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The iPod looks like its going to fall off any time.

Posted by kbgzp on August 31, 2005 at 2:49 AM (PDT)


Strangely enough, despite the reviewer's qualms, this case has protected my 4G iPod well over the last two years--no scratches. True, it looks a bit geeky, but that's actually a security advantage, as it's less likely to get stolen that way. The suction cup cushions the iPod, and the padded case has protected it during a number of falls. The open top of the case also lets accessories like an iTrip work properly. When on the road (desert Southwest--few radio stations), I can stay connected to car power, use my iTrip to listen to music or podcasts, and not worry about the iPod getting damaged.

I'll agree that if I get a 5G (or 6G) iPod, I'll probably have to get another case, but it'll be one that's more protective than flashy.

Posted by FloydC on November 4, 2006 at 10:45 PM (PDT)

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