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Thanks for reviewing this product & providing pictures. I had a hard time finding some useful feedback on the subject until now.

I have looked at many different types of battery packs, but this one (the 202 model in particular) appeals to me the most because it does not attach to the Ipod itself.

This is listed as a limitation in your review, but it is a plus for me. I want to keep the Ipod inside it's leather flip case -to avoid any scratches. It seems that the others require you to take the Ipod out and place it in their cradles/covers, etc.

This increases the potential for scratching when you are traveling - in a plane or car, etc.

And we are all aware of how easily the IPOD scratches.

I prefer to just plug it in and stick the brick in my pocket or beside me on the seat. it's so much less complicated than the fancier ones.

It also seems to give better video playback time while simultaneously charging your Ipod battery.

I will just buy a good leather case to carry all my Ipod accessories in - I have other luggage when I travel - why not one more piece.

I called the company directly - left a message - and they called me right back.

They indicated that the 202 would have video playback time of 16 hours on my 5th generation 60 GB Ipod.

If it's at least 10 - I would be happy.

I believe I will go ahead and order one and test it to see how much extra video playback time I actually do get.

I will post another comment about it - in case someone else is searching for the info. and can't find it anywhere.

Wish me luck!


Posted by IngridG on April 14, 2006 at 9:50 AM (PDT)

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