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Posted by Jeremy Horwitz on March 14, 2005 at 1:36 PM (PDT) Comment 1

Ouch. BURN!

Posted by Joshdude on March 14, 2005 at 3:03 PM (PDT) Comment 2


Posted by ·§hådöwfåx· on March 14, 2005 at 3:13 PM (PDT) Comment 3

This makes me worried, I always like giving my input lately... I hope I don't get banned! :-

Back on the topic...

In the last part of the conclusion in the review it was stated:

"Now if only someone could figure out a way to miniaturize a true subwoofer for one of these things..."

If I am not mistaken, but doesn't the iStation from Logic3 have a miniature subwoofer? It even has the vented port on the side for the speaker.

Posted by christomapher on March 14, 2005 at 4:36 PM (PDT) Comment 4

Yup, the i-Station does include what they call a subwoofer, but under normal listening conditions it's way too underpowered to produce any sub-sonic thump. And there's no need to worry. grin

Posted by Jeremy Horwitz on March 14, 2005 at 5:08 PM (PDT) Comment 5

I've had JBL On Tour speakers for a few weeks now and I can say that they are some of the best "mini" speakers I've ever owned. I use them for my Ipod and they fill my living room and bedroom with ease. I also use them with my laptop while traveling and at home. They are well designed and provide a very clean sound for their price. For a sub 100 dollar speaker system, I would recommend the On Tour to anyone.

Posted by King Ding a Ling on March 14, 2005 at 7:31 PM (PDT) Comment 6

I bought the On Tour speakers a month or two ago as a leap of faith -- I had in my hands the On Stage and the Creatures on the same shopping day. But I liked the design and the portability of the On Tours so I leapt.

The sound has proven to be great -- just what I was looking for: small to medium room-filling sound, the above review talking about the "sparkle" of these speakers is apt.

The one thing they don't mention is the bass is funneled through an opening in the edge of the housing that sits underneath the arch when open. The sound changes quite dramatically depending on the surface these speakers are placed on. I have an heavy, solid wood bedside table where my On Tour normally resides and it sounds much deeper and richer than when sitting on a plastic or thin surface. Make sure these speakers are sitting on a hard flat surface for best results.

I also liked the build quality of these speakers. Much better than the iStation or (original) inMotions which feel cheap in comparison. No buyer's remorse whatsoever.

Posted by ismith on March 14, 2005 at 11:13 PM (PDT) Comment 7

I have a set of JBL "On Tour's" sitting in a box waiting to go back to the store! Not to be disrespectful of other reviewers but I can get better sound out of my clock radio. The sound is thin and tinny to my ears. There is absolutely no discernable stereo separation and in the quieter passages of certain "light jazz" and "classical" mp3's the sound is so distorted as to be unlistenable even at a low volume. I may have a defective unit but buyer beware. My IM3's sound waaaay better but, unfortunately, do not accomodate my Agent18 case...which is what I was trying to work around with my ill fated purchase of the JBL's.

Posted by Aristillus on March 18, 2005 at 10:22 AM (PDT) Comment 8

I just bought this the other day and am delighted with it.
I love the design and the sound.
Its cool to see people craning their necks to see this being set up as you pull it out and slide back the cover and reveal two neat little speakers and the volume buttons with tiny led between them, that are smartly understated until they light up.
It feels much hefty-er then you would think, it has the feel of cast alloy and the look to match.
The rubber strips (pads) on the bottom make it stay put nicely, when moving the Ipod around.
I loved the sound, that to me, was as rich and full as you are going to get in a package this small. It out plays the Sony ghetto blaster we have in the office to listen to tunes.
It’s as load as I would want to listen to music, except when Leaning, drunken, into my big Bose speakers at home listening to the good OLD songs of my youth, with the volume set to 11. Not that I ever do that..........<);->
Seriously though, people are amazed that all that sound is coming from that little cool futuristic, space lookin thingy on your desk.
I don’t just like it, I lerv it.
Oh ya, one more thing, some mentioned they don’t care for the bag, but I think the material was chosen specifically to prevent scratches from repeated removal and stowage in bag.
If all else fails, a nice soft Crown Royal bag works great for all the Ipod accessories.
All you have to do is drink the bottle, and the bags free. Kind of a Win, Win situation


Livin on De Edge, in De Desert
Everyone has someone in their family who is crazy, if you don’t know who it is,
It’s you!

Posted by canoeman on March 19, 2005 at 11:05 AM (PDT) Comment 9

Just to say I picked these up in NY the other day after reading the reviews here, and I too am very impressed. Amazing sound for such small speakers. I was also very pleased that the power adaptor seems to work in both 110 and 220 volts (for us too-frequent travellers smile. Highly recommended.

Posted by iPodPartout on March 28, 2005 at 12:47 AM (PDT) Comment 10

Can anyone tell me how these peform outdoors? I'm looking for inexpensive way to listen to ipod whilst hanging out/ entertaining in small town garden. Sound would have to compete with low level traffic noise.

Posted by charliebird on April 12, 2005 at 5:48 AM (PDT) Comment 11

I just got these and I must say, that these are my favorite portable speakers of all. I have heard the InMotion and Travelsound and the OnTour have the most balanced sound, while I cant compare them side to side, I think these are the best for the money. THey were only $70 and they look very classy

Posted by ageofllamas on April 14, 2005 at 1:23 PM (PDT) Comment 12

I just bought these from for $62.00 and all I have to say is these speakers rock! I've tested most of the small portable speakers and these are by far the best. Sound is crisp, clear, and most of all robust. I am just amazed at the amount of sound that comes out of these little speakers. They do fill a room - easily. They also work pretty good outside. In addition, they are very sturdy and come with a small cloth carry case. In summary, you would be hard-pressed to find a better portable speaker even at a much higher price. You will not be disappointed.

Posted by AnitaiPod on June 1, 2005 at 4:33 PM (PDT) Comment 13

Folks I have to agree that these speakers are awesome for what they are. Have had mine since april and use them constantly with my iPod. My job requires me to travel all the time and they are a life saver when Im in hotels all over the world that usually have very average radios or TV shows in languages I can't generally undrestand! Would recommend them to any traveller. My one question is, does anyone know where I might be able to get a better quality case for them other than the tatty cloth bag that comes with it?

Posted by flight on June 2, 2005 at 10:23 PM (PDT) Comment 14

i own this speaker and i think their great, the only thing i don't like about them is the fact that sometimes they close on me. and the cover covers the speakers and it sounds bad. but other then that they're awesome. "great speakers if i don't say myself".

Posted by Fly_J_Guy on July 13, 2005 at 12:14 AM (PDT) Comment 15

I just bought the OnTour, but can't get it to work with just the battery's. Mine seems to need the AC adaptor. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong, or might mine be defective?

Posted by gshep on July 19, 2005 at 7:12 AM (PDT) Comment 16

I'm considering buying JBL's On Tour or Pacific Rim's Cube speakers. I agree that the iM3s more bass than the On Tour, but it is too compressed for my taste. The On Tour seems a bit lacking in bass though. I haven't been able to listen try Pacific Rim's Cube speakers which are compared to iM3s in sound quality.

How does the sound quality compare between the On Tour and the Cube?


Posted by PeteHawkins on August 10, 2005 at 2:14 PM (PDT) Comment 17

Gee, my question is the same as Pete Hawkins. I am also trying to choose between JBL OnTour and the Pacific Rim Cube. The price difference isn't an issue. I want them mainly for light travel and just using in different rooms of the house. Also, for using my ipod as a clock radio to wake up to. I am not an audiophile, but want something that sounds pretty good. I tend to prefer not real bassy sound. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

Posted by SuzeS on September 9, 2005 at 8:43 PM (PDT) Comment 18

Amazing...a real treasure. Can't believe I'll ever travel without them. Thanks so much for fabulous reviews.

My new On Tour speakers arrived at work today and I had to wait to get them home before trying them.
When I undid them I wondered about their capabilities and had a bit of a crisis of confidence due to the fact they were so light and small.
I have just set them up in my study and started playing the ipod through them. I am absolutely blown away....
I can't believe that such separation and balance could be possible from such a small and light-weight unit. The bass is completely brilliant although I take the point about ensuring the speakers rest on a solid surface. The sound fills a medium size room without distortion or any hint of tinniness. I am baffled as to how they do it...
They are worth every penny.

Posted by patchofpeace on December 7, 2005 at 4:25 PM (PDT) Comment 19

I've only recently discovered iLounge, great site! After 'finding' (which was a challenge) then reading all the speaker reviews I decided to try the JBL on-tour system.

This is a totally brilliant design reminescent of my friend Reinhold Weiss' products for Braun in the 50's & 60's. Simple, compact, visually neutral, beautifully made, a perfect match for Jonathan Ive's iPod and 100% functional, on tour is a prime example of what good industrial design is all about.

Beyond the presentation and appearance this unassuming device sounds exceptionally good all things considered!

My taste in music is catholic; from opera to house. True, you can't expect the same sound as a huge pair of hi-fi speakers with sub-woofer driven by a generous amp yet the sound is clean and accurate right up through full volume, which is perfectly adequate to comfortably fill the average living room.

The only possible improvement I can see would have been to have used AA batteries in lieu of AAA's as the former seem to be less expensive and to last longer than the latter.

As to the price, my on-tour was purchased from B&H in New York which I discovered on this site. At $64.95 and with excellent ground service from UPS it's a hard combination to beat.

I'd give this combination a solid A rating!

Posted by R1D1 on January 18, 2006 at 10:44 AM (PDT) Comment 20

I have owned this set for a few weeks now. I use them in my car because I cannot connect my iPod to my factory stereo and do not want to replace it only to have it stolen. These are a good alternative. I mainly listen to podcasts on it while commuting. I also use them at work for low level music while at my desk instead of headphones because I am concerned about hearing loss while wearing headphones 4-6 hours a day.

I am happy with the sound quality, construction and compact nature of the item. I can fit them in my purse. For such a small package the sound is fantastic.

My main issue is, as others have commented, the cover closes up on itself far too easily. They close up just sitting on a solid, level surface. I fold up a post it note and insert it in the hinge are to stop it from closing so easily. It is frustrating, especially in the car. I can't be fiddling with the speakers while driving. Because of this design flaw I give this item a B+.

Posted by dharmamooch on February 24, 2006 at 10:42 AM (PDT) Comment 21

How loud is it? I know it's not as loud as the On Stage, but compared to the On Stage, how loud is it? Half as loud? Three fourths?

Posted by hoho on March 7, 2006 at 6:02 AM (PDT) Comment 22

JBL Direct on eBay sells these and On Stage refurbs with 90 day warranties. Great bargain. I got my On Tours for $30. Don't typically buy refurb, but this was too cheap to pass up.

Posted by divigation on March 11, 2006 at 10:15 AM (PDT) Comment 23
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