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Review: Sumo Flapless Black Quilted Case

I just got my sumo black quilted case from Amazon. It was $14 (I ordered with a friend and got the super saver shipping) and it was here 4 days later. My friend got the navy blue flapless stripe case so this review can go for that as well. Also I have a 40gb, so base your own opinions on that as well.

1st impression: wow it looks really good. I’m a guy and I don’t consider myself to have to be on the leading edge of fashion or anything like that, but I like things that have a good amount of style. The case has a really elegant look to it.

Next I took my ipod out of the skin that it has been in since the day I bought it (minus a skin switch and a couple other times). That’s the main reason why I wanted the case was so that I can have the ipod how it’s really supposed to look and feel. I slid it into the sumo case and it was a nice snug fit. Instantly I flipped it upside down and shook it (over my soft padded bed of course) to see if it would pop out. It moved a little but not enough to come out. A slight pinch on the bottom of the case moves the ipod up enough to grip it and pull it out.

The outside material is great. Looks great, feels great, and looks like it will resist liquids dirt etc great. The inside material is similar to a glasses cleaning cloth. It cleans the ipod when you put it in and out. Very soft. Good amount of padding in the case too for shock absorption. This does add a little bulk, but you can just take the ipod out if needed unlike a skin...

The belt clip is very strong. Right now it takes a second to actually get it on my belt but it should loosen up a little. It takes some work to get the case of my belt as well, so it’s not going anywhere.

So the top of the ipod is exposed because it’s flapless. But I like that, easy access. And you can’t see the screen, but all I use are playlists. The bottoms are exposed: you can use them through the case very easily.

Last, at first I noticed the bottom of my case wasn’t as squared off as my friend’s case. So like there was extra material at the bottom causing more of a pointed bottom then a square bottom. I was going to call Amazon because I figured it was a sticking problem. Well I took the end up a sharpie marker, nice dull and rounded, and put it inside the case and moved the corners around. I was able to straighten the seam out nicely and now it fits perfectly.

Also since I don’t have my car mount done yet, when I get in the car I just put the ipod in the case upside down and then plug in my SIK IMP. Very easy.

So I hope this helps anyone out looking at this case. I’ve been using a skin for 7 months and I just got tired of it, I think this is a great choice and would recommend it to anyone. Great look, style, and protection.

Posted by twistrman on July 16, 2005 at 11:56 AM (PDT)


They are really nice, I like them very much. Today I found a Chinese web: ,There are some very good ipod cases on it too.

Posted by luckyl on December 7, 2006 at 2:48 AM (PDT)

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