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I still wanna get one tho

Posted by tozenter in Thailand on January 25, 2005 at 3:33 AM (PDT)


i think it is very useful considering it has both AC recharging and solar. Kind of a one-stop emergency charger. Considering it could be used for other devices makes it a very flexible charger. I plan to get one.

Posted by A. Cheng in Dallas, TX on January 25, 2005 at 7:45 AM (PDT)


Even better, if you check out their ipod tip pack, you see that they will be coming out with a connector for pre-Dock iPods.

It's nice to see a new accessory with consideration to older Pods. Many new accessories could be used with pre-Dock iPods, but no one seems interested in it (nor interested in making a Dock-to-Firewire adaptor, and I've checked most major accessory producers including SendStation)

Posted by Whyren in Midwest on January 25, 2005 at 1:36 PM (PDT)


I have a Solio and i highly recommend then even though i live in the UK.
It work great in the summer and also when i went to the west Indies this winter, well worth buying.

Posted by jonjon in UNITED KINGDOM on January 25, 2005 at 2:09 PM (PDT)


Remember those PowerBooks (1400?) with the interchangeable lid plates? Including a 3rd-party one that was a solar panel built right into the laptop. Cool smile

Posted by Nagromme on January 25, 2005 at 4:51 PM (PDT)


wonder what the emissions from the factory are like.

Posted by tumblingwall in u.s. on January 25, 2005 at 5:05 PM (PDT)


Why do they not add more blades to this so that it can get more power faster? It seems as though they could easily fit at least one more blade onto it and still have them all fully exposed when opened.

Posted by RJP31484 on January 25, 2005 at 7:30 PM (PDT)


Uh, why didn't the reviewer or anyone else mention that you can use a solar panels with any light source? This seems like a great product for anyone who has limited access to outlets to recharge their iPod, and find's their daily use outlasts the battery. You could charge your iPod in the office, in a cafe, at a relative's house, without having to find or ask for an outlet. Certainly florescent lighting doesn't work that well with solar cells, but it does work, and incandescent light is quite effective.

Posted by TeeteringSilence on January 26, 2005 at 9:53 AM (PDT)


tumblingwall - Better Energy Systems has planted trees in a bio-diverse sustainable forest to counteract the effects of the Solio's production on the environment, so everyone's happy smile

You can buy the Solio in the UK here: and Power/SL01.htm for those who want one, they are great!

Posted by oyster on January 27, 2005 at 8:10 AM (PDT)


This is an awesome idea, but I have one small question...
In the review it states that you use the solar panels to recharge the units internal battery, and then use this to charge your ipod.. surely this isn't ideal?
I'd love to own one, but I'd want to leave the solar panels on the dashboard of my car (or secured to the inside of the windscreen), and leave my iPod plugged into them to constantly charge my iPod while on the move... is this possible with this setup? If not is there any way or amending the power leads to do it? Can I just plug the panels direct into the iPod? Or maybe there's another similar solar powered setup that could do it instead?
Otherwise it's a great idea, and if we can get around this issue I'll be buying one right away!

Posted by Dazzler in Leeds, UK on January 28, 2005 at 2:33 AM (PDT)


Where can i buy one does it work with the mini !?

Posted by LP_Xero_Theory in Texas on January 29, 2005 at 10:05 AM (PDT)


yes, it does work with the mini. Check out [url=][/url].

Posted by Reefo in london on January 30, 2005 at 4:50 PM (PDT)


does it have any other features? the price is a bit steep for a charger, even if it is solar.

Posted by punkrockavocado in VA on February 5, 2005 at 1:19 PM (PDT)


are there any other portable solar chargers?

Posted by punkrockavocado in VA on February 5, 2005 at 1:20 PM (PDT)


I replaced a Brunton Solarport 4.4 with the Solio. The Brunton looked promising... 12V car jack, USB jack and self storing cable with round tip. Also came with AAA/AA battery pack charger. I found that it's charging was unreliable. It actually drained my iPod while plugged into the USB port. It is supposed to have a diode to prevent draining but it didn't help.

Solio looks promising and since Apple is selling at their stores (one now in Houston) it makes it convenient to return if I have a problem.

Posted by stormbringer on July 6, 2005 at 10:48 AM (PDT)

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