This case was definitely designed with the 40gb ipod in mind. Although there is an extra foam insert included to support my 20gb ipod, it was not nearly enough. There was some serious rattle with just the foam insert. Including several of these inserts would be a great idea if PacRim truly wants to advertise this as compatible with all 4G ipods. (Hint, hint). For now, I found a thicker foam padding and cut it to fit the case. With this homemade insert, the fit is just about perfect.

There are a few very minor (and I do mean minor) cosmetic flaws here and there but only noticeable on close inspection.

The hold switch is a little hard to access.

Now on to the belt clip. First, I would like to say that I got two clips included whether by accident or not, that was the good news. The bad news is that they both have the same flaw. Basically, the previous reviewer was right in that there is some serious "play" when the case is connected to the clip. By this, I don't mean to imply that the case isn't secure on the clip (it seems fairly secure, I even applied a fair amount of force to try to get the case off of the clip), it's just that the clip spins around VERY freely. For the type of workout I do (cardio on a stairmaster or treadmill and weighttraining on Nautilus-type machines) I wouldn't have any trouble with wearing this clip. However, for serious runners or more active workouts, I would have some reservations. I don't think the case would go flying off or anything, it's just not as "stiff" as one is accustomed to is all. Actually, the clip allows me to sit with the case attached to my waist and not be too bothered since it just swivels horizontally with ease. (Maybe this could be seen as a positive for some, who knows?)

In summary, I'm very happy with the case and wouldn't have any problems recommending it to anyone with the caveat about the clip. I feel like I truly have possession of my ipod now because of the access to all controls and ports that I didn't have with the Apple case.


Case without clip: A-

Case with clip: B+

Addendum: To address a concern of the poster above about the plastic over the screen: you're supposed to remove those covers, then the screen becomes very clear.

Posted by thewagon on October 4, 2004 at 6:58 AM (PDT) Comment 21

Update on my experiences with the 4Gshield.

I called Pacific Rim about possibly ordering extra foam inserts, and they were very kind in sending some out to me free of charge.

As I didn't see much that they could do about the clip, I didn't mention it. However, what I did do was go out and buy a Belkin Universal Cell phone adaptor kit ($5 at Wally World). This kit comes with a very sturdy clip, but you must first affix their own "nub" on the back of the case. Granted this does detract from the aesthetic design of the back of the case, but I was willing to make the trade-off. I don't know what kind of adhesive 3M uses to affix the "nub", but that baby is not coming off without a serious fight.

The best part, however, is that the Belkin kit comes with a car dash mount. I affixed this mount to my car next to the steering wheel, and without a doubt I now have the perfect ipod to car stereo set-up (I have an aftermarket JVC stereo with an aux input on the face). With the backlight on, I have a perfect view of what's playing on my ipod, and the clickwheel is literally inches away from my finger.

So the obvious question becomes, why bother buying this case if you must do so much yourself? The answer is simple: the case looks absolutely stunning. The pictures above really don't do it justice. Whereas the naked ipod or one with an iskin cover looks like an ibook (not bad, I have one myself) this cover makes the ipod look like a supercharged Powerbook. It's a real jaw-dropper.

Posted by thewagon on October 5, 2004 at 9:29 AM (PDT) Comment 22

I am looking for a case to get to take snowboarding, so it obviously needs to be quite sturdy. Does anyone have any recommendations? The two I could find were this or the iPod armor by Matias. Any advice?

Posted by Butter04 on October 20, 2004 at 9:16 AM (PDT) Comment 23

This case won't work with the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter. In other words, to use the iTrip, you have to take iPod out of the case.

Posted by ElBow on October 22, 2004 at 6:52 AM (PDT) Comment 24

Has anyone tried the Gadget Accessories [url=][/url] version of this case? It's very similar,except it opens on the bottom and not the side and retails for $15. Is it worth it? Not sure if screen protector or belt clip are included. I wonder if this one works better with accessories like the ITrip. Anyone?

Posted by casualfc on November 18, 2004 at 7:28 PM (PDT) Comment 25

Does asnybody know if this will fit the U2 ipod

Posted by Chicken Man on November 19, 2004 at 3:26 PM (PDT) Comment 26

also is their a way to put protection on the clickwheel

Posted by Chicken Man on November 19, 2004 at 3:27 PM (PDT) Comment 27

I wish they would make a case specifically for the 20Gb ipod and not just categorize it the same as the 40G.

=( Disappointing

Posted by yOyOYoo on November 25, 2004 at 4:04 PM (PDT) Comment 28

Looks awesome, but will it work with the iTrip?

Posted by ultrarob on December 1, 2004 at 6:11 PM (PDT) Comment 29

Hi All,

Well I have had my new case for the 40 gb Ipod photo for a week.I am VERY pleased with it.It is exactly as pictured. AND my ipod photo fits it like a custom made glove.There is no movement once the ipod is in it.

This case keeps my ipod VERY secure.

I really like the clear screen that protects the ipod screen because its all part of the case unlike the previous case i had which its screen protector moved alot therefore scratching the ipod screen. That is not evident in this case.

I would recommend this case to anyone that has a brand new ipod photo that they would hate to have gotten scratched or easily damaged.You will be pleased with this case.Yes it is metal but it is light. Though the brilliant white case of the ipod is not on display the metal still offers presence.

Unlike other reviews above Pacific Rim has adjusted the size opening for this case.It offers easy access to the click wheel.

I use the monster's icarplay fm transmitter though it does not fit with the case on. In regards to usage of the itrip i don't believe so because I own Griffins italk and i can't use it with this case on.

Though those are minor oversights this is still a great case in my opinion.

Posted by Waqe on December 8, 2004 at 8:39 PM (PDT) Comment 30

Mine arrived today. Believe me, the thing looks way too better in the pictures than in reality.

Functionality - ok; It protects the iPod for sure but my Belkin headphone splitter didnt fit in (Average - in terms of access to controls and ports).

Looks - average (Kinda cheesy - nothing as seen in the pics here)

Weight - light for an all metal case.

Clip/Clamp - rotates all over, and unlike others said, I found it not be very sturdy/rugged.

Openings/holes - Ok (the rear hole really seems to be too big for the size of the iPod; but may be good for dissipating heat).

Screen protector - Ok; after peeling off the layers of protective plastic (however, not really great. Mine is kinda nasty, the internal black coating on the edges was already gone is some places).

PacificRim Service - Nothing spectacular (mine arrived a couple days later, may be because of the holiday rush).

Whats in the box? - mine came with only one clip and one shim (I remember some saying theirs came with two of each).

Overall a B-

Recommendation - go for the iPod Armor (this aint a good value for money).

Posted by herschel on December 24, 2004 at 9:10 PM (PDT) Comment 31

Was it supposed to come with 2 extra pieces of foam?
Mine only came with 1, and with my 20gb there's a lot of movement, and a large space between the front of the case and the front of the ipod.

Posted by ultrarob on December 26, 2004 at 12:01 PM (PDT) Comment 32

If this is a little roomy for the 20gb model, does that mean it could contain my 20gb in its Podsleevz? This would be nice, as it would be double-safe!

Posted by John Behan on January 2, 2005 at 11:05 AM (PDT) Comment 33

Wow, I hope someone from Pacific Rim is keeping tabs. There are 4 aluminium cases I've got my eye on. After these reviews I think I can safely remove this one from my list.

I own a 20G/4G, what gets me is why try and fool 20G/4G owner by supplying a 40G case? That's so slack. If they're gonna sell a 40G/4G case as a 20G case you'd think they'd have the decency to be upfront about it on their website (& provide enough 'neoprene filler' to make up the difference in space). Do the right thing PacRim and build a proper 20G/4G case to begin with. And the whole 'loose' clip thing just brings it down another notch. I don't envy those 20G/4G owners that fall into this trap and end up having to put a brave face on it. Frankly I'd send the case back and look elsewhere.

I don't even own a 4G Shield and I'm disappointed (namely because this was the favourite, I'll have to drop this from my list).

Posted by iZON on January 11, 2005 at 10:25 PM (PDT) Comment 34

The 4G Shield is great, but I'm very disappointed with Pacific Rim Technologies customer service.
The case:
My only complaint about the case itself is the cheesy filler foam pad they give you to make the 20GB fit. Other than that, it's a great solid case and protects the ipod very well.
The company:
PacRim made a mistake and double-charged me. It took me 3 weeks to get them to refund the money and this was only after finally threatening to turn them into the Better Business Bureau. They finally refunded the money, but instead of being apologetic, they were curt and tried to somehow blame me for the delay, even though they've been telling me for 3 weeks that the money was actually already refunded.
In summary, awesome product but probably the worst customer service I've ever dealt with.

Posted by Joey30 on January 27, 2005 at 8:38 AM (PDT) Comment 35

Update: Did finally receive an explanation and an apology from PacRim. While I still have to say dealing with them has not been a pleasure, I did want to report that they did finally make things right.

Posted by Joey30 on January 27, 2005 at 11:35 AM (PDT) Comment 36

I bought one of these cases but haven't used it.. I opened the package and noticed that the aluminum was of poor quality. The hinge was loose and the latch didn't align well. I will most likely not use this case.

Posted by Kripto on January 28, 2005 at 10:44 PM (PDT) Comment 37

Where is the best place to buy this case?
Are there any other reviews for it on the net?

Posted by Jaeger on February 4, 2005 at 6:45 PM (PDT) Comment 38

For Monster fm carplay users: I first thought of trimming the opening in the iShield, however, there is not enough metal to play with. The solution is to trim out some of the adapter, a liitle on each side, then you can utilize the tuner without removing the iPod from the case.

Posted by andison98 on February 19, 2005 at 6:44 PM (PDT) Comment 39

I've been using this case for about a week now with my 4th generation 40GB iPod. Here are some thoughts.

Overall, I like it. I like the padding inside and I like the looks of it overall. Lots of people have complained about the clip design, which allows the case/iPod to rotate freely about the nub. I was skeptical, but I like it. Sometimes I'll clip my iPod to a hip pocket, facing out for easy access to the controls, and the clip keeps the iPod more level as I move than a more restrictive design would. The hold slider is also harder to reach, as mentioned above, but the flip side of that is thanks to the newly-recessed click wheel it is not needed as much, either.

I do have some complaints. It took quite a while to get here. The rear shell and front shell are slightly misaligned at the top-left corner, the click-wheel hole is still a bit small, and my case has one notable finish imperfection each on the front shell and rear shell. None of these problems is impairs the case's functionality, and I'm hypercritical about fit and finish in general, but like all iPod cases it is pretty overpriced for what you get. If it was $15-20, none of these complaints would be valid.

Posted by 4thG40 on March 18, 2005 at 6:59 PM (PDT) Comment 40

This thing is a total piece of crap. Within 24 hours of keeping my U2 iPod in the case in my briefbag, the cheap plastic window designed to protect the iPod screen cracked right down the middle.

The two halves of the case are simply stamped pieces of metal. The hinges are folded metal wrapped around a piece of wire. It's very easy to accidentally twist the two halves out of alignment.

There is no protection for the click wheel. It does not work with the iTrip. Obviously it doesn't work with a dock, but the small hole at the bottom for plugging in the firewire/USB cord is too small and the iPod needs to be jiggled within the case to get the cord's plug to line up with the iPod's socket.

This case obviously costs PacRim Technologies less than $5 to produce, so if you think they deserve at least $30 in pure profit on this item, then feel free to send them your money.

Posted by dvandkq on March 18, 2005 at 9:49 PM (PDT) Comment 41

Does the little nub on the back come off? I'll never use a belt clip and I don't like the way it sits when they have that nub.

Posted by Sylance on March 20, 2005 at 4:46 PM (PDT) Comment 42

This case is not worth the money. The idea is nice, but the construction is cheap. The case is barely worth $10, certainly not $35 + $10 shipping. The foam on the inside was not aligned properly and was sticking out of the scroll wheel hole. The case was mis-aligned. It didn't close all the way when my iPod (40gb) was in, even though the foam spacer was out.

I wrote a review on the pacific rim technologies site, expressing my concern and it dissappeared after being up for less than a week. When I tried to return the product, I was never contacted. Finally, after being pesky for 2 months, I was able to get it returned.

Do not buy this product. It is cheap, poorly constructed, and the company does not seem to care. I got a silicone case finally, and it offers more protection than this.

Posted by CollegeKid07 on March 29, 2005 at 9:44 AM (PDT) Comment 43

I picked this up at Macworld last January or so for $20-25 can't remember. I wanted a metal case with padding for snowboarding. I didn't want to flip open a case to access the controls.

This thing survived a whole season of snowboarding. It was in my coat jacket or in my pants pocket. I'm pretty advanced and took some gnarly aerial crashes with it. iPod and the case were safe.

That hole showing the 20GB... I flipped the foam inside so that part would be covered. The padding I think is key.

I had that little flipcase thing from Speck. Total #####. I dropped my old ipod mini case and all, and the mini was hosed. That's why the padding is key.

With summer here, the iPod comes along with me on road bike rides about 3-5x a week. Again, no problems.

I also have the Timbuk3 case and my wife uses one of those rubber socks. Both are good, but the metal one is good for me since I'm so rough with stuff.

Posted by jaystudios on June 3, 2005 at 1:30 PM (PDT) Comment 44

I just wrote a lengthy review on about this. All in all, it's a good case. It offers a good mix between protection and function.

However, I have a big concern about it: It is much too thick for use with a 20 GB iPod. I put a piece of cardboard in addition to the foam pad that's included, and that makes it fit sufficiently. However, now the holes on the top and bottom barely line up. It would also be a lot thinner if there were versions made specifically for different models.

For my (idiosyncratic's) complete review:

Posted by idiosyncratic on June 22, 2005 at 7:02 PM (PDT) Comment 45
 1 2 >
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