I completely understand what isn't compatible with the is the size of the Photo I-Pod and not the software. I am able to play my Photo I-Pod as long as there is no slot adapter inserted. It does not look as nice...but I am hoping that Bose will come out with a new one and I will be able to buy just that piece. Thanks for the review!


Posted by ifyrnice2me on January 3, 2005 at 12:14 PM (PDT) Comment 41

I called Bose and this is what they told me:

"We're working on it now."
"We don't know when it will be available."
"We don't know whether it will be free and currently have no information concerning pricing."

Hope this helps (or doesn't.)

Posted by bkh on January 6, 2005 at 3:07 PM (PDT) Comment 42

Sorry, the above post was about the Photo iPod adapter.

Posted by bkh on January 6, 2005 at 3:10 PM (PDT) Comment 43

Hey there,
Can anybody here help by telling me how I connect my Ipod with my Beosound 1 ... I have the Monster cable but I can't connect it with the Beosound because it has an AUX din A5.. I have bought an adpter but the sound doesn't come through... Anybody can tell me what can I do... Many Thanks

Posted by OlivierB on January 10, 2005 at 2:10 PM (PDT) Comment 44

Hey there,
Can anybody help me by telling me how I connect my Ipod with my Beosound 1 ... I have the Monster cable but I can't connect it with the Beosound because it has an AUX din A5.. I have bought an adapter too but the sound doesn't come through... Anybody can tell me what can I do... Many Thanks

Posted by OlivierB on January 10, 2005 at 2:12 PM (PDT) Comment 45

I saw one of these in a Bose shop and was instantly attracted...shame about the price though...

Posted by williamseymour on January 11, 2005 at 9:29 AM (PDT) Comment 46

Does the Sound dock have any line-in? Planning to buy one but this might be a bit of an issue if it doesnt cause means that i can Only use it with the ipod...

Posted by briangrech on January 15, 2005 at 3:30 AM (PDT) Comment 47

I just received my soundock this morning. It now comes with all 5 adapters for all different types of IPOD.

I have tried all volumes and there is no way the music will distort. I was sceptical about this product but thought I would try it before buying connnectors to my existing JVC stereo system.

However, I am hearing parts of the melody I never heard on my current stereo.

It is absolutely fabulous.

Ok - let;s get real, the separation between left and right is not as good as a standard stereo, but it's not bad. Anyway, that's just a question of physical speaker location.

I don't get any hiss on acoustic or very soft music at low levels and am 100% satisfied.

Played the same songs on my stereo then on the Soundock and in all honesty, I was seriously impressed.

The stereo is now off to by brother's this week.

I now have a small compact but powerful jukebox with every album I've ever owned.

What more could a geeky IT-girl want?

Buy it - you won't be disappointed

Posted by dandylioncat on February 1, 2005 at 2:18 AM (PDT) Comment 48

Does anyone know what the wattage is of the Bose Sounddock?

Posted by georgeambler on February 1, 2005 at 11:59 AM (PDT) Comment 49

does anyone know if the sounddock has any inputs (other thatn the ipod dock). That would be great to be able hook it up to a tv or game system to help justify the price.

ps- great review. thanks.

Posted by podskater on February 3, 2005 at 11:01 PM (PDT) Comment 50

Does this product work with an ipod mini? By the way, my friend has one and it sounds awesome!

Posted by robertll on February 7, 2005 at 3:22 PM (PDT) Comment 51

I recently purchased a sounddock based on your informative review and reccomendations from friends and I noticed that after extended playing, the ipod is always in a charged mode. How does this affect the ipods battery charging cycle since the power source never seems to be fully discharged. Are these batteries lithium ion or nicads

Posted by Starlight Pines on February 8, 2005 at 7:33 AM (PDT) Comment 52

does anyone know if the remote with the ipod dock, works with the ipod mini. thanks

Posted by Dawood on February 8, 2005 at 3:32 PM (PDT) Comment 53

I've just bought one got it home. A minute after getting it out of the box it was filling my house with great sounds. It even gives my separates a run for their money.

A great review that convinced me to buy this great product!

Posted by mightywhelk on February 9, 2005 at 1:18 PM (PDT) Comment 54

Re: ipod photo compatibility

I stopped at the nashville bose store and asked the saleslady about compatibility:

40gb photo: compatible out of the box

60gb photo: compatible after contacting bose and having them send a 'free' 60gb adapter plate

tho' i'm curious - why do bose stores not stock these 60gb adapter plates so they can hand them out as cust's need them? i'm considering getting a soundock, but i'd like to leave the store knowing that the soundock ALREADY fits my 60gb photo (i.e. without waiting for bose to send it), ya know?

Posted by lechocolatemoose on February 9, 2005 at 9:53 PM (PDT) Comment 55

This product works with all 3g, 4g, and mini ipods. The remote works with the mini and the regular ipod. Hope that helps people

Posted by robertll on February 13, 2005 at 11:31 AM (PDT) Comment 56

I found the Bose SoundDock in a local store. Looks good, sounds amazing. I want one.

Posted by Sol on February 14, 2005 at 4:12 AM (PDT) Comment 57

There are several questions that keep appearing about the SoundDock on this thread. I work for Bose so I am in a position to answer them.

iPod Photo
Bose will be releasing inserts for the iPod photo very soon. Currently the product ships with five inserts (2x 3rd Gen, 2x 4th Gen, 1x Mini). The product was designed before the launch of the iPod photo, hence no insert as of yet.

There are no inputs or connections to connect the Bose SoundDock to your PC/Mac. The product is soley designed for the iPod with simplicity in mind.

Speaker Design
There are two full-range loudspeaker drivers inside the SoundDock providing a rich, full, stereo sound. It is NOT monoaural. The small size of the SoundDock will not provide as defined stereo seperation as a conventional seperate speakers, but does benefit from TrueSpace signal processing which gives a more spacious sound without detracting from the source material. The Bose SoundDock easily fills most average sized rooms very well. Remember that the product is designed as an easy to use, space-saving option for those customers that wish for excellent sound with maximum convenience (charging, remote, no speaker cables, etc)
Bose do not release specifications for their products, eg power rating, frequency response, etc.

The system is mains powered and has been designed as an indoor system. It weighs only 2kgs though, so is easy enough to move around the home.

Overall, it is encouraging and satisfying to read that so many people are delighted with their SoundDock.


Posted by RobF1 on February 14, 2005 at 12:55 PM (PDT) Comment 58

The Bose SoundDock is great and anyone who says that it isn't either is on the payroll of JBL or has too much wax in their ears.

I listened to Creatures in the store-they are toys for teenagers. I brought both an On Stage and a SoundDock home to decide which one I wanted for travel. The On Stage puts out very impressive sound for both its size and price, but it doesn't come close to the SoundDock in richness.

As far as needing a bass and treble control like the Creatures, haven't you figured out how to use the EQ settings in the iPod yet? If you need more than the EQ settings the iPod offers, you are listening to the speakers, not the music.

Deciding between the On Stage and the SoundDock was difficult, however. I wanted something for my frequent 3-4 day hotel stays and the On Stage is clearly more portable than the SoundDock. Well I am sitting in a hotel in Toronto, 1500 miles from home, listening to the SoundDock right now. It meant that I had to carry an extra piece of luggage to transport it here, but there is no question in my mind that it was worth it. I have enjoyed the time I had to myself in this room so much because of the SoundDock. Yeah, the On Stage could have been squeezed into my usual luggage and the SoundDock doesn't come close to the two stereo systems I have in my home and the one I have in my office, but it is better than anything else that wouldn't require a dolly or a porter to tranport it through an airport.

I wanted to counter this review so that anyone who appreciates true quality isn't lead astray. Go and listen to a SoundDock. It is made for anyone who understands exactly what the specs of stereo mean, but doesn't give a damn about them--they want to listen to the music and then decide for themselves.

Posted by shuffler on February 19, 2005 at 6:04 PM (PDT) Comment 59


Posted by EQUINOX341095 on April 4, 2005 at 10:54 AM (PDT) Comment 60

I Agree, the Creature’s are nothing to rave about and I’m not even sure they sound better than the sounddock, but The Klipsch 2.1's GMX's and 2.0's all do and they are all less than 1/2 the cost of this thing. The altec mx5021 also edges this out by a large margin, but I will say this, none of thoes systems have an ipod dock. They are stand alone multimedia systems that only take stereo input via minjack. So you would either have to use a ipod dock or just lay the ipod down and use the headphone output.

Posted by lms007 on May 31, 2005 at 9:26 PM (PDT) Comment 61

I've had the bose sound dock since the winter and have no complaints (price didn't apply as a complaint since it was a gift - thanks uncle john!!)

but since then, I rarely listen to my 4G ipod alone. I have a shuffle for running and for out and about. Therefore my full size ipod rarely leaves the sound dock, hence it is always in a state of being charged. Ocassionally when it reaches full charge, I'll take it off the sound dock and set it aside.

My question is, will this affect battery performance since I'm rarely letting the battery drain down? should I just leave the ipod on every now and then & just let it run in order to let the battery discharge?

whaddaya say, jeremy?

Posted by daveB on July 25, 2005 at 7:31 AM (PDT) Comment 62

Excellent sound and performance. I don't rate this the same as I would a "separate speakers system" simply because most buying this would, I would imagine, be getting it because of its small footprint. It fits nicely on my nightstand (though not much else besides a lamp will) and sounds great. It's semi-portable having only the power cord (i.e., I can move it to another room in the house with minimal fuss). $300 worth of sound? Arguable, but it goes with the argument regarding PowerBooks and iBooks -- you're paying extra for minimization and portability, not processing power.

Posted by Zoidberg on July 27, 2005 at 2:16 PM (PDT) Comment 63

There is something I don't understand.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to put their prestine polished iPod in a dock of any sort. The iPod dock, docking speaker systems, etc.

I know these things must scratch the hell out of ipods. Why would you go through the trouble of buying an expensive case, to have to remove the iPod from the case, and insert it into unpadded hard plastic dock.

no thanks. I'll keep my hard earned money and do without the scratches.

Just say no to wildly overpriced accessories.

Posted by Remington on July 28, 2005 at 8:40 PM (PDT) Comment 64

When listening via the Bose SoundDock at low volume, each time my iPod's disk drive "wakes up" it creates a brief (but unfortunately audible) static interference sound.

For example, if I'm listening in shuffle mode and I skip forward or backward several tracks via the SoundDock remote control, the iPod's disk drive wakes up and creates the static.

Unfortunately, it appears that this static is not due to a defect in a specific SoundDock or iPod, as I have recreated this problem on two different SoundDocks (both brand new) with two different iPods. Bose has offered no explanation or fix.

Posted by mike1234 on August 28, 2005 at 10:39 PM (PDT) Comment 65
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