I have just 1 question...I am looking into buying one and I heard somewhere you have to buy the songs off of iTunes this true? Because what if I want to put songs on the shuffle from a CD i have that I already paid for???

Posted by JessEca on April 3, 2005 at 11:32 AM (PDT) Comment 141


You don't have to buy songs from the iTunes Music Store. You can rip the songs off of your CD using the iTunes software, and then transfer them onto the Shuffle using the same software. iTunes software comes free with your Shuffle, or you can download it for free from Apple's website.

Posted by foobar on April 5, 2005 at 9:43 AM (PDT) Comment 142


i recently got an iPod Shuffle for my birthday and i think it rocks! Well maybe i'm being bias here but i think it is great for a newbie to ipod.
The normal iPods are better one has to admit but still honestly who has the time to listen to 1,000 songs in a day?
True the shuffle has limited storage which may seem off putting to old iPod users however for some one who hasn't (don't laugh) reach 90 songz yet i think it is still good.
In terms of size,i think it is an advantage to its predecessors! Try running with an iPod mini dmn it's heavy!
Btw does anyone know what autofill does? Well thanks for listening to my useless ranting! Thats my 2cents! Well maybe $4dollars smile

Posted by gemrica on April 19, 2005 at 2:15 AM (PDT) Comment 143

It's been mentioned already, so I'm just adding my weight to the argument. Power users like me want the Shuffle as a *second* iPod for its extreme portability. Yes it would be nuts to own a Shuffle as my only iPod, but as a second iPod for specific uses, it's *perfect*.

The Shuffle also has the best sound quality of all iPods due to its push-pull headphone amp.

I use my 40gig in the car, and sometimes at work to listen to my various news podcasts. My shuffle is for everything else, especially for my commute and my all-day soundtrack at work. The shuffle leaves the house with me in the morning and is playing practically all day long until I get home at night. I put at least 6-8 hours per day on my shuffle.

The shuffle clips to your pocket or belt and is totally unnoticable (unlike other iPods, even the mini, which are too heavy and bulky). I leave my earbuds in most of the day, and I can just turn the shuffle off without looking when I need to talk to someone. Working in a cubicle situation, this setup is fantastic and allows me to focus on work without distraction.

By contrast, I was never able to use a bigger iPod this way. Too large, too clunky, too awkward to pull out of its case to turn it off for an ad hoc conversation. Using the remote partially solved the problem but the downside was way too many wires and even more junk hanging on my body.

As for lack of direct access to songs, that's no issue for anyone I'd call a "power user" because 80% of the *power* of iTunes and iPods lies in the use of Smart Playlists. And to fully exploit smart playlists, you have to rate your songs.

My entire library is rated. For the shuffle, I use a single smart playlist called "Shuffle Library" that contains only songs rated 3 stars or higher from the genres I listen to the most. The result is that every song that comes up on my Shuffle is enjoyable. And if I'm just not in the mood for a particular song, I hit the forward button.

The Shuffle ensures that I actually listen to *all* of the songs in my library. With the other iPods, you tend to get stuck in grooves more often by dialing in the album or genre that you are currently most into. The shuffle regularly brings a smile to my face because I'll hear some song that I have literally forgotten about, but which is really excellent.

Posted by shaktiboy on July 28, 2005 at 7:41 AM (PDT) Comment 144

i just ordered a 1 gig shuffle. i do already have a 3g 20 gig which i've beat to hell at the gym and out and about. i'm excited about being able to use the shuffle actively (and with a mac sport case) without destroying it. as for a screen, sure, it would be nice but on the other hand while running or other activities i don't have time to look at one anyway. also i don't need my almost entire music collection with me at all times (although i admit i used to think i did). yet another plus is i was looking to get a cheap flash drive so this will take care of that as well.

all in all i'm definitly looking forward to this.
go apple.

Posted by sorsha6 on August 21, 2005 at 1:40 PM (PDT) Comment 145

My WISH for the Next Gen Shuffle:

I wish there was a way to switch between 2 playlists on the Shuffle. I like more upbeat music by day and more ambient music at night.
Other people may want music on one and a podcast on the other (without shuffling between them).

I know people will say buy 2 Shuffles, but it is not very cost effective if you include the cost of accessories (like a case).

The Nano is out for me only because I do not want to have to "care" for it as much as the Shuffle (the Shuffle in a "gel" case requires extremely low care from damage).

Does anyone else agree or am I in the extreme minority?

P.S. I just sold my 40GB iPod since the value proposition of carrying my entire music collection went away due to my collection's growth (even beyond the 60GB).

Posted by mattk on September 28, 2005 at 7:40 AM (PDT) Comment 146

I used to have a 30 GB iPod Photo and sadly enough it was stolen from me about three weeks ago. During my period of mourning about the loss of a dear, dear friend, the afore-mentioned iPod Photo, I saw the news about the new iPod nano and wanted to immediately get the 4GB or the 2GB, but decided to get a refurbished 1GB Shuffle instead from Apple. I believe I made a good decision.

When I used to run with my almost 7 oz iPod (5.9 oz + leather casing), it felt heavy after about 3+ miles of running. Now, with my 1GB Shuffle, it is a god-send -- you almost don't feel it at all. Bravo Apple! Apple did a great job by stripping the product down to the basics, removing extra bells and whistles and pricing it perfectly.

Which of the iPods one prefers really comes down to the way you use it. I use it mostly for podcasts and since many of them are time-sensitive, there's no point in carrying around 4-5 gigs of podcasts. I just update my lists and off I go with less than an ounce of electronics. Yay!

Even if I had my original iPod, I would have gotten a second one, a Shuffle -- mostly for exercising. Afterall, when I am working out, I tend to listen to more or less the same kind of music. So the limitation on the size of the flash drive is not really severe.

I do think that I'll be buying a larger capacity iPod (perhaps nano) in the future, but 4 G is not going to cut it. I read that Samsung and Hitachi are both working on or are nearing completion of 16 GB or 32 GB flash drives and should be out in the early part of next year, when it will be a realistic substitute for the current 20/60GB iPods.

I would highly recommend this for folks who:

1. are on a tight budget
2. like the incredibly small, lightweight device
3. need a small device in addition to their larger ones
4. need to replace/buy a 512 MB/1 GB jump drive
5. are forgetful (like me)
6. have a large budget (and buy multiple ones of these -- each for a different occasion and mood)

Posted by technolinguist on October 6, 2005 at 3:56 PM (PDT) Comment 147
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