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anyone else have an opinion on this case?

Posted by brenter on January 8, 2005 at 1:35 PM (PDT)


I got this case for my new 4G ipod over christmas and would like to share my brief experience with this case.

First of all, the case takes FOREVER to put on. I felt like I was going to torque my ipod well beyond its limits if I wasn't careful.

As far as the look/design of the case goes, it is second to none. In the 1 week I've taken it to school, I have recieved numerous compliments on how beautiful the case is. However, the case does have a tendency to pick up a lot of lint and other particles that might be in your pocket, which might bother some. Also, the "wet look" that the review mentions is actually a lot more visible/widespread, though I have grown used to it and it no longer bothers me.

The case feels like it will protect my ipod, especially around the ribs of the case. The exposed screen area is a concern, especially with keys etc in your pocket, but so far my screen has yet to be scratched.

The belt loop, I must say, is completely useless. I don't envision anyone trying to put this on their belt because it would take forever to take off in order to just change the song. Though it does help dissipate some of the heat generated by the ipod.

I would recommend this case to anyone IF: looks are more important than overall protection. If your looking for the most protective sillicone/rubber case for your ipod, then go with the iSkin.

Posted by daljr on January 10, 2005 at 5:18 PM (PDT)


I have this and I love it, best skin out there. One problem, and I can't understand how Tunewear can make such an obvious blunder, is that the hole at the bottom is not big enough to fit a PocketDock or a Belkin charger. Given how difficult it is to take the skin off, they really dropped the ball in failing to make such a simple adjustment and make the hole bigger. So though I love the concept, their execution is a failure. I would not recommend this if you have any car adapters, holsters, or anything that has to connect to the bottom hole.

Posted by user123 on February 10, 2005 at 11:01 AM (PDT)


i have no idea why this case isn't more popular besides availability.

- the dust problem, as with most silicone cases, diminishes after a couple of weeks. my ipod looked like a dirty little girl so i'd wash it down with a damp paper towel and then it just stopped needing it as much. coincidence?

- be careful taking it off. because it can stretch! i didn't even realize until i bought another one because i accidentally got a small rip in mine and it ate at me until i totally spazed out. the new icewear fit perfectly and i was like wtf.

- if you buy it, say goodbye to your damn dock because it's not worth taking off the icewear everyday because you want it to stand proud and erect while it charges knowumsayin'?

- i also whole hardedly recommend the powersupport screen protector (no bubbles)! it goes seemlessly with icewear. plus the whole "screen rib protects the screen" is total garbage.

- also the 3D wheel film or just the wheel film. since tunewear is shiny it's all good.

Posted by Exvicious in Schaumburg, IL on March 21, 2005 at 4:48 PM (PDT)

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