It looks like that headphone port opening is too small. Will it work with Shure e3c's or grado sr-60's? Does the silicone used pick up lint? Is the screen protector free of distortion?

How much width is added to the nano? It looks almost twice as thick! I wouldn't be able to give this an A for appearance. IMHO, a naked (or crystal film-covered) nano is an A+ in appearance. Anything else starts to take away from these aesthetics. The mediocre color combinations and added thickness is more of a B/B- in appearance.

Posted by kemphoto on November 2, 2005 at 10:42 AM (PDT) Comment 1

Because of the pliable silicone, the headphone port opening works fine with large headphone plugs. The screen protector is as free of distortion as any we've seen for nano so far - we have not yet seen a perfect one, but they're all quite good. Lint? We have yet to see a case - even the ones touted as lint-resistant - that fully resists everything we have in our testing environments (like, ahem, dog hairs from a Siberian Husky).

The width added to the nano depends on whether you use both shells or not. It's a millimeter on each side per skin. That's less than twice the thickness. If you love the nano's looks so much that you can't cover it with anything except film, there you go - get film. No silicone rubber case is going to show off the nano in that way.

Posted by Jeremy Horwitz on November 2, 2005 at 11:26 AM (PDT) Comment 2

IMO the screen protector - whilst nice and clear - is just too small, resulting in a slight prismatic effect on the top and bottom extremities of the screen, which is the only major issue with the Duo. I'm sure this won't bother most people as the level of protection the Duo provides is fantastic.

Posted by Piarco75 on November 2, 2005 at 4:10 PM (PDT) Comment 3

Anyone know if this is Pocketdock with line out compatible?

Posted by orangeyum on November 2, 2005 at 8:01 PM (PDT) Comment 4

The lanyard headphones are the bees knees IMHO, and that means that any case that doesn't support them is crap as far as I'm concerned. What is the point of having these fancy flaps if you've got to cut a hole in the case to get your headphones to work?

Now everyone knows that white is the signature colour for iPod. The Apple nano-tube white/clear colour looks fantastic. Why can't they make a white/clear cover for goodness sake?

Now if they wanted to be clever they could make these cut outs with the different colours to be just slivers that you slide in, then they could include about 4 little insert colours for the one price.

Posted by Countach on November 2, 2005 at 9:35 PM (PDT) Comment 5

How is it that iLounge always rate these condom cases so high?

They offer no real protection, make the ipod look TERRIBLE inside the case and in my opinion look completely childish.

But as usual iLoungs gives these and other terrible looking leather cases high marks all the time.

What happened to a bit of case creativity?

Posted by Xerxes on November 3, 2005 at 2:41 AM (PDT) Comment 6

Where can I find these? How soon will they be available? I want to go cancel my STILL WAITING nano Tubes order and get one of these babies! The design is so genius it's won me over. Hard screen protection that doesn't touch the face...I'd heard of soft screen protectors that stick to the screen and mess it up, so this is great. Will they be available through the Apple Store online?

Posted by kaladbolg on November 4, 2005 at 3:28 PM (PDT) Comment 7

Xerxes: I can't wait to hear what sort of case you think offers "real protection" if you think that these don't. Please feel free to elaborate on this, and the case creativity point.

Kaladbolg: They're out. See

Posted by Jeremy Horwitz on November 4, 2005 at 11:41 PM (PDT) Comment 8

I had a zcover...good protection. Great actually. But the condomisque feel just got to me :( Broke down and got a neoprene sleeve from Incase. All good so far...

Posted by Jodiuh on November 5, 2005 at 2:17 AM (PDT) Comment 9


If 'I' think about 'protection' for the ipod and I want a case to PROTECT it, I would therefore consider buying a hard case. Possibly something like Matias Armor (if made) or the hard plastic cases.
If I am looking for a case to protect the ipod having a port exposed is not important (for me) as I want to still be able to access the iPod without pulling things out and in.

If I want a case to simply offer scratch-resistance then the condom-skins are the best thing. All they do is offer scratch resistance and nothing more. They will not help when dropped and will not offer any support if the ipod is squashed.
So how can they be sold as 'protection'?

In my opinion the Contour iSee or XtremeMac Crystal Shield for Nano offers MUCH better 'protection' than any of skins. It will resist damage if dropped, resist squashing etc..
For me there is 'protection' and there is 'resistance'. The skins offer good resistance against dust, scratches, but no protection. The crystal/ alu cases offer protection and are the same size dimensions as the skins (more or less).

As far as 'case creativity' goes in my opinion the majority of iPod cases are a complete joke.
Very very few of them show off the ipod itself as well as offering some kind of protection/resistance.
The skins come in ridiculous colours none of which match any iPod under the sun, and even if they match they make the ipod look terrible.
The leather cases are simply smaller versions of executive mobile phone cases. Hard cases seem to be better made as at least 'some' thought has gone into the design of them. But none of them seem to think about what it is they are meant to do.

None of the cases out on the market are thought about how an iPod user wants to interact with his/her ipod whilst using the case. They simply offer a cover for the ipod, either soft or hard.
To be creative they make it in different colours or add sheep's heads or hands onto it. Or maybe they get really creative and paint flowers on it....

Come on people, if I want flowers on my case I can do it myself...... with my feet !!!!

I think if you are in the business of designing a case you must not only design the case, but how users will use it. How will it be carried, where will it be carried? In a bag? Not everyone carries a handbag!

Also all the ipod cases that come out with new ipods are really nothing more than the older versions just made smaller or thinner. There is no creativity.
None of the cases (bar the crystal cases), so far, are created to enhance the beauty of the iPod. I buy the iPod beacause it is BEAUTIFUL and WANT to show off it's beauty. The case for me should help me do that as well as offer some protection.

If I want to hide my iPod I would go and buy a Zen, stick it in a pink condom with fluffy flowers on it .

The iPod is a beautiful creation and I have spent good money on it. I want a case that extends and compliments the incredible design of the iPod whilst offering protection and an new way to carry it.

Can consumers ever get what they want?

Posted by Xerxes on November 5, 2005 at 3:19 AM (PDT) Comment 10

Woah Xerxes spaz! Sure the iSkin duo won't look good, Chances are it'll be fine for everyday use, you'll drop it and it'll be fine. What else will you do, throw it of a cliff?? As for showing off good looks, I have yet to find a case that does that well and offers great protection. iPod armour isn't great for that, and, unless you're about to buy a diamond case, you are out of luck. If you are really so in need of a good case, go spend your time not here, spamming iLounge the REVIEWERS of products, spend time and emails on iSkin, Griffin, Matias the PRODUCERS of stuff and tell them to make a good case. Plus search around, somewhere out there I read a review of guys who dropped a nano out of there van at 30 mph, ran over it also and did other violent things, WITHOUT a case. It got scratched up, sure, so go buy an invisible shield. Maybe you should complain to the right people.

P.S. (; A invisible protector with a lifelong warrenty for the ipod. Made of the protectors used on military helicopter blades.

P.P.S. ( the review I said. Check it out yourself.

Posted by Snailman2go on November 5, 2005 at 10:20 PM (PDT) Comment 11

Woah Snailmannot2go xtreme spaz!!

Jeremy asked me to elaborate and that i did.

Posted by Xerxes on November 6, 2005 at 1:52 AM (PDT) Comment 12

You guys crack me up.

Hey Jeremy, how's the quality of the inner layer on this Duo? I ripped the inner layer on my shuffle Duo ase in half trying to remove the shuffle from the case (totally user error). Does this version lend itself to removing the Nano on occasion without damage to the case itself?

Posted by runningman on November 6, 2005 at 7:25 AM (PDT) Comment 13

How easy is it to remove from the case and put back - I have an Xtreme Microfelx Car for Ipod Nano and I am sure it will not hold the Nano while in a case? So ease of removing case is a must for m.

Posted by ephilyawjr on November 7, 2005 at 8:32 AM (PDT) Comment 14

I love the iSkin series for the iPods very much and think they are probably one of the best in protecting your iPod from bumps and scratches; I used to have them for my earlier gen iPods but I stop using them simply because I want to place my 2 iPods - 60G iPod and 4G iPod nano back in their docks at the end of the day, and taking these iSkins on and off them is no easy task, if only they can design such that I still can dock them while the iSkins are on. Cheers

Posted by howwow on November 7, 2005 at 10:02 AM (PDT) Comment 15

whrer the hell can u buy one of these in SF??!!

Posted by wingerz on November 7, 2005 at 7:50 PM (PDT) Comment 16


I'm thinking of buying the iSkin duo. Can you tell me what FM Transmitters would work without taking the case off of the Nano? I have a 3G/iskin exo combo that only works with the Griffin iTrip I bought because a cut a hole in the top. It would be great if I didn't have to do that this time.


Posted by magneto on November 9, 2005 at 10:51 PM (PDT) Comment 17

same question - will the iTrip work with this case? Other transmitters?

Posted by ScottRu on November 10, 2005 at 11:15 PM (PDT) Comment 18

Just wanted to say-

I recieved my Duo today and love it already. The inner case is a tight fit, but everything else is ok in that respect. The cover cap I think decreases the sensitivity a bit too much, but hey, it could cut down on unwanted volume change while in my pocket. The screen protector is VERY CLEAR. I had been keeping my nano in the original plastic wrap case it came in, and the screen was harder to see, so when I got this I took off even the plastic on the front to completely expose the screen. It's crystal sharp, even through the protector. Both the cap and screen protector fit snugly, and are of high quality. I love the closing/opening port covers on the bottom-when it's in my pocket or lying around no dust or lint can get in.

I wouldn't trust my nano with any other rubber case - or maybe any other case - and agree with iLoung's great review.

I hope this has helped some potential buyers- you won't be disappointed. On a side note, I got mine in four days! Woohoo!

Posted by kaladbolg on November 11, 2005 at 12:37 AM (PDT) Comment 19

After spending 5 days with this skin, I'm starting to regret my decision of buying it. It's pretty good, but I don't like the bulk too much, and the wheel's sensitivity is VERY MUCH decreased (which I do not like) with or without the wheel protector, even the "good" screen protector is marred and disrupts view of the iPod screen. Also, Carbon Blast + black iPod Nano = ugly too, at first I thought it would look cool, but nope. :( Now I want some TuffWraps. Any retailers have them, or do I have to purchase them online?

Posted by Pholist on November 15, 2005 at 4:14 PM (PDT) Comment 20

This is a great case. I have had my Nano for about two weeks and I haven't had any problems at all with this case. It offers ample protection (unless you treat your iPod like crap). As far as the colors go, yeah they could be better, but I have the Carbon Blast (the black on orange) and I think it looks pretty good actually. The click wheel still works great and the sensitivity has not been lost. The only thing I think is stupid is the click wheel cover, which is the thinnest, most awkward feeling plastic cover ever made. I threw mine away without even trying it out. For all of you are thinking about buying this, don't think twice (trust me, I have looked for a better case). Just think about how much easier it will be to sell it on eBay in a year or so when everybody elses is scratched beyond belief.

Posted by wood148 on November 17, 2005 at 11:41 PM (PDT) Comment 21

Almost Perfect case!
pros-everything besides the following
cons-the screen protector slightly scrathese the screen, no big deal casue mine was already scratheced. and screen protector takes away a bit of the screen viewing

Posted by nanoboyrob19 on November 18, 2005 at 5:20 PM (PDT) Comment 22

oh yeah i got the carbon blast

Posted by nanoboyrob19 on November 18, 2005 at 5:21 PM (PDT) Comment 23

oh and i forgot xerxes your are on crack. this is by far the best case made for the nano so far, if this offers no protection then you obviously have no clue what ur tlking about, u must not own it

Posted by nanoboyrob19 on November 18, 2005 at 5:26 PM (PDT) Comment 24

i dont know what everyone is talking about. this skin is amazing. it offers full protection plus screen protection and looks great. i just got a 4gb black nano and i love it but i ordered a duo before i got my nano because ive had 2 other ipods, 1g and 3g and only had a slide case which didnt offer any protection for my ipod when i was using it. the duo has great protection and i dont know why anyone could ever doubt this incredible case. plus the revo clip is extremly useful for runners like me and the case has yet to fail me. anyone who has a nano i highly reconmend this iskin duo if u want full protection and also wants to enjoy listening to your nano.

Posted by MIKE D. on November 21, 2005 at 7:27 PM (PDT) Comment 25
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