, 2004 at 6:31 AM (PDT) Comment 12

I didn't mean to keep anyone in suspense.

Truth is, I expect to receive it tomorrow, 10/1, and I'll post my review then.

Posted by thewagon on September 30, 2004 at 7:45 AM (PDT) Comment 13

i'm suspicious about that clip. hey thewagon please tell us how well the clip works. i work out a lot and i dont want my ipod falling off my belt when i work out.

Posted by Havok on September 30, 2004 at 10:26 AM (PDT) Comment 14

Sorry folks, it seems that Fed Ex "misdirected" my shipment. Looks like the earliest I'll get it is Tuesday 10/5/04.

Posted by thewagon on October 1, 2004 at 11:29 AM (PDT) Comment 15

cases like this always scratch up your shiny ipod... get a skin from ####

Posted by Alex John on October 1, 2004 at 5:56 PM (PDT) Comment 16

I purchased and received this case 9/30/04. As far as the undersized & roughedge clickwheel hole being remedied...I don't see it. Mine case still has a sli

Posted by eyzonla on October 1, 2004 at 8:02 PM (PDT) Comment 17

Sorry -sent the previous post without completing it by mistake. As I was saying...
The case that I received still has a rough edge with a slightly undersized clickwheel hole. Perhaps I received one of the "preremedied" models? These "flaws" are not a major concern as all areas of the clickwheel are still fully accessable, & the ipod is totally functional. Hole in back-not an issue.

Case is very sturdy & well made-will protect the ipod from falls & outside elements. Don't see any potential for the case scratching the ipod as the inside of the case is covered with feltlike material protecting contact points between the case and the ipod. No scratches yet (but it's only been 3-4 days).

As far as excersising with the case... The case is a little heavy, but not too heavy. I'm a runner & don't feel that the weight of the case would hinder anything.

However, the major, major flaw of the case is the clip!!! The one I received, doesn't firmly attach to the case at all. It just freely spins around & around-like it's barely attached! I definatley can't run or attatch it to any belt,waistband, or anything else because it is not firmly attached. It would literally just fall right off! I can't believe this - it's unreal! Perhaps I just got a defective clip? Does anyone else have this same problem? Please let me know. I'm going to call the company about this. The main reason that I purchased this case was to go running with it, & I definately can't do that because it will just fly right off!

Posted by eyzonla on October 3, 2004 at 9:58 AM (PDT) Comment 18

I just received this from (very happy with them), but I was not too happy with the product.

The case itself was thankfully light, especially for being made of metal. And it seemed rather well protected inside, little fear of scratches from the iside of the case.

But I had three complaints:
-- The case has an extra peice of foam, not attached to the case, which sits behind the Ipod. It is black like the rest of the foam, with a hole (you see it above in the top picture, trimmed in yellow). Anywho, that foam makes it feel that the case was designed for a different Ipod, and that this was a shim. I have a 20Gig 4G. But worse, even with the shim in, the Ipod swimmed around the case a bit, so that the controls would mis-align with the holes sometimes, and align at other times. The play was small, but still annoying.

Also, the case is closed by a latch with operates mostly by friction, which had me worrying that it would just pop open, although I have no evidence of that.

Also, the screen cover is not clear, rather it is covered by plastic film layers, probably by design. It did not seem to be just protection for shipping, as there were several layers, but the result was that the screeen was hard to read.

I am new to the Ipod Case arket, perhpas I am too picky.

Short answer: I am returning this and getting an exchange.

Posted by Jeffrey Sink on October 4, 2004 at 6:50 AM (PDT) Comment 19

Okay, so I just received my case this morning. Stupid Fedex.

Initial reaction: very well made case with a few flaws.


1. Surprisingly light. I actually weighed the case on a scale (I work in a lab), and the 4G shield weighed 47g without the clip (58g with clip). For comparison, the official Apple case weighed 51g.

2. Solidly built. Very durable considering how light it is. Hinge and door clasp seem very sturdy. I even accidentily dropped the case from waist high with my ipod inside and everything survived wonderfully.

3. Style and design. I must say I was always envious of my friend's mini just because you could hold it and use it without much concern about scratches and nicks. I now feel that way about my ipod. If you like the way the ipod looks in the pictures above, then you'll love the way it looks in person. The cutout for the clickwheel is definitely large enough and has a smooth inward depression around the interior. The screen protector is a very clear, hard plastic separated from the ipod screen by a foam lining. The entire interior of the case is lined with this soft, black foam that does a pretty good job of protecting the ipod from scratches.

Continued on next post due to length restrictions.

Posted by thewagon on October 4, 2004 at 6:55 AM (PDT) Comment 20


This case was definitely designed with the 40gb ipod in mind. Although there is an extra foam insert included to support my 20gb ipod, it was not nearly enough. There was some serious rattle with just the foam insert. Including several of these inserts would be a great idea if PacRim truly wants to advertise this as compatible with all 4G ipods. (Hint, hint). For now, I found a thicker foam padding and cut it to fit the case. With this homemade insert, the fit is just about perfect.

There are a few very minor (and I do mean minor) cosmetic flaws here and there but only noticeable on close inspection.

The hold switch is a little hard to access.

Now on to the belt clip. First, I would like to say that I got two clips included whether by accident or not, that was the good news. The bad news is that they both have the same flaw. Basically, the previous reviewer was right in that there is some serious "play" when the case is connected to the clip. By this, I don't mean to imply that the case isn't secure on the clip (it seems fairly secure, I even applied a fair amount of force to try to get the case off of the clip), it's just that the clip spins around VERY freely. For the type of workout I do (cardio on a stairmaster or treadmill and weighttraining on Nautilus-type machines) I wouldn't have any trouble with wearing this clip. However, for serious runners or more active workouts, I would have some reservations. I don't think the case would go flying off or anything, it's just not as "stiff" as one is accustomed to is all. Actually, the clip allows me to sit with the case attached to my waist and not be too bothered since it just swivels horizontally with ease. (Maybe this could be seen as a positive for some, who knows?)

In summary, I'm very happy with the case and wouldn't have any problems recommending it to anyone with the caveat about the clip. I feel like I truly have possession of my ipod now because of the access to all controls and ports that I didn't have with the Apple case.


Case without clip: A-

Case with clip: B+

Addendum: To address a concern of the poster above about the plastic over the screen: you're supposed to remove those covers, then the screen becomes very clear.

Posted by thewagon on October 4, 2004 at 6:58 AM (PDT) Comment 21

Update on my experiences with the 4Gshield.

I called Pacific Rim about possibly ordering extra foam inserts, and they were very kind in sending some out to me free of charge.

As I didn't see much that they could do about the clip, I didn't mention it. However, what I did do was go out and buy a Belkin Universal Cell phone adaptor kit ($5 at Wally World). This kit comes with a very sturdy clip, but you must first affix their own "nub" on the back of the case. Granted this does detract from the aesthetic design of the back of the case, but I was willing to make the trade-off. I don't know what kind of adhesive 3M uses to affix the "nub", but that baby is not coming off without a serious fight.

The best part, however, is that the Belkin kit comes with a car dash mount. I affixed this mount to my car next to the steering wheel, and without a doubt I now have the perfect ipod to car stereo set-up (I have an aftermarket JVC stereo with an aux input on the face). With the backlight on, I have a perfect view of what's playing on my ipod, and the clickwheel is literally inches away from my finger.

So the obvious question becomes, why bother buying this case if you must do so much yourself? The answer is simple: the case looks absolutely stunning. The pictures above really don't do it justice. Whereas the naked ipod or one with an iskin cover looks like an ibook (not bad, I have one myself) this cover makes the ipod look like a supercharged Powerbook. It's a real jaw-dropper.

Posted by thewagon on October 5, 2004 at 9:29 AM (PDT) Comment 22

I am looking for a case to get to take snowboarding, so it obviously needs to be quite sturdy. Does anyone have any recommendations? The two I could find were this or the iPod armor by Matias. Any advice?

Posted by Butter04 on October 20, 2004 at 9:16 AM (PDT) Comment 23

This case won't work with the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter. In other words, to use the iTrip, you have to take iPod out of the case.

Posted by ElBow on October 22, 2004 at 6:52 AM (PDT) Comment 24

Has anyone tried the Gadget Accessories [url=][/url] version of this case? It's very similar,except it opens on the bottom and not the side and retails for $15. Is it worth it? Not sure if screen protector or belt clip are included. I wonder if this one works better with accessories like the ITrip. Anyone?

Posted by casualfc on November 18, 2004 at 7:28 PM (PDT) Comment 25
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