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It would be nice if our friends at XtremeMac would allow you to see the back of these on the website - not the best approach to consumers, especially given the surprise when you receive them and find that the back is missing. It might push some buyers toward the TuffWrapz if they are looking for full protection (now at least there's a good review with pics to assist in the decison - I was not so fortunate, the curse of the early adopter). That said, they work very well, look great and are easy to get off and on. My only complaint is that the standard cap, as Jeremy noted, does not fit (not even close). I may just cut off the original lanyard and use my SportRope - I've been looking for an excuse to finally cut the cord . . . .

Posted by runningman on May 2, 2005 at 4:04 AM (PDT)


I just received the XtremeMac Shieldz and it's xtremely unsatisfactory. I bought it because it lets me to use the original Shuffle lanyard. It looks good and the colors glow. So what's wrong with it? The Shuffle snaps into the Shieldz with an nice snap, but to get it out, you must press very hard on the Shuffle's control wheel and at the same time push out the very stiff plastic latch at the end of the case. I refuse to put this much pressure on the delicate control wheel so I find this case to be xtremely unsatisfactory.

Posted by wae5 on July 20, 2006 at 7:06 PM (PDT)

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