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Affordable eh??

They need more colours... black and yellow..

Posted by Lordsbassman in Corn Fields of Illinois on January 20, 2006 at 9:37 PM (PDT)


They have it in black already...

Posted by rascaljones on January 21, 2006 at 6:37 PM (PDT)


Macy's had the jacket on sale (50% off). Best $150 I spent. My problem, as with all jackets, is my body type — I am a muscular but short bodybuilder. Somedium sizes are too tight, XL too big, and L has longer sleeves than my arms. In Kenpo's case, this means occasionally the buttons don't line-up with the control inside the sleeve.

But that's a quibble...this is a jacket for us Cargo readers. It has plenty of pockets for all the other gadgets, a rain hood that folds up, and is a study design. It is surprisingly warm for its weight; even in here in San Francisco, I sometimes have to take it off. Kenpo sent me the 5G adapter (free), and even with the iSkin evo, my 60Gb fits snugly. The iPod outer pockets holds small or collapsable headphones well. I may get another one if Macy's still has them on sale. (Plus, the "cool" factor is undeniable — people invariably ask me about it, and at least three people have bought it on my recommendation.

Posted by Cygnus X-1 on April 13, 2006 at 11:41 AM (PDT)

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