The Samsung chips being mass produced next year are 16 giga BITS, which is 2 giga BYTES.

True enough, but the following is from a Reuters article by Yoo Choonsik, byline dated Sept. 12, 2005

"Sixteen of the new chips could be incorporated into a 32-gigabyte memory card capable of storing articles from a daily newspaper stretching back 200 years, or 8,000 MP3 music titles playing for 680 hours, Samsung said."

Also, the expectation is that 32Gbit chips are forthcoming as well.

Posted by flatline response on September 21, 2005 at 4:19 PM (PDT) Comment 41

8GB Nano in 18 months.
20GB Mini in 2 years.
$250 for the Nano, $300 for the Mini.

Posted by G-man on September 22, 2005 at 5:38 AM (PDT) Comment 42

I went for the shuffle when it came out and quite liked it but missed a display after a while. So getting a Nano was a no-brainer for me. It's lovely, just what I need. A "real" iPod with an amazing form factor. Except for the question of just how to wear it.

Out of the box you get the device itself and the standard earphones. How are you supposed to use it? Have it dangling from the earphones (at an awkwardward angle because of the jack's position)? No way, the thing weighs twice as much as the shuffle.
For the time being I have reverted to wearing shirts with a breast pocket but come on, this can't be the way it's meant to be.

Obviously I'm supposed to buy a separate lanyard at an extra EUR 39. Available in 4-6 weeks...

Hey Apple, what a lousy rip-off. Your products used to be fully usable out of the box, which was one of the factors that made them unique. Not anymore, huh? Sad...

Posted by eimeck on September 22, 2005 at 6:24 AM (PDT) Comment 43

I just received my iPod Nano today at lunch and I have absolutly no complaints. Sure the black does show finger prints like there is no tomorrow but I think that some of the mini's colors were a little too cheesy and therefore I refrained from buying one. I think that Apple's new entry is wicked cool and I havent found a single thing that I dont like about it.

I transferred something like 560 songs onto it when I received it and it took no more than 5 or 6 minutes - way faster than I had expected.

I think that anyone wanting a serious MP3 player should check this machine out!

Posted by theblueecat on September 22, 2005 at 11:10 PM (PDT) Comment 44

I love the Nano keep up the good work Apple
only con is that i have too much music to fit on the Nano (current capcity of my 40gb ipod - 32GB)

Apple please make a thin 40GB Ipod !!!

Posted by Till on September 23, 2005 at 1:52 AM (PDT) Comment 45

I just got my 4GB Nano a couple of days ago. Considering my first iPod is a 2G, I'm really happy about the look and feel about this one.

My comment today is regarding this: "You also cannot use Photo Import on nano: the iPod Camera Connector won't work, another deliberate differentiator on Apple's part that makes more sense given the nano's smaller storage capacity."

I find it odd that it doesn't work when the few papers that came in the box says that it does. Unless I read it wrong. I'm going to check when I get home tonight. -- If we are both right, then someone messed up, huh?


Posted by [email protected] on September 23, 2005 at 11:13 AM (PDT) Comment 46

Freely translated article from MacBidouille:
Who wants the nano's skin ?

The information is spreding like gunpowder fire on the Web. The iPod nano would have some fragility problems with it's LCD screen.
All started from the site who has published some personnal comments by some users and those have been replayed everywhere.
We are not in the custom to defend Apple. But seeing how this affair escalates like wildfire we can't help but think about a disinformation campaign.
Apple has alreay sold thousands of iPod nano and all we have is a few similar cases. The iPod nano is very thin, but very rigid, and unless sitting without pulling it out of one's pocket, we don't see how it would be possible to break the LCD screen.
Some will remember a similar campaign tried to stain the iPod mini when it came out. Reports were saying the headphone jack was fragile. Already then we protested the generalisation of a few cases and time proved us right.
There are a lot of companies who want to discredit Apple to try and gain market share.The iPod being popular, medias relay these infos !
PS: To verify my feeling, I've just pressed really strongly with both thumbs on the screen of my iPod nano, a lot stronger than one would during normal usage. It is intact.
Under these conditions, and without eliminating the possibility of a few defective units, it is hard to believe that it could shatter spontaneously !

Another comprehensive look at it is at our friends or Ars Technica:

Posted by Amanita on September 27, 2005 at 9:55 AM (PDT) Comment 47

Lounge review guys - Your logic that one of the negative aspects of the nano is that it's not compatible with the flood of iPod accessories on the market is ridiculous. You've got it backwards - Apple does not exist to serve the iPod accessories market, they're in business to create the best products they can that serve us, their faithful customers. Raise your hand if you DIDN'T buy a nano because you couldn't get an FM tuner to go with it. Um hm. Just as I thought.

Posted by bOMBfACTORY on September 27, 2005 at 12:40 PM (PDT) Comment 48

I just bought the Nano 7 days ago, and at first it was the most amazing product I had ever owned! I was the most proud father of this little object and was very proud to show it to anyone that I could. Now that the 7 days have gone by, im starting to get a little wary of how easily the nano scratches, and I've been seeing that people have the same problem as me, I am very careful with it, store in the little ipod socks,when it's in my pocket, it's the sole object in there, but no matter how careful I am with it the darn thing just somehow has seemed to be scratched way beyond it's short 7 day life! I went out and bought the Iskin for the ipod mini, and it just looks horrible! So I decided to call the apple store from where I bought the nano to see if they are going to be doing anything about this issue, and the clerk told me over the phone, that I should have been more careful with my nano, I should have bought a case or the ipod socks, when I told her that I did buy the socks, and always keep it in there, and am as careful as anyone will ever be the ipod, and still it's utterly scratched, she said that , "no, we will not do anything about this issue". I have been one of the biggest apple fans since I was a kid, (im now 25) I've brought a lot of customers to apple, but I have to say that right now I'm am very upset by this issue, and if they do not do something about this, Apple might have finally done me, and the Loyal Mac Fan base community wrong. Please do something about this Steve!

Posted by estephanovich on September 27, 2005 at 3:54 PM (PDT) Comment 49

What I'd like to know is why Apple has not figured out the snafu in the itunes interface error 1607 and fixed it since this is what-generation iPod!?! Having just gotten the Nano, I spent 3 hours yesterday (about 2 of it on the phone with an Apple employee who was Googling my problem since he had never heard of it before). Very frustrating since I had to walk them through all the fixes none of which were working (yes the virus checkers were off, no there were no firewalls, yes I am the admin on the PC). At the end of it, I still did not have a working interface but did have a very helpful message from iPod asking me to give them $49 to get help for the device that couldn't be installed. Apple only has 6% of the home computer user base so it would be nice if someone at Apple understood that there are alternatives (to throwing more money at dead batteries, so-called warranties, and stop-gap solutions such as EphPod and X Player. If you want to win me to the Apple family - and I'm a journalist so it's not just me - then treat me like I'm smart - and don't build in insidious ways to suck my money away from me before you win me.

Posted by glammsyl on September 27, 2005 at 5:50 PM (PDT) Comment 50

And while we're at it, I don't need the "mug me" white earbuds; instead include an AC charger! Why make the Nano small enough to travel if you're not going to support me in my travels.

Posted by glammsyl on September 27, 2005 at 5:54 PM (PDT) Comment 51

I note that the iLounge rating for the nano is an A-, but also note that there is no mention, as far as I can see, of the fact that there is no remote jack on the nano and therefore no remote control functionality. I have a 3G iPod and use the remote every single day, so this omission is, to me, a serious flaw. How can Apple claim the nano to be a fully-functional iPod when it clearly isn't?

I happen to use a smart set of Sony headphones - they're far better than Apple's - which have a short cable that is a perfect fit for the iPod remote. No dangling cables.

I went into my local Apple store ready to buy a nano, but asked to hold one before I committed, and it was lucky I did. No remote jack - no sale. And the sales assistant seemed shocked!

I'm disappointed that iLounge didn't mention this rather important non-feature in their review. D-.

Posted by SmegHead on September 28, 2005 at 3:55 AM (PDT) Comment 52

bombfactory & S-head: I'll admit to being equally surprised that S-head missed the rather conspicuous reference: "Because of relocated and changed headphone port, incompatible with virtually all top-mounting iPod and iPod mini accessories," and the repeated references in the review to this fact, and that bombfactory is so worked up about the same reference. Together, your comments indicate exactly why we expressed our concern in the review.

Posted by Jeremy Horwitz on September 28, 2005 at 6:10 AM (PDT) Comment 53

Jeremy - You're right in that I did not take into account owners of full-sized iPods that may already own a multitude of accessories. I don't have that problem since the nano was my first iPod purchase. But would anyone replace a 20 gig iPod with a 2 or 4 gig nano and expect it to serve their needs in the exact same way? No. The nano was purpose-built for size and portability and to work in one's hand, not necessarily to be the hub of a home entertainment system via wireless remote. It's a simple case of 'use the right tool for the job'. And in that respect, the nano is awesome. And you guys do great work here - keep it up!

Posted by bOMBfACTORY on September 28, 2005 at 1:31 PM (PDT) Comment 54

Jeremy - fair point. I suppose what I was getting at (and should have made this more clear in my comment) is that the lack of remote control functionality isn't, in my opinion, reflected in either the A- or B+ ratings. Remember that the remote control is (one of?) the only accessory for the iPod that is a genuine Apple product. I would have thought that Apple would have provided compatibility with their own products, especially one that is so integral to its operation. Maybe it's just me. I see hundreds of people using iPods, but never the remotes, so maybe it's a case of the nano catering for the masses.

Don't get me wrong - I really like the nano, and am itching to have one, but for me, remote functionality is a primary consideration. I'll stick with my 3G for now.

Posted by SmegHead on September 28, 2005 at 8:47 PM (PDT) Comment 55

Has anyone else found that the touch wheel is very sensitive as compared to the full size models? When I'm walking with the Ipod in my jeans pocket the volume will somemetimes change spontaneously due to only slight pressure.

Posted by scar72 on October 8, 2005 at 4:57 PM (PDT) Comment 56

i recently lost my ipod mini and am now considering buying the ipod nano, however....if i do, can i just download my itunes library or do i have to start again??
any help/advice would be great!!!

Posted by dan05 on October 25, 2005 at 7:31 AM (PDT) Comment 57

Before I bought an iPod nano, I wasn't too sure whether I should because it seemed a little too small and wouldn't fit into my hand nicely, unlike the iPod mini. And also, it doesn't come with all the things it should. I agree with both estephanovich and glammsyl, they should lanyards and such (HOW are we supposed to carry it around? Now we have to wear clothes with pockets in them), and an AC charger (what's the point of something made for travelling if they don't come with the necessities?).

But, after I bought a nano 2 days ago, I'm quite satisfied with it, though I still stand by everything I've said before. Oh, but one more thing, scratches have appeared on its screen much too soon. Now I have to buy other accessories just to protect it. What a total ripoff.

Posted by krysti on October 30, 2005 at 9:20 AM (PDT) Comment 58

Hi, i probably sound really dumb asking this, but how do i upload photos/images to my 4gb ipod nano?? i can upload songs fine, but what about the photos?

Posted by __BeCcY__ on November 2, 2005 at 3:16 AM (PDT) Comment 59

I really LOVE my 4G Nano. I've been waiting to buy and iPod for far too long, but after seeing the beauty on one of my co-workers I could no longer resist. It fits perfectly in my sweatshirt pocket, it's light, and the color screen (for my photos) is WAAY awesome! I'm glad I waited. I JUST LOVE MY NANO!

Posted by Karla_M on November 4, 2005 at 4:53 PM (PDT) Comment 60

I'm sold on the Nano 4gb but I am concerned about reports regarding the screen and case being scratched too easily. Is this a matter of care and handling or some design flaws?

Thanks for any comments.

Posted by New to apple on November 14, 2005 at 11:43 PM (PDT) Comment 61

Same here. I had a 4g which was fine and I can't be the only one holding back because of the scratching uncertainty.

Posted by rusto on November 15, 2005 at 2:12 AM (PDT) Comment 62

I bought a 2-GB nano on a whim--was annoyed at people's loud voices in a coffee shop. Boy, this is a wonderful product. Great idea, great design. It's so small that if you have any pockets at all, you can comfortably bring your IPOD. Much better than the days of carrying a big portable CD player that would skip all the time...

I'd say 2GB is plenty for the primary purpose of the nano--listening to your albums/symphonies of the day or playing a playlist/shuffle of several hundred. However, for the latter, it would be nice to have the extra memory. Probably worth the extra $50 in retrospect.

Posted by eipi10 on November 15, 2005 at 1:37 PM (PDT) Comment 63

I've had my 4GB iPod nano for over a month now and I must say I am really pleased. When I first opened it I had heard so much about the scratching that I left the plastic that it came with. That same day I laid it down on the table while I surfed the web. Next thing I knew the back was deeply scratched. Shortly after I put it in my coin pocket screen in first because the headphone output is on the bottom. That scratched up lightly of course even with the plastic on it. So the next day I bought nanotubes. Several more scratches later I found out that the silicon attracted dust and trapted it under the nano and scratched everything possible (still very lightly). I finally settled on an aluminum case which I wish i would have had from the start; it has a hard plastic screen protector! Its worked great though! I love the look and although the amount it holds is a downgrade it still more than enough for most! Just beware....IT SCRATCHES by breathing on it...and I have the white one....I can't imagine the black...

Posted by Idunno on December 25, 2005 at 3:26 PM (PDT) Comment 64

I used my nano with my current USB connector, which i know is not USB 2.0. Will it damage or affect the performance of my nano, other than the fact that it will take longer to upload songs to it.
Thanks very much,
Newb in traning

Posted by dubtome3 on December 25, 2005 at 5:44 PM (PDT) Comment 65
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